Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram Video Downloader

What if you're scrolling through the Instagram feed and eventually see a video that you really need? It might seem nice or useful, or you might even want to use a part of it in your own video, or just be able to re-watch it any time you like. Oh, you just need these videos from Instagram right now!

What if you need to download Instagram videos in their original quality without using a screen capture or without asking the author of the video (or owner of the profile) to send it to you directly? And you need a fast and secure way to save it on your device memory.

What if you need to save someone’s video without letting them know that it was you? You want to do this anonymously and you don’t want to make a poor quality screen capture.

There are always some cool videos for download in IG!

This Instagram video saver tool is just the right thing in all these cases. It is great when you need to get any video from Instagram right on your device. No matter what device you own, and no matter what software is installed on your device. You can use it to download Instagram video in just two clicks and in a few seconds in original quality. A fast, secure, and anonymous service allows you to do this.

There are several basic ideas of why to use Instagram Video Downloader in reality. It is not just a tool for professional marketers.

Why do I need to download Instagram videos?

Download for content creation inspiration

#1 Download for content creation inspiration

The first idea that comes to mind when we speak about Instagram Video Downloader is using it for inspiration. This is downloading content that you consider really useful, really inspiring, and interesting. The content that you need to have on hand to use later. This could be videos by your top competitors or your industry leaders that you want to research and analyze. These videos can help you find more ideas for your own content creation. 

#2 Download Instagram videos that are truly useful 

Another very popular reason to use Insta Video Downloader is the usefulness of the content that is published on the platform. Some videos you see on Instagram are brilliant. No matter whether they’re professionally made, edited with beautiful animation or design, or are just simple stories from topic experts, the content in the stories can be useful and extensive. For example, this could be an Instagram video course or even your favorite blogger’s Instagram stories sharing his own method for something. And you know that this content will vanish in 24 hours. If you’re not confident that this blogger will keep stories in the Highlights, it’s better to save it from the net. Copy, paste, and click the download button – that's it!

#3 Download Instagram videos from your own profile

A popular reason among our users for using Instagram Video Downloader is to download their own content that they’ve been posting for years and which they don’t have on any devices any more. What if you want to keep it forever in the high quality and you don’t want just to make a screen capture? You want to download them from the social media platform because you don’t really want to keep it in your profile and are not confident enough that Instagram will last forever and keep your memories on its servers.

#4 Save all content from one event

This is for all those who want to keep the content from one event in one folder. Let’s imagine two situations. First one – a big conference was held yesterday by your company. And second – you’ve had a big wedding party. In both cases, you need to download Instagram videos to save and reuse all the content published by guests of these events. In the conference's case, high-quality videos for business goals, and in the wedding case, private Instagram videos for memories.

Let’s dive into how to do an IG download properly.

all content from one event

How to download Instagram video

  1. Firstly you go to the Instagram app and look for the video to download. Once you’ve found the video you need to tap on the three dots in the right upper corner of it. You’ll see a box with different options. You should choose the option to “Copy link” to keep the video URL on the clipboard.
video URL on the clipboard.
Video Downloader for Instagram
  1. After you copied the video URL you should go to the Video Downloader for Instagram and paste this URL into the line in the upper side of the service.
  1. Once you’ve pasted the URL you need to click “Download” to save videos from Instagram, and choose the folder you want this video to be saved in. In a few seconds the download process will start. The time it takes depends on the quality of the video you’ve chosen. The downloader will save the video to your device in a few seconds or more. 
save videos from Instagram


As video downloading is not a built-in option in the Instagram app, many people have lots of questions that are connected to this feature. The first and fundamental question that we get from our users is:

Is downloading private Instagram videos prohibited?

The answer is short: no; it is not prohibited to download videos. You are allowed to download all Instagram videos that areis published on the social media platform. Content that is published in an open space is free to be downloaded. There are some restrictions about reusing this content after you download videos from Instagram: you always need to give credits to authors, especially when you use it for commercial goals.

What device can I use to download Instagram videos?

Any device with a browser on it you can use for download video. Our Instagram downloading tool is a web tool. It is just a cloud-based service, so it doesn’t need any installation and it works just as an online service. The only thing you need to do is to copy the URL from the Instagram platform and paste it into the tool. You can use any device for saving Instagram video down. Yes, any device that has a browser. This can be a computer, PC, desktop, laptop, Mac, iPhone and any other smartphone.

Another question that is connected to the previous one:

What software can I use to download Instagram videos?

Download Instagram on any software. It doesn’t matter what software or device is used for downloading – IOS, Android, Linux etc. The only thing that you need is a browser with an active internet connection, such as Chrome, Safari etc. Just copy, paste, and press the download button. You also need to have enough device memory to download large Instagram videos.

What is the quality of the Instagram videos that I save through this video downloader for Instagram?

The Instagram video saver will get a video that you want to download from the URL in the original quality. The same quality in which it was uploaded in a post, IGTV – any place in the account by the video owner. So the quality can be MP4, avi, mov etc.

Can I download videos in bulk with this Video Downloader Instagram?

No, only one by one. This Instagram video downloader is not able to download videos in bulk. We advise you to paste all the links from several accounts to the videos you need to download into a document, and then use this document to paste links one by one to the Instagram Video Downloader. This will be faster and much simpler and you won’t miss any.

Can I save Instagram photos with this tool?

No. Here you can only download Instagram video. We have lots of tools, including a separate one for saving any photo or image content. Instagram Photo Downloader website is here for saving any photos or images. It works the same as the Instagram Video Downloader: copy the URL and paste in the Instagram Photo Downloader tool. Best tool ever, just try it out.