How to repost a Story on Instagram like a pro

how to repost a Story on Instagram

Insta Stories is one of the most powerful and effective methods to enhance better activity on IG and grow the audience engagement. Famous bloggers and influencers pay a lot of attention to the development of their Stories publications strategy. They know that a user is more likely to browse Stories when opening Instagram than to scroll through the newsfeed. And this is understandable: it's like an imitation of live communication, up-to-the-minute news, and content you will always be aware of.

how to repost Instagram Story

How can Stories help your business development?

User-generated content (or UGC) reposting this is what you need to boost audience engagement. You can also use your partners' and clients' content, as long as it fits your profile idea and brand description (but don't forget to link the content creator).

Reposting IG Story of a user with your brand description hashtag, profile, or product mention is a great way to zoom your client's base: 70% of users buy a product or service on social media following feedback and content about the brand on other profiles. Soooo, don't miss the moment to gain trust from your potential clients.

I used to wonder how to share Instagram Story to my Story, but as it turns out, it's easy to do if you are aware of a few tricks that I'm going to demonstrate to you. So, how to repost a Story on Instagram.

Important: before repost Instagram Stories of the other acc, keep in mind two things

  1. Ask the Story creator for permission to include their content in your Story (if you were not marked in the Story but just came across an interesting one while browsing the Stories feed). Don't hesitate to go to DMs to connect with the author.
  2. Tag the author while editing a Story (if you've saved the Story content before and now you're posting it) before sharing the Story with your public.

ProTip: it is advisable to follow these recommendations when reposting videos or resharing photos on IG too.

how do you repost a Story on Instagram

Let's get down to the basics, namely how to repost Instagram Story safely and effortlessly.

4 ways of Stories reposting

Instagram Story repost: from the news feed to your Stories

I think everyone has had the situation where you're scrolling through your newsfeed one day and suddenly notice a cool post that correlates with your profile content — you desire to show it in a Story. It's easy!

  1. When you notice the post hit the “airplane” icon on the bottom left of the publication.
  2. You will view the “add post to your Story” line at the top of the pop-up menu. Hit it.
  3. Add text or some captions, stickers, or other things to edit the Story according to your acc and brand color/visuals.

It's better to tag the Story's primary source with a larger font (although the source is automatically included in the Story, but in small font).

repost Instagram Story

How to reshare an Instagram Story (you've been tagged in)

Has a customer or conference attendee tagged you in their Stories? Hurry up and repost Instagram Story or, better to say, the UGC to your Stories before it's too late (Stories only live for 24 hours). It's simple as you will receive a notification on DM if a user tags you in Stories.

So, how to share a Story to your Story?

  1. Open the message with the Story you've been tagged in.
  2. Pick out “Add this to your Story”.
  3. You may “add some body” to the Story editing it with filters or captions.
  4. Hit “You Story” to finalize the Story making process.
how to reshare an Instagram Story

How to repost someone's Instagram Story (without tagging your acc)

Well, what should you do if you haven't been tagged in a Story but wish to add it?

It seems impossible or difficult. No, there is a way out here too. See how to repost a Story on Instagram in this case.

You are free to pick out the most convenient option: screen recording, screenshot, or Story downloading with online platforms.

Method 1: screen recording (in case of video content)

  • find the desired current Story of a user (but don't click on it just yet);
  • pick out the “circle” button or a screen recording button on your iPhone/Android and press it to start the screen recording process;
  • return the Story and hit it;
  • hit the screen recording button again to finish the recording process after the end of the Story;
  • create your Story by adding saved video Story from the phone library;
  • link the Story author (@username) and edit it if necessary;

Your Story (with the tag of the real creator) is ready to be published.

repost Instagram Stories

Method 2: screenshot (in case of photo content)

  • go to the desired Story of a user, play it and hold in a button to create a screenshot;
  • crop it to get only the wished photo, or you may crop and edit it from your phone library where the screenshot will be saved;
  • go to IG to start your Story creation;
  • add the photo taken with the screenshot function and edit it if needed;
  • tag the author of the Story you've screened and hit “You Story” to show it to your audience.

how to repost someone's Instagram Story

Method 3: save a Story with web-based services

The advantage of this option is that you may upload a video/photo Story to any device without having to register and install services — they operate online. There are quite a few platforms that download Stories this way, for example, Toolzu, Storysaver, or Bigbangram savers. Downloading other accounts' Stories with online tools, you get high-quality content in your gallery, which you may then insert into Stories.

  • open service with a browser and insert into it the username the Story of who you desire to receive;
  • pick out a necessary Story and press a “Download” button;
  • find the stored content on a device library and create a Story adding the content;
  • don't forget to link the primary source of saved content;
  • now you may hit “Your Story”.
how to share a Story to your Story

How to repost IG Stories from the archive to profile

Sometimes the Stories are so incredible; you should pull them out of the Insta archive and add to a feed!

  1. Switch to your IG profile and pick out the “hamburger menu”.
  2. Pick out “Archive” and then a Story you wish to “perpetuate”.
  3. Hit the “dotted line” on the bottom right and “Share as a post”;
  4. Add captions, hashtags, or other IG features to end your post creation.
  5. Hit “Share”.

Now you are an Insta pro and will answer your friends' question “how do you repost a Story on Instagram?” easily. 

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