TikTok App Guidance: 10 Hacks to Attract Followers

tiktok app guidance

TikTok is much more demanding than Instagram. Posting cool vids requires a lot of effort from picking a song to editing. Nevertheless, TikTok is on the cusp, and video content is being very engaging. How to become famous on TikTok and drive more views on your videos? We discovered several hacks on how to get followers on TikTok and improve the reach of the content.

Yes, you need a strategy. Here we share 10 time-saving tips facilitating your promotion and boosting the engagement rates. Follow suit and enjoy the reading!

How to gain followers on the TikTok app?

Hack #1 Follow and unfollow influencers

This tip is an easy yet practical approach to attract famous TikTokers.

  • Pinpoint the most thriving influencers related to you;
  • Follow them;
  • Stop following unless they don't follow you back.

famous TikTokers

Even though the approach appears trivial, this tactic is harvesting. Numerous tries lead to influencers notice your account, check the content, and you become mutual followers. Don't keep silent! Comment on the episodes that favorites upload – that is how they will likely follow you back. Even if not, the vast audience following them will pay attention to you. Try to leave a catchy comment, something funny and genuine, or start a conversation. Don't hesitate to express your appreciation, and people will repay with attention and views.

Straightforward promotion on TikTok

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Hack #2 Think of the account's aesthetics

Likewise, Instagram, TikTok is a visual platform, so aesthetics matters. But visual attractiveness won't be enough; your account should be clear and logical. What details should you consider when organizing the profile?

TikTok is a visual platform
  • Upload a catchy profile pic;
  • Pick a striking username, cause it's just set of symbols by default;
  • Add a description and link to your other social media;
  • Differentiate a type of content you upload.

When choosing the name on TikTok, don't overcomplicate. You can use the same username you have on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. By doing this, peers and friends will find you effortlessly.

Think over what kind of vids will you focus on and mention the topic in your bio. People should get whether you are an emerging singer, a fitness model, or a vlogger in 3 seconds. Otherwise, they lose their interest and leave your profile, TikTok is very interactive so stand out of the crowd.

Do whatever to make them all push the “Follow” button!

Hack #3 Engage in trendy contests

It's crucial to follow suit and take part in challenges and analyze what type of content is on the peak. TikTok is not just visual, but a musical platform so that users you perform better to hits get a great cover and recognition. Find a challenge with a million audiences in your niche and hop into!

how to get followers on tiktok

Note! You should mention specified hashtags under your posts that will make your content noticeable to like-minded people. Explore what other Musers upload under this hashtag and be in trend. Moreover, you should determine your genuine style to stand out and catch the eye.

In a short time, the number of views and followers will increase several times – don't give up!

Hack #4 Share the content across other social networks

Yes, you'll obtain broad online recognition when integrating your accs. If you already get a fanbase on IG or YouTube, it's expected they will follow you on TikTok.

muser followers

This tip seems obvious, but people often limit their fame to one social media. Joining several platforms will increase the reach of people. If you are a vlogger, running TikTok in combine with YouTube and IGTV is a minimum that speeds up your recognition.

Hack #5 Cooperate with other users

Beginners should start searching for TikTok stars in their area. Look for peers using hashtags, and soon relevant profiles will appear in the explore section. TikTok offers an in-built option for collabs – duets. When creating a duo with like-minded vloggers, you reach more people, and people are likely to follow both of you.

Don't pursue Musers, who have millions of views and numerous fanbase; there is a high chance they reject your request for cooperation. When seeking for a partnering content creator, make sure the style of vids correlates to yours. Moreover, your music tastes should be matching. Let's say; it's strange to create a duet with a singer if you are a yoga instructor. Nevertheless, anything is possible!

Hack# 6 Apply video editors to make the content high-quality

Even several seconds episodes look more engaging if you edit them. We are not talking about professional software that people use for filmmaking. Download some apps that offer funny effects, though TikTok has an in-built editor.

Set aside a particular style of video editing and maintain it. People will remember you shortly and follow. Visual effects and captures catch eyes and draw attention; somehow, they influence the viewers psychologically. Clone effects, for instance, are getting very popular.

If you are a newbie and just installed the TikTok app, save the vids you like and try to adapt their style for your content.

How to get more likes and views?

The easiest hack to get famous on TikTok

Hack #7 Be authentic and bright

We touched this issue before, but this hack is of great importance and should be highlighted. Exploring for the first time is important, but you shouldn't blindly copy those who succeed. Otherwise, people won't get your voice and won't push the follow button. Psychology matters here a lot.

the TikTok app

Why people skip one episode but continue watching another? The truth is that they feel immediately, whether the Muser enjoys making videos or doing it to become famous or stay in trend. So, the clue to authenticity is sincerity!

Think out of the box and establish your trends – new followers guaranteed!

Hack #8 Make brief and pointed videos

TikTok established a 1-minute limitation for the videos so that people watch it to the end. But you can add an episode from your camera roll regardless of the duration. Remember, the TikTok app is not YouTube. It's better to upload short and bright vids, but frequently. That's is how followers stay under your influence.

mass follows and likes

Six seconds challenge on TikTok proved that brief videos are more engaging and result in new followers. Yes, the task is challenging. It's harder to display your creativity; that's why you should be precise and clear.

Hack #9 Entertain and act at full speed

TikTok is a kind of online stand-up show, so try to be funny and positive. Make jokes and intrigue people; they are here to get new impressions and energy! Let them guess how are you going to act next. A good show always pays back with mass follows and likes!

You don't have to talk a lot, mind that people often scroll the feed without sound. So, use your mimics and gesture to make them turn the sound on! The only rule here – relax and enjoy.

Bear in mind that posting time matters as well. TikTok also has magic hours, likewise Instagram, so try to be active at 12–8 pm. Monitor when your followers are active and set aside a posting plan.

Hack #10 Automate TikTok performance

Thank God, TikTok automation tools arrive at the market as the app is reaching the peak! BTW, BigBangram integrated a service facilitating TikTok promotion along with Instagram. Now it's a convenient managing tool as you handle both social media accs on one dashboard. Here is what you get.

  • You are noticeable and save time due to auto liking.
  • You get more followers effortlessly owing to auto-following.
  • You are interactive since comment on other vids automatically.

BigBangram and similar tools are ready-made options that leverage your fame on TikTok. Tep here to know more details!

The bottom line

Be offbeat, freakish, and entertain people – three musts to attract new followers. Make use of TikTok in-house features: unlimited music stock and integrated video editor, let your creativity flow smoothly. Still, just offering high-quality content is not enough to draw people's attention and stimulate follows. Marketing techniques and automated promotion will grow your fanbase in a heartbeat!

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