Best Hashtag Generator In 2020: Detailed Overview

“How to drive like-minded people and boost impressions on Instagram?”.

This question is essential for busy moms of three and prominent Instagram influencers. The right answer is – apply hashtags under your posts on Instagram. Unfortunately, the guesswork isn’t useful when thinking over what hashtags to use. The best Hashtag generator is a must-have instrument in your promotion toolkit; after reading this review to the end, you will understand:

  • perks of using automated Hashtag search;
  • description of 3 tested services;
  • what Hashtag Generator is the most effective?

Let’s begin the journey!

Best hashtag generator – what is it?

Instagram hashtag generator is a website where you can apply keywords and receive the best hashtag combination – relevant, trending, and ready to copy and paste. Modern Hashtags searchers update their database of hashtag regularly, the more tags they keep and update, the more effective are the browsing results. Some services also allow scanning for hashtags across other social media platforms, which is essential for cross-marketing.

“The issue is when you search for hashtags in-app, the results are not relevant. Instagram suggests hashtags that contain a key only in the beginning.”

Mark Bishop, Digital Strategist at Come&Go

Benefits of using Best Hashtag generator app:

  1. Organic impressions increase by 78-300%. As the statistic shows, an accurate and precise set of hashtags boost Instagram statistics insanely. Users reach up to 3X more genuine viewers; the content is getting on IG TOP quickly. To enhance the result, you need to test several combinations and detect the most traffic-boosting.
  2. Analytics on hashtags is sufficient for promotion. Only a good Hashtag generator supplies users not only with hashtags but with statistics. You can view the recent and TOP content on a hashtag, related hashtags, and tag’s difficulty. It works like Google Key Planner. When you examine TOP posts and the activity of content, you estimate the chances your post becomes popular.
  3. Time-saving hashtags’ combining and copying. Any Hashtag finder offers you picking hashtags in checkboxes and copy them in one click. You can save several combinations in a document or notes. Applying hashtags manually from your phone is brain wrecking and time-sink.

If you manage a business Instagram page and aim to sell through your account, the right kit of hashtags will bring potential customers to your IG shop. Let’s explore the best instruments.

Overview of 3 best hashtag finders

When you search for “Hashtag Generator Instagram,” you can find numerous services. Some of them are scamming, some overpriced. Compare the time-tested Finders in this table and read the precise review below:

ServiceNumber of keywordsCross-language searchHashtag analyticsAI-searchTOP tags lists
All Hashtag1++

#1 Ingramer

This Creator of Hashtags suggests three methods of browsing. You can apply several keywords, a URL, or use AI-based search by an image. Let’s highlight some benefits you won’t find among altering services:

  1. You can indicate 5 or fewer keys per search;
  2. You can use any languages for your search;
  3. This service claims to upgrade the hashtags’ base daily;
  4. Useful hashtags statistics: complexity, similar tags, top posts;
  5. Advanced browsing algorithm comparing to Instagram default – it recommends hashtags that have a key not only in the beginning.
  6. The lists of trending hashtags are free of charge – they are divided into sections (fashion, sport, tags for likes, etc.).

That is how to use Ingramer Hashtag Generator – the user experience is clearcut:

This screenshot shows how the TOP hashtags lists look like; you can also pick a category on the bottom – we have chosen TOP photography hashtags:

Why shouldn’t you use only the most popular Instagram hashtags?Read the revealing article and make your unbiased decision.

Note: service allows adding space before hashtags to divide them from the main tet under your post – gorgeous!

Conclusion. Ingramer offers brilliant options to find and copy hashtags. They suggest that you mix popular, average, and niche tags to achieve a higher reach. To find rare tags, you need to pay for a subscription, while TOP hashtags are always free for your disposal. Enjoy!

#2 All Hashtag

Popular and free Hashtag finder is supporting tags browsing not just fitting IG but different social media. All Hashtag generates 4 kinds of hashtags – TOP, accidental, live, and correlated.

  1. Free Hashtags analytics. The service offers other popular hashtags that people use with a chosen one, recommendations, a hashtag rank.
  2. Ready-made combinations you can copy. This means that the service mixes hashtags so that the user doesn’t have to pick them manually.
  3. The tool is free. Good option if you don’t need to copy and paste hashtags fast for your private IG page and not ready to invest in promotion.

The search results appear like that, though they are not always relevant:

That is how TOP hashtags lists per periods look like – ready to copy-paste:

Conclusion. All Hashtag is probably the best free Hashtag Generator on the web. This tool is perfect for new users who don’t know how to apply hashtags, want to practice without any risks. At the same time, we won’t recommend this service if you are executing a high-quality digital strategy. Sometimes the browsing results are misleading and not correct.

#3 HashtagForLikes

HashtagForLikes explores trending and niche hashtags providing users with graphs and analytics on each tag. This service is built on public, updated databases, and AI-technology.

  1. You can take hashtags from other influencers by a @nickname.
  2. You can monitor hashtags you are interested in. This feature is available;e for premium accounts and helps to estimate the on-going popularity of hashtags.
  3. You can view banned tags. Users should exclude these hashtags form they use to reach more impressions. Organized banned hashtags can be copy-pasted on this service for free.

Nevertheless, to enjoy all the functionality, you are to buy a subscription for this service. It is starting at $15 per week. That is how the dashboard looks like unless you paid:

You can copy up to 14 correlated to your search hashtags without payment.

Conclusion. The obvious perk is that HashtagForLikes suggests a very narrow but up-to-date list of banned hashtags. At the same time, the functionality you can use in the free version is limited. This service lacks automation for the payment they charge; the toolkit is basic so that if you type “hashtag generator free,” we don’t suggest you HashtagForLikes.

Instagram Hashtags Generator:
Where to find?

We assume that the best Hashtag generator is Ingramer. This service is not free, but the investment pays off in genuine engagement, following boost and free promotion tips. Hashtags will work more effectively if you combine with other promotion tools – Direct messaging, Post-planner.

Advice: regardless of what service you use to find the best hashtags, remember about the right proportion. Use no more than 2-3 popular hashtags, 6-8 average, and the rest niche hashtags for one post. After 2-4 tests, you will detect the most engagement-boosting combination – thack Instagram analytics. Don’t give up and use the best service instead of the guesswork!