The Updated Posting Module: a Ton of New Features for Post Scheduling

Have you ever wondered why some posts receive less like than others, although their quality remains the same? Fact: Instagram users use the application unevenly throughout the day and the week. Some periods are characterized by the increase of your followers’ activity, so that’s when it would be right to post your best pictures.

“How can I deal with it if I can’t make posts at 7 P.M (for instance)?” – You may ask. Of course, if you work as an SMM specialist or simply prefer to have a generally accepted schedule of working for your own company, it’s impossible to upload anything late at night or at lunch. Even if you can, we don’t recommend doing this. It is a total waste of your spare time.

Our Instagram bot had already obtained a feature of scheduled posting, but it had rather limited functionality until recently. Now we added a ton of novelties which almost completely repeat the same options we have in Instagram. So let’s get started with them.

More than 15 New Features
in Bigbangram’s Posting Module

In our old posting module, you could only choose the image, write a description and set a timer for the post you made. That’s definitely not enough for a full-fledged scheduling, so we decided to respond to the multiple demands and improve this service. Now you have:

1.Video posting. You can choose not only a photo from your gallery but also a short video of a suitable format.

2.Resizing and changing proportions of the photo. This is a relatively new option in Instagram, too. The final post may contain an original or cropped photo with a portrait or landscape orientation.

3.The limit of symbols in the description. Now you know how much you should write that your followers could see all the essential info without tapping on “more” and scrolling down to read the second part in a comment below.

4.The limit of hash-tags. All experienced users know that a number of maximum possible hash-tags is 30. But should we explain why it is much more convenient when Instagram bot counts them automatically?

5.The first comment on the post. Write and publish, if you need it (for instance, to put hash-tags not in the description, but in the comment).

6.Locations. Easily add a location to your picture.

7.Mentioning any date and time. You can postpone a publication for 10 minutes or for a year: it’s up to you.

8.Post removal timer. Need to make a temporary post? Set a self-destructive timer and Bigbangram will delete it after a while.

9.Full set of emoji. We all know that sometimes you need them.
10.Editing any of your existing posts (this also applies to the location and description). Now you don’t even have to visit your profile in Instagram. At all. For years.

11.Liking of your own posts. It may seem strange, but sometimes “the deciding vote” is extremely valuable.

12.Reviewing posts and responding to comments. Track the comments people leave under your photos by using our Comment Tracker, mark them as important and answer to them in this section.

13.Liking comments. Show your appreciation without leaving Bigbangram’s dashboard.

14.Delete post. Tap on delete and this obnoxious post is gone.

15.Tracking of the total number of likes and comments. Observe the level of customers’ engagement like you did it in Instagram before.

It looks like this as a whole:

Just imagine: you can apply all those features to several accounts in Instagram at a time. Our posting module is a perfect time saver and productivity booster which would cost you only $19 for each account per one month.

What’s Next?

We never stop at what we have achieved and are going to present more options for posting module in the nearest future. Some of them are:

Posting stories. Create temporary videos or photos which will be available for watching within 24 hours using Bigbangram dashboard.

Use of stickers. Add stickers to your stories without login to the application.

Posting of galleries. Post up to 10 photos or videos in one publication through our Instagram bot.

And much more.

Bonus: The Best Time for Posting on Instagram

Now in 2018, you should pay even more attention to the time when you post pictures in Instagram. Publications are not displayed in the chronological order anymore, so each post should get the engagement within one hour. Otherwise, it will be replaced by pictures from more popular profiles.

The Instagram’s algorithm assesses those posts which gain a lot of likes and comments quickly as a qualitative content and promotes them over others. That’s why it is important to choose the right moment for uploading a photo or video to your profile.

According to the recent polls, the best time for posting is lunchtime from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. followed by evening hours from 7 to 9 P.M. This is abundantly clear why people are active at these hours – it’s their time off from work.

However, you might have a slightly different audience or the majority of your followers live in another time zone (you are a traveler, freelancer, etc.). Take a look at this section in your business account to determine your best individual time for posting:
As you can see, the best time for this profile is slightly different from the standard one. This user should make posts from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. in the evening and around 12 A.M at night.

If you are a registered user, you can get 3 days for 1$ to test this new option. For this, update your dashboard and confirm that you’re joining the trial.

Apart from this option, Bigbangram has something else to offer. For instance, you can use Instagram DM online to send bulk messages to all users or a specific list of people. It is also possible to hire a personal SMM manager who will develop a marketing strategy for your brand from the ground up.