Instagram Hides Your Posts! The List Of Banned Instagram Hashtags

banned instagram hashtags

Instagram is a money-producer for Instagram obsessives as well as beginners. But often novices don't understand how to unlock Instagram earning potential. As a part of the Bigbangram agency, I know all about Instagram promotion tools, innovations, tricks and, if you desire, I can curate your promotion on the visual-centric platform.

Today, I want to discuss a hashtags' topic, ranging from their mission to the list of Instagram banned hashtags. Plus, we'll show tool thank to which you can stand out in 2020, find influencers and grow your IG follower count organically.

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  4. IG hashtag generator: how to use it effectively

Let's figure this whole mess out!

Banned Instagram Hashtags: Reasons

Hashtags are the great manner to gain newcomers and maximize your visibility on social networks. Moreover, hashtags help to customize information and simplify the search of product/service/person/brand/company/photo/event, etc. A creating of a personal tag (or a set of unique tags) is extremely popular among entrepreneurs. The reasons are obvious. With the help of unique tags, you can increase brand awareness, capture first-timers' attention, highlight your mission. Take a peek at the BIO section of the cosmetic brand The Body Shop – the company uses unique hashtags to attract fans' attention to ethical consumption issues.

The BodyShop principles (fair trade, forever against animal testing, etc.) expresses through branded hashtags – #CruetlyFree, #CommunityFairTrade. Perhaps it's the clearest manifestation that the business really can be fun, conducted with love and a powerful force for good.

branded hashtags

Trending and niche-specific hashtags have other functions. Trending hashtags' mission is to double your impressions on Instagram. As for niche-specific hashtags they help to create a community of brand followers and keep in touch with like-minded people. So, the popularization of your IG account is a good moment for introducing tags in your digital strategy.

How to crack open the power of tags? Head over to the article “Makeup Artist Real Case: +150 Clients in 3 Month!“. The team of Bigbangram experts has prepared a full-fledged guide on hashtag usage tags to liven up your IG and explode your traffic. Plus, there are real examples.

But you need to remember that IG starts banning tags. There are several reasons.

Firstly, IG punishes for the usage of the same set of tags with each post, therefore reducing spam. Secondly, the developers are adept at content purity. There are no possibilities to post “adult” content, photos or videos that break Instagram rules. Nope. No obscene lexicon, no terrorism, no self-harm content. Yep. A kit of relevant hashtags.

Needless to say that there is a powerful hashtag formula that can lead to success on the visual-centric application. The essence of Instagram promotion is a mixing of frequent (12-10), average (8-6), and rare (4-2) tags. It's ideal for an account with a small auditory. The more your IG acc is popular, the more you should use trending and average tags.

Need trending tags? Read the article “The 25 Trending Hashtags on IG” and grow your IG profile!

the 25 trending hashtags on IG

Instagram Shadowban Test: Two Ways

Abused hashtags are one of the reasons why you can stop getting likes. Instagram will make you “invisible” – your entire hashtag section will no longer work and people won't find your posts.

So, it's better if you will acquiring insight into the nature of the topic and keep track of your hashtag.

There are two ways to check for hashtag's shadowbanning.

#1. By using an Instagram search
With the help of a brief guide on the shadowban test, you can check any hashtag.

  • Open your Instagram app on a phone.
  • Go to the Explore tab
  • Click on the Magnifier button
  • Enter a hashtag in the search bar

If tag doesn't appear in the search results, you will know that the tag is prohibited by IG.

by using an Instagram search

Attention! The tag may be blocked temporarily or permanently. This means that one day a tag may get out of a ban. So, don't lose hope and periodically check your tag. If it appears, click on it. You must make sure that it hasn't been banned. Sometimes blocked tags appear in search results but lead to a broken page.

#2. By using the online platform
Special equipment is used for shadowbanned hashtags detection (Instagram shadowban test, shadowban checker, etc.). Its mode of operation is based on a specific method of detecting banned hashtags Instagram. How to use Instagram shadowban tester? Keep reading!

  • Choose any shadowban checker. There are a ton of user-friendly and easy-to-use platforms that promise to address the issues of killed engagement on Instagram.
  • The general principle of action of an Instagram shadowban tester is those: you enter @username in the box on the website and click on the Analyze button.
  • The program analyzes your posts and finds out what hashtags are safe are abused.

Quick reminder. What is an Instagram Shadowban tester? It's an online solution for determining why your posts are being suppressed.

A list of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Our list of banned Instagram hashtags is incomplete. I did not include overtly sexual tags – they are probably banned. Well, actually I just more one advice before you proceed with a flock of banned hashtags. Check hashtags and then use them.

A list of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Some of the banned hashtags are temporarily on this list while ones will be forever abused. If you decide to post negative tags, your post will be seen by current fans but not to anyone else. Thus, your digital strategy, high-res and super-cool photo/video/GIF, etc., are meaningless. Non-followers won't discover your profile, appreciate it and click on the Follow button. Try avoiding the usage of these hashtags that had been flagged by the photo-sharing platform. Otherwise, you can't get maximum exposure to your content.

IG Hashtag Generator: Perks

You may test your tags with Instagram search or special program – a shadowban tester. But I know a convenient and easy method to separate abused hashtags from relevant.


In my opinion, Hashtag generator is the smartest way to check your hashtags. It's a go-to tool for many companies ranging from novices in the world of commerce on social networks to experienced users.

Here a few benefits:

  1. By using hashtag generator, you can pick a set of perfect hashtags associated with a post. They allow you create and join conversation on a global scale. What does it mean for brands? Current followers can connect, whilst newcomers can be found by joining the conversation.
  2. With tag finder, you get a daily portion of trending tags that can boost your traffic by 60%. Crazy, yay?
  3. You can make up the right combo of tags for unlocking engagement potential. Do you remember the secret formula of success on the visual-sharing platform? Use frequent, average, and rare hashtags on the day-to-day basis.
IG hashtag generator perks

4. Hashtag Generator never offers you tags falling into disrepute. So you protect your IG against low engagement.
5. You get a visualised analytics that help you level up your digital strategy.

So, if you are looking for a versatile solution whether you desire to test your tags before using it or find the right ones, Inflact Hashtag Generator is a great tool to increase your brand awareness.


We know that some social media marketers don't believe in the shadowban on Instagram. Overall, whether or not it is a myth or fact, Instagram habitants want to draw attention to their posts and drive engagement. You choose – is it a myth or reality? The essence is to prepare high-quality content and don't post inappropriate hashtags.

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