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Set up fast and easy communication:

Use Instagram like a messenger

  • Hold all accounts in one tab.
  • See all Instagram chats in one working area.
  • Use labels to mark essential clients.
  • Put notes to remember the main information.
  • Try Direct Search to speed up your workflow.
  • Use Instagram DM on computer.


We ease your every step to fame on Instagram.


If you’ve ask yourself at least once how to DM on Instagram on a computer – you’re in the right place. We adapted all our services to use on any device. We use cloud storage for all the information, so you can access it from any device anytime. Use your hashtag generator, scheduled posting, bot, or Instagram messages on desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Instagram Direct
Messaging Online

This feature allows you to get new followers and interact with them constantly by sending notifications about promotions, discounts, contests, advertising, or prepared welcome messages. You can do it both for existing and new followers, as the system tracks people who have started following you recently. You will be absolutely satisfied with the results!

Moreover, Instagram direct message on laptop is available. So as on mobile. Now you can control your DM from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

How to Check Direct Messages
on Instagram on Computer in 2020?

Watch the video in less than 2 minutes and learn all about Instagram Direct Messenger

Powerful Solution for Your Business


Search across all
messages and chats


Label accounts for
convenient search


Connect as many
accounts as you want

Instagram Search Across All Chats

Search for messages and users across all accounts and chats. Keep control over chats and find necessary information instantly.

Meet Maya! Maya manicure nails at home.
She decided to collect all the reviews that she had ever got and post them on her Instagram. To do this, she uses the search function. Thus, she quickly and easily finds all the reviews!

Meet Michael! Michael often communicates with his friends on Instagram. When he urgently needs to find a message, but he does not remember who sent it, he uses the search function, which exists only in the Direct Messenger.

search for messages

notes and labels

Notes and Labels

Save vital customers’ info right in your chat window. Label chats to group your clients for a quick search.

Maya's business is booming — satisfied customers recommend her brand to their friends willingly. As a result, Maya receives hundreds of messages daily. But she does not worry much as she labels chats to sort them by certain categories and leaves “notes” to save all known information about the clients. Thanks to such proper management, Maya practices loyalty systems for her customers, and her revenue continues to grow!

Michael is a man of activity and has a lot of hobbies he often is torn between.
Michael met with a group of fellows with whom they play football every Tuesday and plays board games with another company every Thursday. Thanks to the Labels, Michael easily sorts the whole circle of contacts. Now everything is streamlined and very convenient for him.

Multiple Account Support

Connect an unlimited number of accounts and save time on switching between platforms. Communicate from a single window.

Now Michael plays in a real football team, though not very famous. In his free time, he continues to get involved in board games and organizes these meetings himself. To advance, he decided to create an account “Michael's Football Club” and “Board Game Lovers”. He connected all his accounts to Direct Messenger to communicate effectively and quickly. Well, let's wish Michael good luck! Soon, we will hear about his team on TV!

Maya does not stop developing her skills! Now she decided that it's time to pedicure. To do this, she created a new Instagram account. Now she has 1 personal and 2 work accounts. Regular customers often write to a manicure account about a pedicure service and vice versa — there is a lot of confusion. But Maya manages to keep everything under control thanks to the Multi-Account feature. Now all her dialogues are in one place. All the chats are conveniently sorted by Labels. Even the day planner is no longer needed!

multiple account support


Get a CRM system right on your Instagram Direct. Work more effectively
and increase sales.


Streamline communication with customers and fans. Engage users and bolster revenue.


Add multimedia attachments to your messages. They enhance users’ engagement.


Set text markers, according to which the service responds to requests automatically. Waiting time will be decreased.


You can find any Instagram message within all chats by word matches in 1 sec.


You can use the service from any device and OS. Use Instagram Direct from mac, PC, and on the go.

Bulk Instagram DMS Online

Send mass Instagram messages on computer


Set up messaging campaigns for different types of followers.


Use filters to exclude contacting not target
audience, enhance campaigns' preciseness.


Avoid account blocking by using a spintax format for sending unique messages.

instagram dms online

Get 100 Instagram Direct Message PC Templates


Sign up, buy Instagram chat online, and get
ready-to-implement communication strategies!

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Messages Online!



Month / 1 account

Included for 3 months,
then $2.5/monthly included VAT

  • Instagram Direct Chat Online
  • Messages to New Followers
  • Messages to Current Followers
  • Filters For Choosing The Receivers
  • Instagram Direct Mass Messaging
  • 1 Place For All Instagram Accounts
  • Instagram Direct Search
  • 100 DM Templates
  • 5 Sales Pipelines
  • 15 Sales Scripts to all clients!
  • Instagram Direct Autoreply
  • (coming soon)

How to DM on Instagram on PC?

You don’t have to be a pro to Instagram Direct online and make your business thrive


And confirm your membership to start using Instagram Messenger.


Your first mailout campaign in a couple of clicks.


See all the chats in your Messenger and continue communication.


And improve your strategy
if needed.

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Can I categorize clients with the DM automation tool?

We have good news for you! Yes, you can categorize EACH client in your DM. It is a super useful and unique feature of this service. Create any number of labels and assign every direct messaging thread an appropriate label. Now you can search your clients by tags. Or even create a mail out for a specialized audience under a particular tag.

Is mass messaging possible with this DM tool?

Mass-messaging is possible in this service and ultra-popular in social media. You can send messages in bulk to all your followers in just a few minutes. Just create a text, add an image or even video, make the text unique for each message via the Spintax feature, and choose the audience you want to reach.

Can I connect more than one account to one DM dashboard?

Yes! Add as many accounts as you need. Manage all DMs from any device, anytime, anywhere, with unlimited logged users. The IG DM tool is a cloud service, and the inbox will be available as soon as you log into your dashboard. This feature is a valuable thing for those who have similar audiences in several IG shops – reach all the messenger chats from one safe place. All features are available on a mobile phone, or you can control your Instagram messages from your computer.

Can I set prefab auto answers for messages?

You can automate first, second, and even third messages to Instagram users through this IG DM tool. Just set the keywords that you think are popular and typically used in your audience’s queries. The system will react to each word and offer the prefab answers you prepare beforehand. Your client will get a lightning fast answer.

What if my clients are not English-speaking?

The service is adaptable to any language. Your clients can be from all over the world – and they will appreciate the level of service you offer. With this tool, you can automate your direct messages in various languages. The DM tool recognizes your customer’s language by their profile and a few words.

Can I DM on Instagram from my computer?

Absolutely. The service is much better adapted to direct messaging than Instagram itself! The interface of the DM tool allows you to see all clients and their labels on one display. Send your Instagram messages on Mac, Windows, Linux, and any other possible software. Maybe you’re still not convinced and asking yourself, do I need it? Can’t I access DMs on the Instagram website? The answer is, you can use IG’s website, but the desktop version of Instagram DM is quite uncomfortable to use with limited functions.

So, yes, you really do need this DM tool!