Instagram Photo Downloader

Instagram Photo Downloader is a brilliant tool that you need to always have bookmarked in your favorite browser. Why don’t you have such a tool though? Don't bother with Google. I want to show you the best one that I’ve found on the web – Bigbangram Instagram Photo Downloader.

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Instagram Photo Downloader

Firstly, let me clarify why I need this tool almost every day and why I love to download Instagram.

This little robot is my irreplaceable helper when I need to save any content that I’ve found in my Instagram feed to my device memory. In seconds. In the best quality possible. Without any installations. In one click. Great for using this content in future.

How can I download content from Instagram?

download content from Instagram

Everyone knows that there are several methods to download Instagram photos. Most of them require using the page code to download to Instagram. But saving images using the HTML code is a long and sometimes difficult process! Not everyone can just jump into it and find the line that has the link to their original image.

This Instagram Photo Downloader service does everything for you automatically: you just copy the link to any Instagram photo you want to save on your computer, mobile phone, smartphone, PC, desktop, laptop, or any device you own. You paste this link to the photo into the box in the Bigbangram service.

Then you just need to click the “Download” button and that’s it – you have the image in your device memory now. That’s why I love this IG download tool so much. Because it is more than just a bot – it is an up-to-date and modern full service to download from Instagram fast.

It doesn’t require any knowledge. And it makes downloading Instagram photos very simple, not stressful at all, and takes just two seconds.

So I strongly advise you to bookmark this Instagram download page and have it in your browser, no matter whether it’s Chrome or Safari – it will do IG downloads on both.

do IG downloads

Why do people need to save IG photos? 

So what are the reasons to have this tool to download a Instagram in your hand? Here I’ll share some points to keep in mind when you need to download an Instagram post. There are 5 main reasons or options for downloading from Instagram:

Save what you love with IG Downloader 

The first reason to download Instagram app content is always popular and needed by everyone – from a professional marketeer to simple Instagram user. This is about Insta downloads of photos you really like and want to keep on your device memory forever. This is content that you don’t want to just save inside the Instagram app, but you want to download as a wallpaper for your smartphone, for example, or use this picture that you like as an avatar for your social media, or for any other reason.

Download Instagram photos for future reuse

The second one sounds more professional, but normal Instagram users can also keep this in mind for future. This reason for downloading is inspiration. When you see some photos that look great, and these photos are somehow connected to the topic of your account, you might want to have them as inspiration for your future posts or publications. You can use these photos as a reference, for example for your photo sessions, video sessions, or for your designers, animators, etc. Download Instagram photos and share them with your team in a private chat. Or even add to your website with credits to the authors. 

IG Downloader

Download Instagram for curating content 

Download Instagram

This is one of the must-have tools for you if you're a content curator. If you’re creating an Instagram page with various photos from different bloggers’ posts which all are connected with one topic, for instance Parisian lifestyle, use Instagram to download amazing things to inspire your audience. You want to use the original quality content for your page (and you always put credits for authors), but you don’t want to disturb them and ask them to send you the photo directly. So you use Instagram Downloader for this and save the content all by yourself with one click. 

Download to keep Instagram photos from events

The fourth and really popular reason to bookmark Instagram Downloader is to save content from one event or location. It’s kind of a difficult task to save all the content that’s been published about one event, meeting, celebration, or even one weekend. If you have lots of friends and you want to grab all their posts and create an album of all the photos from one event, you can do it with Instagram Downloader and download Instagram. All the photos appear quickly in your device folder without directly messaging your friends or colleagues! 

Saving user-generated content

Downloading Instagram photo reviews is more for owners of brands or business pages, or anybody who sells on Instagram. UGC can bring you lots of clients and lots of attention. So, when you want to have the original reviews of your happy clients you can just go to the post with the review, copy the link, paste it to the Instagram Downloader line and click download to use these photos in the future. You know this kind of content works great! And yes, a review that is downloaded in original quality is much better than a screenshot, believe me.

user-generated content

How to Download from Instagram? How do I use Instagram Downloader?

Download Instagram photos in three steps:

  1. Open the Instagram photo you want to save and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
    Instagram photo
  2. Click to copy the url link under the Instagram photo
    Instagram photo
  3. Paste the link to the photo into the insert line of Instagram Downloader and click the download button
    link under the Instagram photo

After clicking, the content that you’ve downloaded from Instagram will immediately be saved to the Downloads folder as a JPEG file.


Let’s clarify everything about downloading Instagram photos. Here are some of the most popular questions about Instagram Downloader. Read on to find your answers.

What device downloads Instagram photos better?
All devices work great with the Instagram Downloader tool for photos. You can use any device that you have – computer, laptop, PC, iPad, or any smartphone – to download Instagram photos. Mac, Android, IOS – you may use any software to download pictures from IG public accounts. Absolutely any device with any browser can save Instagram photos with this tool. All you need to do is copy link to a post you’d like to download, paste to the tool and click the download button.
Do I need to install Instagram Downloader?
This tool does not require installation! Thanks to this fact everything is so easy. It works as a cloud web service and it doesn’t require any installation. No costs either. It is an absolutely free internet service to save photos from Instagram. All processes are just held on the web, just paste a link to any photo and click the download button. So, you just need to copy the link from Instagram, paste, click download, and it will immediately appear on your device without any additional software installation.
Isn’t it prohibited to download Instagram photos?
No, it is not! You’re allowed to download Instagram photos if you use them properly. Any content that you save from Instagram for future reuse needs to be published with credits to authors. 
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