Top Instagram bots testing and evaluation in 2020

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Are there any Instagram automation tools on the web that are totally fake, scams, and frauds? Are there any follower growth tools for Instagram that won’t ruin your account by forcing a ban by the Instagram algorithm?

We’ve carried out a huge real-life testing of all the possibly working and most popular Instagram growth automation tools found on the web in 2020.

Goals of the Instagram bot testing:

  • Find a tool that brings targeted, professionally selected, and relevant Instagram followers to your account. Followers that are really interested in your feed and active in your insights. 
  • Test all tools for the number of free Instagram followers they can bring to the account in two-three weeks. 
  • Check if these tools have a great support team that will help you to set up your account, target everything as you need, and help you to solve your account problems and issues while working. A support team that won’t abandon you halfway. 

So, is there any magic wand that can bring your lovely account thousands of followers in a few months and make your life easier? A tool that can watch two thousand stories for your target audience to catch their attention and bring them to your account? Like their feed? Target a special hot audience of your competitors to get it promptly?

Is there any magic wand that can do all of this for you and avoid being banned by Instagram?

Is there any Instagram tool that you can set up simply and get for just under 50 bucks for a month’s subscription?

Oh, it was difficult, but we’ve found out. This tool that will answer your question: “How to get followers on Instagram” – exists. And you’ll get it in this article. 

We’ve carried out a large and comprehensive test of all popular Instagram automation services and tools. 

We’ve chosen the most popular services and bought subscriptions to test them manually. 

Now we have a big list of Instagram automation tools. All of them have almost similar options (and some of them look too similar to each other – just different colors and designs but with the same system at work), others just take our money and give nothing back.

Here is the list of tools, starting from the worst to the best. Enjoy!

All the tools were tested for two weeks!

#8 SocialCaptain 

Closed without refund!

Followers gained: 50 
Price: $30
Workability: lowest
UPD: The social captain is now closed!


The service started to work. It even offered a 1-day free trial. But after a time, it just closed. We’ve been sent an email with an apology, and then the website became unavailable. 

The bot stopped working, the support on the site stopped responding. But the money was not returned, and we had to make a request through the bank for a refund. This leaves an unpleasant aftertaste from the service. It seems a fraud. Unfortunately, such services are often closed at one address and then reopened under a new name. And we are very afraid that such a service will open again and will steal money from customers.

#7 Kenji


Followers gained:
Price: $47
Workability: lowest


We can’t say anything good about this Instagram followers service. It just did nothing to an account that was logged in. 

They’ve taken almost $50 for nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

You make a payment, and this beautifully designed tool says that your account is in a warm-up mode for the next 5 days. 

But in 5 days nothing changed. The fake metrics on the Kenji dashboard show that the number of followers is growing. But this is a lie, and the account isn’t growing in reality. 

This service is a big mistake and a fraud.

The support is not responding. We’re still trying to get our money back.

Kenji dashboard

#6 Growthoid

Old and weak manual promotion service. 

Followers gained:
Price: $49
Workability: low 


We immediately refused the subscription on Growthoid and requested a refund, because they do not have an admin panel and you cannot even track what they are doing in your account. 

And, as it turned out, they do all the actions in your Instagram account manually (probably like Upleap, described further below)

So, someone is logging into your Instagram account and liking, following, and watching stories, just like you can do by yourself. But this is such an unbelievably silly method in 2020. And this is not a service, but a scam.

#5 Followyst

Impossibly difficult to use.

Followers gained: 20 
Price: $49
Workability: low 


This service is completely impossible to use. In order to create a contact between Followyst and your Instagram account you need to download the application to the laptop, then you need to change a lot of settings so that the laptop communicates with your phone, then the USB cable needs to be ALWAYS connected – and only after all this can the work on your account begin.

You can see how someone creeps into your phone, likes photos, watches stories, and each action needs to be confirmed on the phone! Every single action that is being made by someone, who is sitting on the other end of the cable.

It is not an automation service. It is the manual labor of some people who do it completely for you. It is really silly, and moreover, it can cause an immediate ban from the Instagram algorithm.

Within a few hours of the first set up it started giving errors. In short, you are constantly losing the connection. And once again you need to do everything from the beginning. Very complex settings, attaching to the laptop, USB cable...

Nothing works for it. 

And of course, there is no support at all. Nobody responds to you for a week. Ultimately, we pushed this bot away and forgot about it forever.

#4 HyperInstagram

Just no targeting.

Followers gained: 20 
Price: $10
Workability: low, but works.

