All You Need To Know About Shadowban Is Here!

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Putting users under a ban is an obvious and classy penalty measure. But shadowban is keen-witted online punishment– users are never notified and can't recognize they are even restricted!

Have you undergone a sudden decrease in posts reach and engagement without any reason? Probably you got shadowbanned. Consider that the outcomes of a ban may influence your income and reputation. To bypass and detect you are in danger, you should keep informed on the following issues:

  • the meaning of a shadowban;
  • symptoms of Instagram shadow ban;
  • how to do a shadowban test;
  • how to remove your profile from a shadow ban.

the meaning of a shadowban

Let's beat the system right now!

Definition and causes of the IG shadow ban

As we explained above, you won't notice that Instagram authorities put you under the shadowban.

General meaning: shadowban is unheard-of for an individual limitation that aims to hide the posts from other users. Usually, a shadowbanned user appears for the followers without changes. But his content is removed from hashtags TOP, Explore section, locations, and other than feed sources. Users pass through the Instagram shadow ban test to explore the current state of the account.

Alert: you can notice unexpected downfall in reach, likes, comments. The metrics on your analytics could 3X decrease.

The first question that may arise:

Why does the Instagram community need to shadowban users?

Well, that is a soft way to clean up the platform from irritating, unwanted content. That is how Instagram improves the quality of the media and make social media appropriate for underaged users. Remember that the most radical punishment is the forever account removal without an opportunity to restore it.

Causes of shadow ban Instagram:

#1 Scamming services for IG grows and bots

Instagram restricts the usage of sided services and robots, offering you swift promotion. Scamming software and sites conduct many activities on your behalf, which leads to short-term shadowban. When the bot acts artificially, Instagram algorithms can easily recognize this behavior. For example, a human can't put more than 150 like per 3 minutes. This restriction is beneficial since the only relevant and authentic content has chances to appear.

Causes of shadow ban Instagram

#2 Applying of broken hashtags

Commonly, hashtags are capable of tripling the metrics such as reach, impressions – they are an essential part of Instagram promotion. For this reason, Instagram is controlling all the hashtags agreements and the way users apply them. Thus you should avoid:

  1. Banned tags. Sometimes Instagram announces the listing of broken hashtags. Mostly, you can find them on sided resources when just simply googling them. Checking each of the 30 tags is super burdensome... Run a smart Hashtag creator which eliminates broken tags by default:
  1. Spamming hashtags. You might have noticed that influencers are using the same hashtags over and over again to improve the navigation. But this trick often leads to banning. Avoid repetitive applying of the same tag. If you don't know what hashtags to choose, copy them from the list of hashtags trends for free:
  1. Reports from other users. When someone is reporting on your post, you gain the attention of the support team right away. Other Instagrammers can complain of your posts if they are not genuine, showing nudity, violence, or other topics restricted by the community. As soon as the complaint has been submitted, the authorities may put you under a shadowban or remove the profile forever. That is why following the Terms of service is crucial for those who gained loyal fanbase.

How can you notice you got limited on Instagram if they never reveal? Let's investigate working ways of shadowban checker!

Shadow ban tester – how to detect you got banned?

Here are several ultimate methods of monitoring your current state:

1. Online hashtags test

There are multiple websites where you can check your account by just mentioning your nickname. These analyzers can detect which hashtags of your kit are not displaying your content for masses. Most of such services are free. They are scanning each post toward the presence of banned or spammy hashtags.

online hashtags test

2. Monitor the in-app statistics

This method is only working for those who are using a business account, providing users with extended post insights. These metrics are the fundamental indicators of a shadowban:

  • A downfall in post's reach. These number showcases how many unique accounts have viewed your post. When you are shadowbanned, the unfollowing part of Instagram is missing your content.
  • A decrease in likes and comments. The pretty logical consequence of the above point.
  • 0 people found the post via hashtags. The metrics referring to the hashtags-driven traffic is 0 or small. Your posts are simply extracted from the TOP.

3. Check by a hashtag

After monitoring stats, you can do a quick shadowban test by following hashtags. Pass to the hashtags you mentioned on the latest posts. If your posts are not appearing on the Recent and TOP – you are shadowbanned.

Proof check –ask other users to direct your hashtags. Same result? We are sorry you have fallen under a ban.

Don't get frustrated! Continue reading to investigate the remedy!

How to fix the IG short-term ban?

Relax! Shadowban never lasts forever – you can still be on the cusp if you do this:

1. Stop any IG activities for some time

Simple yet effective approach – forget that you have an Instagram. This will be a good opportunity to relax and restore your activity. What should you do? Log off for 48-72 hours from Instagram. Don't post, comment, like even if you have another account on this device. They will recognize your IP.

stop any IG activities

2. Obey the community rules

This recommendation is pretty clear-cut for anyone who aims to avoid banning and never repeat it again. When you post nude pictures, brutal or other inappropriate content, you are likely to put under the shadowban. Revise the Instagram guideline not to get in trouble and lose your precious fans' attention. Never steal other user's content without mentioning the resource – the author may report on you anytime.

3. Be careful with hashtags

Now you understand how important it is to manage the right hashtags. What can you do to avoid restrictions originated from broken hashtagging:

  • Monitor each hashtag before applying – requires plenty of time.
  • Use free Hashtags trends updated by Bigbangram – effortless and quick.
  • Generate hashtags with a Hashtags creator – precise and traffic-boosting.

Let's dig into the detail on how to generate targeted hashtags sets without overthinking and guesswork.

Risk-free hashtag experience on IG

Firstly, you can copy and paste the most relevant hashtags from a service. We suggest you using Bigbangram trends because we exclude broken hashtags and organize tags by sections.

Secondly, you can create hashtags automatically. Bigbangram Hashtag finder allows you to mention the up to 5 keywords, cross-language search, AI-based search by a photo.

Explore the detailed review of the best Hashtags finders across the web in 2020 and make your unbiased conclusion!

The final thought

What is the shadowban? Now you understand why your performance on Instagram may temporarily slow down. To avoid shadowbanning, check up your statistics and make sure you are applying right hashtags. You can copy trending hashtags from the database your take advantage of smart Hashtags generator. Protect your Instagram achievements and ...

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