How to message on Instagram on PC?

How to message on Instagram on PC

Everyone knows that direct is a powerful tool for promoting you and your business in social networks. Sending messages to direct on Instagram gives you the opportunity to correspond, receive messages, inform a certain circle of people about contests, promotions, attract advertisers to cooperate, etc. But, unfortunately, the developers do not give us the built-in functionality to organize an effective auto Instagram direct messages to our followers.

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Recently, I have received an email asking me to answer: “How to send messages on Instagram on Computer?” Well, I actually advised a good service for that. And what do you think I suggested? Inflact, of course. After all, the service can really be described in one word — easy! Of course, there are other services that we have already mentioned. If you are interested in comparing, you can read about them. In this post we will look at how correctly to organize a mass mailing of ads on Instagram direct with the service.

My love, I will tell you not only mass mailing, but also about a website version of an Instagram Direct chat. Yeah, it's all for you!

How to message on Instagram on computer?

If you are an active user of the social network Instagram, you may have noticed that when you start to follow your favorite account, you receive a message in direct. This is usually an informative greeting, or a thank you for following. It is difficult to imagine that the user does it manually. Naturally, you can come to the aid of an automatic assistant.
Starting to work with it, you probably create your first message. And in tabs, there are active and completed story, but you got nothing. To create the first letter, click on the new message, then you will see a pop-up window where you will create and configure your message. This is done quite easily and simply:
Step 1: Sign up for the service;
Step 2: Select a Direct module on your Profile;
Step 3: Connect your Instagram account;
Step 4: On you Direct Module create your 1st mailout by clicking on “New message”;
Step 5: Select the mailing format: text or picture+text;
Step 6: Select the Destination: New Followers or All Followers;
Step 7: Use Custom filters to narrow the TA: Language, Gender and Acc data;
Step 8: Enter your message. and click “Activate Now”.

If you have any questions or failed to create your 1st mailout, Inflact support team works 24/7 and ready help at

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What about goodies?

Are you ready to hear all the benefits that the service offers?
It's getting hot! Look:

  • Flexible filtering

Exclude unsuitable accounts and communicate only with real people

  • Stable operation

100% delivered welcome messages

  • Full automation

Full automation of sending messages 24/7

  • Setting up random text

With the text randomizer, none of the messages will be marked as spam.

Using the service, the question: How to send messages on Instagram on computer?” is disappeared!

Instagram Direct Chat: What's new?

Quick overview of useful Instagram Direct functions

All accounts in 1 work window

Now you can connect all Instagram accounts and start the fast and convenient communication process. It improves your sales and makes negotiations with clients more effective and productive. Improve your speed!

Labels for data sorting

Labels are made for your convenience. Imagine that you have a variety of services or a special offer. Make a themed label. You can label every interesting chat and have fast access when you need it!

Fast Search in all Instagram chats

Imagine that you remember the account name or any keyword of your conversation, but you can't find it really fast? Use Instagram Direct Search to find anything you want.

Unlimited number of accounts

No matter how many business accounts you have. You can add as many accounts as you want. Any manager can enter Inflact Direct chat and have access to all chats with clients. Work with ease!

How to DM on computer: Mass Mailing

After all, the service helps to make a message in direct Instagram. Messages can be sent:

  • Each new follower.

In this tab, you create a message, product offer, promotion or greeting, which in the future, will receive all users who follow you. Thus, you increase not only the interest in your account but also increase the loyalty of the audience. Showing in such a way that you are open to dialogue and pay attention to new followers.
If you are in doubt and do not quite understand what the tools you need to use, you can read about it here.

  • All followers of your account.

This is a section where you can send messages to your followers. That is the audience that is already formed in your account. Here you can choose the settings using the filter. All values are intuitive. For example, you can set the gender, user, maximum number of followers, account with photos and even the time of the last post. All these filters help to highlight the most active group of users in which a certain number of users are most likely to receive your notifications.

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Some Proofs That Instagram DM Really Works:


an increase in revenue a click-through of sales on Instagram of all Instagram after using personalized rate of DM were closed through profiles use experiences such as DM alone Direct on a DMs in your marketing monthly basis strategy


a click-through of sales on Instagram of all Instagramafter using personalized rate of DM


of sales on Instagram of all Instagramafter using personalized rate of DM were closed through profiles useexperiences such as DM alone


of all Instagramafter using personalized rate of DM were closed through profiles useexperiences such as DM alone Direct on a DMs in your marketing monthly basis

Instagram messages on computer: any restrictions and limits?

I just want to clarify that the term “mass mailing” is rather arbitrary. There are very strict limits on the number of messages. The developers are a serious fight against spam, so for exceeding the limits, you can get a banned account.

So, how many messages can be sent to direct on Instagram per day? In order not to get under the lock, you can send no more than:

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  • 50 texts to third-party users in 24 hours.
  • 50 texts to your followers in 24 hours.
  • 10 messages per hour.
  • 1 text in 30 seconds.

Total in total, each user can securely send 100 texts through direct (50/50) for a day.

Instagram Direct Chat has no restrictions!

Through mass mailing in direct you will be able to remind about yourself to the new followers, to send out actual information on the goods or services, and also to attract an additional audience in the account.

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Above all, anyone who wants to promote business and personal account on Instagram, just need to learn the principles of mailing and actively use it. It is through sending messages that you can acquaint a wide audience with new products, updates to the range, draw attention to events, promotions and other important events.

Are you ready to start?

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