Model Instagram Promotion: a case-story

Model Instagram Promotion

If you know what you want, everything is possible.

Many girls dream about modeling. They imagine chic outfits, world catwalks, public attention and hundreds of followers on Instagram.

What is needed to succeed in the modeling and Instagram world? Weronika tells us about it!

werushka modeling girls

Weronika turned her dream into reality and became a model, but her success did not end there. Weronika's profile on Instagram has over 40,000 followers and this is just the beginning.

“My model story began when I was 16 years old. These were not serious projects such as shows, filming, shooting. Everything is free, for my pleasure and of course, to be noticed. I always liked being in the spotlight. And soon I was accepted into a modeling agency, by the way, it is located in my native city. This is my parent agency. Thanks to it, I was able to work in Asian countries.”

Profile: @werushka
Number of followers: 41.000
Profile theme: Model

The model does not need as much as most people think for a successful career. In fact, modeling is a normal job, on which, as elsewhere, you need to work and then you are guaranteed success.

But let's describe what is needed for success in this field:

  • Height. Yes, it is important, but note the models are different.
  • Perseverance. It will be difficult without it, as in any business.
  • Agency. Yes, Yes, Yes. You need to start somewhere and this should be a step towards meeting your work.
  • Positivity. An optimistic attitude always helps to easily cope with difficulties.
  • Physical exercises. The sport will develop your self-confidence and give you the necessary figure that everyone wants to get.
  • A healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle reflects on your body, and as we already know, the skin and figure for the model is her calling card.

And we repeat. You can be a girl with magnificent forms, but a model career can still be under your control, the main thing is to find your catwalk.

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What is Needed for model Instagram promotion?

Let's briefly go over the points that you need to pay attention to if you want to achieve impressive results and start making money on your profile.

– Full description of the target audience
– A well-designed profile
– Editing of photos and videos
– Drawing up a content plan for a month
– Publication according to the content plan on a day-to-day basis
– Commenting and tracking comments
– Gathering competitors base
– Gathering a base for similar business
– Definition of target hashtags
– Definition of popular geo points
– Сompetitions, marathons, giveaways, SFS
– Sending welcome Direct messages for new followers
– Sending collaboration messages for a special list of customers
– Search for advertising sites (city and thematic public)
– Work with bloggers
– Official Instagram Ads

Weronika used all methods and Instagram promotion services, and this gave an excellent result:

“I began to actively promote the page: upload beautiful and high-resolution photos, write more comments, send welcome messages for each new follower. I received a good activity in return. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time. Moreover, I didn't know about Instagram promotion guidelines. The only way to promote my account was to request assistance from Instagram promotion sites”.

model instagram

We want to add and tell more about methods that helped Weronika in the account promotion.

Following and Liking

What is the point? A bot likes and follows people according to the special criteria. People see your activity and come to look at your page. If they are interested in your product/service/brand/personality, they follow you. This is the promotion through mass-follow and mass-liking.

The main difference is that our experts do it manually. Coverage is less, but the quality is much higher. We promote the page of our model Instagram with manual following and liking. We have people who like and follow users according to certain criteria.

What is the result? Weronika was secured with offers a month in advance two months later. About 66 percent of new fans were from Instagram.

Writing Relevant Comments

Commenting is another way of Instagram promotion. You can get new followers by writing interesting comments on someone's post.

There are four types of commenting:

Spam. There are such comments as “Apple, you will not believe it, I have a baby, but I earn ....”. Such spam just annoys everyone, and obviously, no one will express a desire to look at such a page.

Creative spam. This species is also found in large bloggers. They write this to light upon a large audience, however, this is already a rather hackneyed story. “I don't know what to write, so I'll leave the recipe for pancakes...”

Usual comments. This is something like “Super”, “Cool”. Well, hardly anyone will notice you, even the owner of the page.

Creative comments. Leave a comment in your blogger's account that may interest others. For example, someone discusses a hot topic and you are right there. Express your opinion sincerely, mentioning that you recently raised a similar question. If you write something interesting, you will enter the top, get likes and a lot of attention.

As you understand, we wrote only creative comments!

Who did we comment on?

Popular bloggers. One small clarification: we did not comment on bloggers with millions of followers. Why? They have such a stream of comments per minute that our comments would simply be lost in the crowd.

Photographers, videographers, agencies. We went to the photographers who were perfectly suited to the needs of our client, and wrote detailed, thoughtful comments;

The main competitors. As you might imagine, on the pages of competitors you can find your target audience. We started to discuss something in the comments, and we were noticed!

Comment Tracking

This tool helps not to skip or forget about comments on Instagram.

Why is it important?

Since we are developing a personal brand through Instagram, we need to respond to almost every comment. Moreover, we need to intentionally arrange activities that provoke followers to leave more comments or write via Direct.

We watched and responded to comments in time. There were several reasons for this:

  • To raise the level of engagement and get organic reach;
  • To demonstrate your responsiveness;
  • Do not miss the advantageous collaboration offer;
  • Do not offend followers by ignoring them.

