Direct Messages for Instagram

instagram direct messenger

In the past, users took advantage of Instagram only as a platform for beautiful photos.

advantage of instagram

Today, it is one of the most massive advertising content creation tools that attract people and potential customers who will profit your company through a profitable deal.

The main communication between the Instagram “seller and the buyer” is Instagram direct messages and comments under your advertising post. Therefore it is becoming more and more challenging to promote your product on Instagram with direct message. It becomes impossible for Instagram users to control DMs Instagram “flow” and you just don't have time to notice them and give feedback. You can lose many potential customers. But do not rush to be upset! We have something to tell you.

Today, some services can help you set up your Instagram DM online with your Instagram customers without spending much of your time and effort. Let's go!

Messaging on Instagram with clients can be divided into three types:

1. Direct messaging for Instagram online.

The easiest way to do it is to correspond with the Instagram tool. People write to you in DM on Instagram online, and you reply to them after you have received and seen the message on Instagram.

For example, Zengram can help you organize Instagram DMs online with you, maybe, future clients.

The service has an autodirect function. It means that you may get acquainted with new followers without your presence! The tool sends “hello” message in Instagram to new followers, increasing their interest in your profile, which may lead to more sales.

It also sends with online Instagram DM to existing followers the information about shares or exciting offers.

Direct messaging instagram online

You set the format and content of messages by yourself. But the message patterns are limited to 20. The max number of characters per message is 500. The message limit is 200 direct messages per day. Note, this system only works via phone

2. CRM

CRM system

The CRM system exists to control customer flows on Instagram with messages, to improve interaction with potential or existing customers by providing an individual approach to each customer on Instagram with DM online. Such a system will help you establish the sales process and increase your product or service sales via Instagram online DM.

I2CRM service

It was designed to control sales with immediate responses to your followers via DMs Instagram online from the CRM system. As a result, you have significant sales, high managers productivity, sales supervision, automated business process, high client loyalty, all customers are in one database.

Customer service works 24/7

Try it 7 days for free and then choose a necessary tariff.

3. Chat bot

Ig chat bots are systems that automatically respond to Instagram users' messages and give them personal feedback without your participation. Their main purpose is to clone communication with a living person. It is a handy tool for DM Instagram online

You set up the answers to frequently asked questions in a direct message by yourself, thereby establishing personal integration with different clients on Insta DM online.

You can monitor the bots by yourself at any time and customize the bots' operation and features in DM online Instagram.

Chat bot

The bot stores customer data and operates 24/7.
Free trial version for three days

Each of these services performs its functions, but if you want everything at once? Yes, it is possible!

Inflact is a complex solution to all your problems relating to Instagram messages

You may contact new and old followers or send Instagram direct messages at one time or send DM on Instagram PC or Instagram DM online mac and, of course, from a favorite device- your phone. With Inflact, you can stay on Instagram DM online even while sleeping or relaxing.

The reasons for Inflact usage

  1. Instagram messages computer opportunity Stay home with your computer and manage Instagram DMs. You can send bulk messages or use targeting filters to choose the audience you need.
  1. The service has cloud storage How can I set up Instagram DM for pc? It is easy with Inflact to customize Instagram direct message on any device because cloud storage can save all of your Instagram information from different devices. You have an opportunity to get any necessary information at any time.
  1. Online direct messages Instagram With this system, you get a chance to send DM for Instagram online and interact with new followers by sending them greeting messages or with old ones informing them about promotions or discounts. And of course, you can control the process not only from a phone but even from your direct messaging Instagram pc. 
  1. Use Instagram direct message search Do you have many messages in which it is unrealistic to find the information you need now? The tool allows you to search for the necessary Instagram messages from the cock of Instagram DMs.
  1. Labeled Instagram account The service can help you to find the account you need labeling it. It is a convinient tool, especially when you want to mark the Instagram account as an important one and you don't want to spend your time searching it among the millions of similar ones.
  1. Control a number of your Instagram accounts Save your time! The system unites and connects your account, and you don't need to switch from one into another. At the same time, you have rights reserved, Instagram DM online is absolutely safe with Inflact and does not violate the Instagram platform's rights.

You can get it all for a low price.
$29 per 1 month and 1 account
The price is one, and the possibilities are unlimited!