Top 8 Instagram Updates in 2022

The world is not standing; still, everything is changing at a crazy rate. Sometimes you just don't have time to adjust to all these changes. This article will help you succeed in one thing – to become the most trendy Instagram person. Are you ready? Let's go!

Instagram Updates in 2020

Which of the Instagram updates are the most useful?

the instagram updates

IGTV videos with automatic “hidden” captions

Now while uploading your video, you may select automatic captions options in the settings. This is a very convenient Instagram update today because It helps people with poor hearing recognize content that has not previously been available to them due to their problems. This update attracts a broad audience too. In general, there are many situations in life where you need to mute, but the video will not watch itself=). In the settings, you will find 16 languages of captions. The clarity of the sound determines the text accuracy displayed on the screen

IGTV videos

Are you aware of “Instagram reels”?

I offer you to explore a new Instagram update – 15-second videos or “Instagram reels“. You may download the reels you're your posts, stories, or your profile. You may also add music or different effects to the video, even choose the video's cover! With such a new IG update, you have an opportunity to make your reels off speed or speeded up.

How does it work?

You just open the Instagram stories option. Next, pick on the “Reels” image next to the “Live” and “Story” button. So, your device is ready to record a 15-minute video! By the way, you may add tracks from Facebook or record your original sound.

Hmm, it seems to be very much like Tik Tok videos. Yes, you are right, but unlike the Instagram tool where you should have the registration to create Instagram reels, in a Tik Tok app, it is possible to observe videos without registration in the application. Another thing is one-minute TikTok Videos, while in Instagram, you may create only 15-minute videos. It is up to you what instrument is more convenient and exciting to use for content creation.

instagram reels

Categories of your followers

With this option, you can find out with whom of the followers you may interact more and interact less. The best update to save you precious time. Select profiles that are worth paying attention to and worth your precious time.

So, are you aware of how the Instagram newest update works?

Pick on “Following” after your profile opening. There are two options: “Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed.” You will find the “Counter arrows” image at the bottom right corner where you may sort your followers by “latiest”, “earliest” or pick on the “default” icon.

Instagram newest update works

The “Arrow” icon in your IG stories

The “arrow stories” is an Instagram recent update that is convenient for marking something, making some kind of transition from one information to another, or simply making a reference to your profile. In general, a handy tool makes your stories more interesting and saves you time while creating the stories.

How to use a new instagram update? 

Don't worry; it is easier than you think. Just open the story instrument and create your story with an uploaded photo or video; pick on the “spiral” image where you will find the “Arrow” image, so press it. Your brilliant story is going to be transformed soon.

icon in your ig stories

What about a dark background color in Instagram?

The next Instagram update is a purely design solution. The main aim is to make a background color more comfortable for users to stay in the Instagram, and separate elements look clearer against this background.

On iPhone: choose iPhone “Settings,” then pick o “Display and Brightness.” Next, select the “Dark” icon. Done!
In Android: pick on “Settings,” then choose the “Dark” icon. Next, press the “Theme” icon and modify it to the dark. Done!

dark background color in instagram

Restricted accounts

Have you ever wanted to restrict your content? Maybe it's a person who wrote something terrible, indecent, and offensive under your post. You no longer want this Instagram user to have an opportunity to comment on your Instagram post at all. Unlike the account block function, this option does not allow a “restricted” person to see that he was restricted. He may continue to comment on your posts, but he is the only one who has an opportunity to see his offensive comments. You may also find out about this comment if you are very interested in it but nobody else.

How can I make the Instagram update available for usage?

Open the comment of the owner that you are going to restrict. Next, swipe in the left and pick on the “Exclamation mark” image, choose “Restrict“, selecting the account name. You may do it another way, for example, open your profile in Instagram and press the right bottom button, pick on “Settings” then “Privacy,” and in connection, there will be “Restricted Accounts“. Next, pick on a person you want to restrict.

instagram update available for usage

Countdown Stories

Do you want more people to be aware of your outgoing event published in history or notice your followers that they still have time to register for your course? After the signing up timer by the followers, they will get the notification about the ended countdown. Great!

How to make this one of the Instagram changes available for use?

The first thing is your story creating. The second thing is the “Smile” icon choosing at the top right corner. Then you may find the “Countdown” icon. Pick on it. Enter a countdown name with the necessary date. There is the “Color Circle” icon in the middle top, with the help of which you may modify the background color of the countdown timer.

Countdown Stories


Are you aware of how to make sales more efficient, easier, and safer? The update is going to help you with this issue. Instagram checkouts are the last Instagram update appreciated, especially by the sales Instagram accounts as they can sell their products in just two steps without leaving the app. An excellent way to save time and attract more buyers. So, to do this, you should have an Instagram shop that has this checkout. You may use a commerce manager or e-commerce platform. Note, this update is currently only available in the USA.


Still do not know whether to try an update?

Decide for yourself which updates to use and which are not worth your attention. In any case, you will find something for yourself and appreciate what has been decided to offer you.
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