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Instagram Bot is...

… an automation tool that acts like a human — like, follow, unfollow, watch Stories, and comment on your target audience.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get new followers without wasting time and effort.

Let’s explore 10 of the popular instagram boots. Which one is the cheapest, the most stable, the most multifunctional, with the best customer support, with the best media marketing analytics?

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Still Afraid of Using a Bot for Instagram Growth?

Instagram growth services

What if my account is blocked?

Will my
be real?

Won’t engagement rate become lower?

What if I need customer support?

Is it completely safe?

Nevertheless, the use of automation tools for instagram growth is the
best way both for time saving and for your account promotion at the
same time. It is up to you which tool is better to use.

Doubts are ineffective. Rely on facts

We tested 10 services and now reveal how safe it is to use Instagram bots, what bots provide better customer support, and what bots we recommend.


The service is for those who value quality above all. Followers, likes, IG promotion and automation without wasting your time.

Basic characteristics

Price: $57 per month
Free trial:
Functionality: hashtag generator, profile analyzer, scheduled posting and automation.

Detailed description

In addition to the Instagram bot, Inflact presents a number of services and tools for comfortable work on IG promotion, communication, and sales. With the service, you can grow your real Instagram followers base, engage followers better, schedule and automatically publish posts and Stories, communicate in Direct from any device, respond to users’ messages quickly, or even automatically.

Standard targeting by hashtags, location, and usernames is improved by advanced filters — Gender, followers number, last post update, and so on.


Doesn’t require downloading

Great feature set

Targeting with advanced filters

Smart analytics instruments

Useful IG utilities

Personal manager will support your promotion


Own proxy


The service doesn’t provide a free trial.

No auto-commenting


The service is for those who aim to enlarge the IG audience and increase IG engagement.

Basic characteristics

Price: from $47 to $78
Free trial:
Functionality: auto-likes, auto-following/unfollowing, auto-stories viewing.

Detailed description

The Instagram bot does everything to attract your target audience to your Instagram profile. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms used to target precisely, you will never find irrelevant, not engaged IG users in the list of your new followers.


Standard but useful feature set

AI targeting

Free for MAC and Windows

Understandable interface, easy setup


Requires downloading of software

The Cheapest Growth Services for Instagram

If your budget is too modest, pay attention to these low-cost automation tools:

from €15 to €30 per month

7 days trial, no credit card required, personal version-15$ per m, business version-30$ per m

from $9.99 to $14.99 per month

5 days trial. Then you pay only for the services you need.

from $47 to $78 per month

start version 47$ per m and pro-version-78$ per m with 14-day guarantee


The service is for those who want both to automate interaction with Instagram users and schedule posts.

Basic characteristics

Price: from €15 to €30 per month
Free trial: 7 days trial
Functionality: bulk likes, followers and comments

Detailed description

This Instagram bot app is a wonderful service that offers a great feature set to use. It’s a great choice for aspiring Instagram influencer marketing representatives as it offers curious functionality such as analyzing the quality of the audience and detecting not mutual followings.


Possibility to detect who doesn’t follow you back

Audience quality check


Requires downloading


The service is for those who want to get the maximum functionality at an easy rate.

Basic characteristics

Price: $14,99 per month
Free trial:
Functionality: auto-liking, mass follow Instagram bot, auto-unfollowing

Detailed description

This is a good Instagram bot to try out. You will like its functions and performance. Accurate targeting and automatic interaction with users will do the job — you will get a new fan base in days.


Accurate targeting

A broad functionality

Pleasant interface


There is no free trial

No customer support  Live Chat on a website

The analytics is not detailed

The Most Stable Growth Services

If you want stable results and quality is the most important thing for you , consider using the following bots:

good recommendations and feedbacks on Trustpilot

pleasant interface and fast results provide the stable growth of users

the service values safety first, that has a positive impact on stable growth


The service is for those who value safety first. It means it strictly adheres to Instagram limits and won’t put your account at peril.

Basic characteristics

Price: from $79 to $249 (one time payment)
Free trial:
Functionality: auto like instagram bot, auto following, commenting, Story viewing

Detailed description

This is an interesting Japanese software for faster growth on Social Media and that means it’s a quality service. It really brings good results to every user.


Good performance without Instagram blocks

Detailed and clear statistics


Needs downloading


The service is for those who don’t want to spend the budget on minor functionality. It is worth making it a part of your growth strategy.

Basic characteristics

Price: from $39 to $99 per month
Free trial: +
Functionality: auto-liking, follow and unfollow bot, auto Stories viewing.

