Nitreo Service — an Effective Growth Tool or a Scam?

If you're looking for a tool to help you expand your Instagram audience and make your account more popular, then automation services are just the thing to do. But we understand if you don't know which service to choose and you're not trusting bots.

scam nitreo website

Let me say one important thing straight away: there are simple Instagram bots, and then there are automation services with a clever algorithm resembling a human. The latter is worth trusting because they aim to gradually expand your audience as if it did a normal user. But the first is just the robots that you should not trust as you don't want to have a blocked account (at best) and lose a lot of money in the hope that the bot will finally fix everything, do you?

It is exactly the kind of scam website we're going to talk about — meet the Nitreo Instagram bot (although they identify as an organic growth tool)! And it is also the Social Captain, Kenji. I hope you were not one of those who did not get money back from them and had your account blocked.


Our own experiment (with a bad ending)

After registration and payment, we added the IG account, but it was not verified and authorized... for some reason. We don't know why! It's strange. After that, we were trying to contact the Nitreo support team 9 times, and only on the 10 time, Nitreo support team responded. 


Instead of changing the account another way, they offered to do a refund (thank goodness), and only if you pay again can you try to add another account if something went wrong with that one. Unfortunately, many reviews show that they don't do refunds. 

We ended up paying again and adding a new account, but nothing happened there for 5 days — just an empty dashboard. Eventually, 30 subscribers were added at the end of the subscription plan, and that was it. They have not performed what they said they would do: no live reactions, no post likes, and, by the way, followers were not targeted ones.

Finally, we found our account blocked by Instagram administration...

Top reasons proving Nitreo is a scam 

  1. and Social Captain

If you look at the Social Captain (by the way, the service no longer operates), Kenji, and Nitreo service page, you will notice the copied graphics, the design but only in different colors, and strange URL identity. It's like rebranding in its purest form! Both Kenji and Nitreo have roughly the same text and even the same CTA button to start the service (email entering). i.e., Nitreo, as the primary scam amongst the other online scams, created the same fraudulent services and continues to deceive people but in even more significant numbers!

  1. Trustpilot reviews

If you go to Trustpilot, you will find endless reviews about Nitreo, which mainly concern that they do not refund money, support is constantly missing, and that, in principle, Nitreo is a scammers platform. It is better to stay away from it!

  1. Fake press reviews

On both and Nitreo homepages, there is a list of press sites that supposedly mention the services, but they are not clickable. If you go to the sites, you won't find anything about Nitreo.

  1. Account blocking after registration

There have been instances of suspicious activity after Instagram account details entering. It appears that these new scams are a way to steal your details and ultimately cause you to lose your Instagram account as it will be blocked.

Scam alert: don't be fooled and check the service thoroughly before trusting it and paying money. Nitreo has shown that scammers exist and how cleverly they operate today!

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