The reasons are a lot. However, many are faced with the fact that some comments go unnoticed. Somewhere Instagram is buggy, there are problems due to the simultaneous work of several people in the account.

We organized the work so as not to miss messages.

Direct Messaging

Sending messages manually not only takes a lot of time but can also lead to getting a ban. Instagram protection program accepts the same messages as spam. In some cases, this is simply inconvenient. The ideal variant is to use Direct Messenger.

We used two types of Direct messages:

  • Welcome message for newcomers.
  • Messages with an invitation to collaboration for a special list of customers.

sending messages manually

How to automate mass mailing?

  • Direct tab.
  • Click the “A new message” button.
  • We type the necessary message in the window. It is possible to create different variations of the same message – they are written through a vertical straight line in curly brackets {good afternoon | hello | welcome}. This will greatly protect the account from a quick ban for sending identical messages.
  • Click the “Activate” button.
  • You can stop the mass mailing at any time, change the list of accounts and make several options for a single message.

Script “Greeting”

  1. Hello, new friend! I'm Weronika and I'm a model. Thank you for joining my Instagram! Hope you will have a great time with me and share my love for modeling. Thanks for following!
  2. Welcome! My name is Weronika. My passion is modeling. I'm glad that you are with me now. I hope our immersion in the modeling world will be as interesting as possible.
  3. Howdy! I'm Weronika. On my page, you will learn about all the nuances of working as a model. Thank you for joining me.

The purpose of this scenario is to segment new followers and highlight those who read the message in Direct.

To do this, we wrote several options for greeting messages. Weronika talks about herself and the subject of the account. The meaning of welcome messages is to establish contact.
As a result of this scenario, our new followers are divided into three groups:

  • individuals who ignored our message;
  • individuals who read it;
  • individuals who read and answered.

The most valuable followers belong to the second and third groups. But we are not discounting the first group, we can still work with it anyway. They may respond to some other messages.

There is another group of followers that our greeting revealed – those who saw our message, did not want to communicate and unfollowed. And this is good – we immediately got rid of those who are categorically not configured for contact. We would still not be able to interest them in anything.

Script “Collaboration”

For photographers and videographers
Hello! My name is Weronika and I'm a model, that is opened for collaborations! Check out my latest photoshoots right on my website. Just click a link in the BIO!

For bloggers
Hi! I'm Weronika, and I'm a great fan of your profile. Let's do SFS, what do you think? We all love new followers, right? I look forward to your response.

For agencies
Greetings! I'm Weronika and I love modeling so much! I would love to cooperate with your agency. Can you tell me, what girls are you looking for?

The next scenario that we prepared is the search for photographers, videographers, agencies, and popular bloggers. We found among followers of Alice the accounts of photographers, make-up artists, videographers, local influencers, beginning models, and sent them a proposal for cooperation. And at the same time, we did not have to spam en masse, risking a ban. We wrote only to those who have already shown interest in Alice's page.

What is the result?

  • Weronika made contact with followers – 25 percent of individuals who received them answered the messages.
  • She was invited to photoshoots of local brands.
  • Weronika got a ton of new photos for the portfolio.
  • She took part in an advertising campaign.

It's good, though, right? Now you know how to make up Direct messages in the right way. Do you want to get the same results?

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Scheduled Posting

There is no need to explain the mission of the Scheduled posting. It saves your time and helps to create a visual grid.

Regular posts are the main rule of the correct and effective management of any account on Instagram. If you rarely post your photos, videos, or Stories, the audience will not notice them. A well-developed content plan will help to increase followers, and attract new ones.

A content plan is a pre-planned publication scheme, ordered by time and style. To promote the account, we tried to alternate between personal photos, advertising posts, important information materials and entertainment content.

Drawing up a competent plan helped us solve several important tasks that contribute to the promotion of Weronika's account:

  • Creating an attractive and interesting newsfeed;
  • Creating own image;
  • Active communication with the audience;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of promoted content;
  • Attracting new followers;
  • Understand which publications are more popular.

How did we create content-plan using Bigbangram Scheduled posting?

  1. We had great Instagram promotion ideas. We decided to publish about three posts every week + several Stories every day. Note that you shouldn't publish more than three posts per day! Otherwise, your readers will associate your account with a spam-bot.
  2. We alternated advertising posts with informational and entertainment content.
  3. We added videos to diversify the page. Fortunately, Bigbangram Scheduled posting allows uploading not only images but videos.
  4. We thought over a publication plan for the month. Sat up the publication time of each post. We decided whether it would be a picture or a video. Remember to use hashtags.
  5. We watched the statistics of views. We noticed that the evening posts gained more views. So, the most interesting and important posts were postponed at the evening. We edited the photo inside Auto-Posting service, added new information.

What is the result?

instagram direct messenger on pc
  • A well-designed account with a general idea and a style.
  • + 17000 new followers for three months.
  • A comprehensive understanding of what kind of content fans like most.

In this article, we have shown all the aspects and ways to promote on Instagram. Use all these tips, and you will become successful and popular, and this, in turn, will get you close to a dream.

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