Detailed description

This service will be of great use for every person who only starts developing their accounts as it doesn’t offer great functionality. But, it’s worth mentioning that the service does work and works great.


Personal Instagram account manager

Good support


Targeting only by hashtags and users

Bots for Instagram with the Best Customer Support

If it’s important to you how a service treats and helps their customers or potential customers, take a look at the top services with the amazing Customer Support:

online chat, email support, friendly support team

Instavast Guide with step-by-step instruction

help center with contact us window; creating a ticket in the help center will help you to get an answer faster


The service is for those who appreciate pleasant interface and fast results.

Basic characteristics

Price: $39 per month
Free trial: +
Functionality: auto-liking, auto-following/unfollowing, commenting.

Detailed description

Social Captain is a well-known service for Instagram growth, one of the best on the market. It offers smart automation of all your activity on Instagram.


Good results analytics

Powerful targeting

Good features set

SmartGrowth feature

GDPR compliant


Accelerated growth of an account is available only for Turbo plan ($99 per month)


The service is for every Instagrammer who craves for fast and easy organic growth on Instagram — a great tool for marketing strategy.

Basic characteristics

Price: $15 per month
Free trial: +
Functionality: auto likes, comments, follow, unfollows, Stories views

Detailed description

Instavast is the service to which developers applied much effort. Here, everything is thought out to the last detail — performance, convenience, security are the highest level.


Possibility to manage unlimited Instagram accounts

Dashboard in 16 languages

Intuitive interface

Built-in proxy


No auto-commenting feature

The Most Multifunctional Growth Services for Instagram

For those who want to try out various features and simplify more processes, there are the best multi-purpose bots:

hashtag searcher, instagram downloads, post scheduler, profile analyzer, automatic messages.

followers attracting, schedule content, multiple account management, track activity

auto-liking and following/unfollowing, commenting.


The service is for those who want to reach live engaged Instagram followers and increase follower base consisting of only real people in a quality way.

Basic characteristics

Price: from $49 to $99 per month
Free trial:
Functionality: instagram like bot, auto following, unfollowing

Detailed description

This organic instagram growth service is a standard Instagram bot that is distinguished by its simplicity and effectiveness. It will interact with your target audience and grow your follower base organically.


Precise targeting

Pleasant, simple interface


No Live Chat on a website

Bots with the Best Media Marketing Analytics

If your budget is too modest, pay attention to these low-cost automation tools: Analytics is essential for understanding your promotion campaigns' weak and strong points; these are the tools that provide the most detailed analytics:

Auto-likes, auto-following/unfollowing analytics, auto-stories viewing and auto-commenting.

Auto-liking, auto-following/unfollowing, stories viewing analytics

Analytics of your real followers growt


The service is for those who need a simple but effective tool to automate interactions with the target audience.

Basic characteristics

Price: $39,99 per month
Free trial: +
Functionality: auto-liking, Instagram auto follow bot, auto-unfollowing

Detailed description

This is one of the simplest tools you can use for your promotion. Despite the quite limited possibilities — liker, follower, unfollower —  the service shows good results.


Advanced targeting settings


No live Chat on the website

Follow Bot Resume

Based on our researches, we recommend the following 3 bots:

The best quality, the most multifunctional, the most stable growth service

The best media marketing analytics

The cheapest service

Your Best Instagram Growth Hack

If you are not sure whether you need a bot or not, read our manuals on Instagram user growth, sales and posting.

Promo Hub

The hub helps you to promote your social networks and as a result many users will get to know you and your product in the social world.

Sales Hub

The hub gives you an opportunity for sales improvement and you will know about instruments that should be used for your better sales.

Content and Design Hub

The hub answers the question: how to create good and unique content that improves your social networking.


How mass liking help me grow on Instagram?

Many of us are trying to get as many likes for Instagram as possible, as it is a great power. The more likes you get, the higher the activity rate on your profile. That means you will get into users’ recommendations faster. That will benefit your promotion speed.

Won’t my account be blocked for such activity?

Our Instagram like bot takes into account all the Instagram limits and stops the activity when approaching them. Thus, your account won’t be blocked.

How many accounts can I connect?

Best Instagram bots like we allow to connect as many accounts as clients need. You are not limited here.

What about Instagram removing likes? What’s the sense of getting more likes?

Instagram likes gone, but not completely. You still get likes and like other users’ content. That means, though you can’t see the exact number of likes, they still do work.