Let’s Steal Followers From Your Competitors: How To Promote Yourself On Instagram?

How To Promote Yourself On Instagram

If you have at least a general understanding of the specificity of Instagram, you definitely know that the competition on this platform is extremely high for accounts of different types. And it is explained by the fact that you don't need to sell goods if you want to earn money as it opens practically unlimited for everyone.

You can be a model or a photographer, or just a mommy with a sweet kid and you still have a chance to succeed!

That's why it makes no difference whether you are wondering how to promote yourself as a model on Instagram or as a food blogger, the general scheme will remain just the same.

How to promote yourself on Instagram in an ordinary way?

What do you know about Instagram promotion? What things will you name if somebody asks you about how to promote yourself on Instagram?

promote yourself on Instagram

Of course, you will name such things as:

  • mass liking and mass following (but just imagine how exhausting it can be!);
  • leaving comments on the accounts that are popular among your target audience (yes, it could be rather effective. But once again, you should have really a lot of free time to fulfill this task);
  • posting content of different types (Yes, it's an amazing idea. But even the coolest content ever without the right approach won't bring you followers);
  • using appropriate hashtags (Once again, that's great! And in our blog, you can even read about the role of hashtags in making your account popular. Hope our article How To Make People Love Your Cooking Via Instagram Using Hashtag Generator? can really convince you that you shouldn't ignore them. But to make your amazing tags work for your promotion you need to apply other tools as well).

As you see though these ideas can be helpful, they won't be enough for quick promotion.

But what if I tell you that you can just steal the followers from your rivals?

Keep calm, it's absolutely legal!

And unbelievably effective.

How to steal followers from your competitors?
Step-by-step guide!

Step 1.

Breathe out. You are not doing something that is not approved by the law. Just kidding. The real Step 1 is to find your competitors and prepare a list with the names of their accounts.

I don't think that you will have any problems with defining your rivals. For example. if you are the owner of a cafe in Amsterdam, your competitors are other cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam. If you are a photographer who works in London, you need to find profiles of other photographers based in London.

But let's suppose that you have a barbershop in Los Angeles. That's why, as you may have already guessed, your task will be to find the profiles of other barbershops in Los Angeles and to include their account names in a separate list.

Step 2.

Sign up to BigBangram (or login) and set your promotion (it won't take more than 5-10 minutes but the results will impress you).

Now, if you are already full of enthusiasm to start, let's do it in order not to waste our valuable time that we can spend tracking the growing number of your followers.

Step 3.

How to create promotion on BigBangram? Even if you see our service for the first time in your life, you won't have any difficulties with it. As it is absolutely easy in use and intuitively clear.

When you BB account is already open, click the Add new promotion button and choose the Followers section.

You will see the following form on your screen:

form on your screen

Step 4.

Just enter the account names of your competitors one-by-one, adding them to your promotions.

Repeat this easy procedure as many time as many competitors you have found!

Eat. Sleep. Add. Repeat!

As a result, you will have a unique opportunity to interact with the followers of your competitors. Could you even dream about it before? But with BigBangram nothing is impossible.

cool publications

Your task will be to make cool publications, share your best works and valuable information, prepare surprises for your new followers, hold contests, establish direct communication with them and enjoy your growing income. As for me, it's an awesome plan.

I have one more secret to reveal!

Have you noticed this “Only likers and commenters” option?

the following form on your screen

You can choose it to make the system work ONLY with those followers who stay active on the accounts of your rivals. If they like and comment on your competitors' publications, they will be included in your target group.

Do you want to make your promotion even more targeted?

No problems, my dear friend. It's elementary.

Just open the Filters section. It's here.

make your promotion even more targeted

In order to increase your conversion rates, I recommend you to make your settings more precise and filters will help you a lot. They allow you to choose the type of accounts that you want to interact with based on their age, language, number of their followers and some other parameters.

Using the filters, you can be absolutely sure that your promotion will bring you fruits.

For example, if we take our barbershop, it is obvious that our target audience comprises of men and boys. So, it could be rather sensible to exclude female accounts from our promotion. don't you think so?

target audience comprises


Now your account will be promoted among the most active male followers of your direct competitors which means that your chances to attract new clients are higher than ever before.

What benefits you will get from such promotion?

  • The secret of how to get live followers on Instagram won't be a secret for you anymore. You will get them.
  • The number of your potential clients (as well as income) will be growing together with the number of your followers.
  • The promotion will be carried out without your interference, you will have a lot of time to prepare cool content and develop your business.
  • You will have a real opportunity not only to attract clients but also to find valuable collaborations and partnerships to expand your scales.

And one thing more.

“How much does it cost to promote yourself on Instagram?” is quite a logical question in this very context.

But don't worry, you don't need to take a loan to pay for your promotion! A 1-month subscription costs only 24$. If you want to try it out first, we have a special offer for you! Pay 1$ and get 3 days of promotion! Just try! I am sure that you will like it! And let all the followers of your competitors be yours!

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