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instagram story viewer

IG Stories popularity

Today, viewing Instagram Stories online is one of the most popular entertainments. 

For someone, it's just a pleasant viewing time or a chance to amuse their users by posting Insta Stories. 

For others, an Instagram Stories viewer is a chance to sell products or promote their brand with Instagram Story viewers, and as a result, Instagram Stories owners have a source of income. In any case, the important thing is that millions of people around the world create, view, and download Instagram Stories every day.

What is the Instagram Story viewer?

Insta viewer is a service (a free one) that allows you to view Instagram Stories anonymously and download any Story Insta on your devices.

view instagram stories anonymously

The reasons for IG Stories viewer usage

  1. Anonymous view

    The Instagram platform does not provide such a function as Instagram Stories anonymously browsing. It means that you don't have an opportunity to look through a person's Stories and go unnoticed. The Instagram profile whose Stories you have viewed will become easily visible among Insta Story viewers. Agree that it is often the case that you have a desire to view Stories Ig of a specific account but remain in the shadows. Insta Story viewer allows you to view Ig Story anonymously.

    view instagram stories anonymously
  2. Free of charge

    Are you interested in the content you've seen? Do you desire to save the Instagram Story for yourself and for better times without any costs? Then you've come to the right place! Now you may watch Instagram stories anonymously then save them on your devices.

  3. No fake accounts

    There is no need to create another Instagram account to download and view Insta Stories. I mean false or fake accounts that people start to browse or save Stories anonymously. Now, you can have only your real profile and browse through Stories unnoticeably.

  4. Browse Stories without having your IG acc

    Suppose you decided to delete your personal IG account for some reason but still desire to keep an eye on smb's Stories, then no problem! The tool helps you to browse your friend, competitor, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend's Stories anonymously.

    instagram stories viewer
  5. Inspire and analyze the competitor's content

    Keep an eye on your competitors' Stories to stay up-to-date and inspired by their info for further and better your business strategy development. It's a great chance to grow your brand successfully.

    You are free to monitor the competitor's results without being noticed and use their useful info for your product enhancement.

instagram stories viewer

How to use the viewer

insta stories

Get the desired content in 3 simple steps

  1. Open the Stories viewer via a browser and Insert the username in the tool input field.
  2. Hit the “Search” button.
  3. Enjoy the current Stories anonymously and unlimited or save them to browse later on a device.

Where to find saved Stories

  1. Open your gallery on the phone, and you will see the Stories. 
  2. Open “Downloads” on your computer to browse saved Stories there. 
  3. Enjoy Stories watching without any limits.
instagram stories online


Is it safe to use the tool?
Yes, it’s secure. Firstly, it operates online, so there is no need for any installation or registration; thus, your data and device are safe. Secondly, the service takes care of the users while a secure intelligence system was designed for your free and anonymous browsing. No one knows whose account you browse.
Is there any limit of the account number I may browse?
You are free to view as many accounts as you want. The tool is free and instant. Just connect to the internet, visit the page and enjoy the Stories browsing.
Is it free to browse Stories?
Yes, the IG Stories viewer usage is free of charge. Use it online, instant, and from any device.
Can I view Stories from a computer?
Yes, you may choose any device to browse and save Stories. The way of browsing/saving is the same for any device: visit the tools page via any browser, type the username and enjoy the Stories (or save to a device).
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