After payment and settings HyperInstagram started working – the bot made 2 follows and froze for 4 days without any word. After another re-login, it followed   15 accounts in 3 days and stopped working at all. 

There is no support team. 

When you buy it, it seems that you will be able to automate the views of stories, like comments, and everything else – but no, the service will only follow people. It follows users really slowly, and all people around without any relevant targeting. 

There is absolutely no normal targeting – all the time you need to change, add, or replace something in the settings to make the bot work.


Moreover, the service has complex account requirements. There are constant errors in the account – and no one can help since there is no support at all. 

There is no one on email with whom one could consult about how the service works.

Look what requirements it has:

normal targeting

Apparently, its closure is also not far off, but for now you just donate a fixed amount for its existence.

#3 Nitreo

Doesn’t work as stated, and you get banned!

Followers gained: 40 
Price: $49
Workability: low, but works.


We registered and paid for Nitreo, but the IG account that we added when paying for it could not be authorized and verified by the service. And we don’t know why! 

Then we contacted support 10 times, and finally they offered to make a refund and we could pay again. Apparently, it is impossible to change the account any other way. Stupid!

For the first 7 days they did nothing in the newly added account. And there was a splash screen in the dashboard without access to anything. It seemed so cool, but the account was silent. Nothing was done in the first week. Then, at the end of the subscription period, the service started working and, in general, it was very decent – they even brought 40 followers to the account. Apart from the fact that they did not do the declared actions, namely:

Question Sticker Answering
  • No Live Reactions
  • No Poll Votes & Question Sticker Answering and of course, Instagram blocked the account and asked to change the password.
  • Support is constantly disappearing. And this is scammy and looks so bad.

#2 Upleap 

No relevant followers at all!

Followers gained: 80 
Price: $29
Workability: low, but works.


Upleap seems to be a working service that even brings followers. And from the first week of use, you even enjoy the number of people that come to your account. 

In your dashboard on the website of this service you see the growing numbers of story views, comment likes, and other activity they are updating.

With this service we were going to promote the account of a fashion blogger. When setting up an account (by the way, very simple and easy), we chose hashtags which the audience of the account will be targeting, as well as accounts, which, as it were, you will be guided by the style of the audience.

But if you start looking closely, there is absolutely no activity, and moreover, current publications seem to even fall into a shadow ban, collecting even fewer reactions than they would normally.

After manual analysis of incoming subscribers from Upleap, it becomes clear that they are all of the same type. Suspiciously similar accounts of guys and girls, 16-20 years old, from India. Absolutely all 200 new subscribers are just like that. Which definitely contradicts the targeting set in the initial setup of the personal account.

manual analysis of incoming subscribers

We evaluated the complete lack of activity from newly arrived subscribers, plus their uniformity, which does not correspond to the stated targeting and goals of the account.

Of course, the support refused to help with the account targeting.

Of course, they referred to the fact that a “light version was purchased, not a premium one, and that this version only has the possibility of such a set of subscribers”.

Further in the correspondence, they admitted that to ensure the influx of subscribers to their account, they use the accounts of special groups of people from their resources – WhatsApp and Telegram groups. 

That is, this is their standard set of subscribers, which have nothing to do with what you supposedly can regulate in profile targeting. This is a big deception. You get followers, but in fact this is a large mass of people who are not interested in your profile and your content. It's just a bunch of people who are either bots or uninterested people who just get paid to follow you. And that's a nightmare to promote on Instagram. Such subscribers will not only never become your customers – it's even worse – they are hated by the Instagram algorithm. Profiles with such subscribers are most often banned. Of course, the profile that was promoted through this service was blocked by Instagram 2 weeks after the start of use.

#1 Ingramer 

Just works perfectly.

Followers gained: 280 
Price: $57
Workability: high.


This one – Ingramer, – just one and only working automated tool for gaining followers on the web. We’ve paid the money and got more than 250 followers on the account in just two weeks. All of them are relevant, active and really interested in a profile we promoted. 

The first stage is really simple – all the settings are almost the same for all the tools we have in the list. You’re just choosing your targeted hashtags and competitor accounts. The only difference is that Ingramer really follows the settings that you did. And it really follows and unfollows users, watch their Stories and like their comments on EXACTLY these profiles and hashtags, that you’ve mentioned.

The tool also have a warm up mode. But this is a normal thing for Instagram automation in 2020. This feature helps you to avoid ban.

After the warming up you get thousands of watches, tons of likes and follows from your profile in two weeks. Without any action or move. Ingramer do everything for you. And offers simple and real statistics on its work. Your dashboard will be full of real numbers and really inspiring facts about your fast growing and new powerful Instagram.

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