10 Restaurant Promotion Tips That Even Newbies Can Master

10 Restaurant Promotion Tips


Unique selling proposition is an individual and strong point of your restaurant Instagram marketing. The business main message must be presented at your Instagram account. The thing that attracts your client should be transferred to the account for unavoidable success at promoting your restaurant. It can be family recipe, unusual or fascinating location, outstanding design concept or excellent service etc. Your honest and clear message should be understandable for every visitor of your Instagram account. Your USP should shine for your client. Try to answer to your Instagram visitor, why he needs your food? If he gets an immediate answer through your content he won't have any chance – he will run without looking ahead to taste your food

restaurant Instagram marketing in Italy
Rome, Italy

Fine content

Make your food wickedly beautiful and “instagramable”. Pay attention not alone to a delicious dinner but the decorative appearance of the dish. You can't deliver smell or taste of your work so concentrate upon the perception of colors, the eye-catching serving of food. Create a desire to burst into your restaurant, order food, take a photo and post in on Instagram!

Good counsel does no harm: make background elements of table settings customized or hashtagged. It should be evident and clear where the photo is taken. Work at your Instagram marketing. Let client notice your highly colored food and help him find your restaurant by hashtag or photo background.

settings customized or hashtagged
Osteria dell'Enoteca

Сlose-knit team

It's great to create the atmosphere of your restaurant at the Instagram account. Show your client that the food you serve is made with love and passion. Avoid the image of the faceless and impersonal team. Post pictures of happy employers, who work together as a family. Show the way your team chooses the ingredients or winning competitions. Take a look at Pasticceria Pansa Instagram account. Lively pictures and family atmosphere is here! Let people come for a visit to familiar faces. The warm and cozy atmosphere, a place where people wait for your company and ready to ply with delicious food. Perfect for the follower and future client attraction!

Pasticceria Pansa Instagram account

Inside and out

Preparing-food videos always steal the scene. It's a highly viral content. It's hard to imagine the rate of popularity that can be created by this kind of videos. Let us see the hot and professional way you make pasta or pizza. It's a one-time work of professional food photographer alongside your cooking team. Present your menu essentials in procrastinatory and addictive videos and use it all over the year. Show how you make your outstanding product, show the world how Italians can cook!

how to become an influencer on instagram

My own one client

Make the connection with your client. Let people dream about the way they are relaxing and enjoying at your restaurant. Your Instagram visitor should try on the sensation and experience of your restaurant mood. Start WOM-marketing. Make a discount for Instagram publications at your client's private accounts. People will rush to your restaurant as soon as they see his or her friend lip-smacking a juicy slice of pizza.

There is a great way to inform your client about events, deals, and discounts. Auto Instagram Direct Messages tool by Bigbangram. You can apply several filters, choose the audience and send customized messages straight to the follower's Instagram Direct. You can propose to present follower to get a discount for a photo at the profile, welcome and greet any new follower etc. It's a care and personal attention to the client, ads in the Instagram accounts of the active and real audience and happy and satisfied clients.

Auto Instagram Direct Messages tool by Bigbangram
Marzamemi, Sicilia, Italy

Jungle telegraph

Find popular and respected bloggers who make content about your city. Don't be obsessed only with food bloggers. There is a bunch of tour guides, photographers, travel bloggers etc. They know how to make perfect content and possess a really huge active audience. A good review may cause a significant increase in the number of the target audience and a new flow of clients. If you want to know how Italian bloggers gained a numerous audience, take a detailed look at the review here.

make content about your city


Instagram Stories is a great tool to know the real and current media outreach. Every day, over 200 million people use Instagram Stories. That's now more than SnapChat – making it one of the fastest growing platforms ever! Instagram Stories is a great tool to tell your client about the present news, discounts, events etc. It's quick and simple plus it saves your feed from unnecessary feed spam.

Homegrown hashtag

Create a dedicated hashtag especially for your restaurant. Moreover, you can create a system of helpful restaurant hashtags. It will help your client to orient at your long-lived account. Plus your restaurant may be found if your follower will use your homemade hashtag. Don't be a lazy couch potato. Hashtag yourself!

hashtag especially for your restaurant

RDV point

A great thing to help with your brand awareness is a geolocation point. Any Instagram user can find all the pictures that were taken at your restaurant. It's an opportunity to read client's reviews, save location to “must-visit” list.

save location to

Global fame

Collect the photos if your clients from all over the world by selling unique and customized merch. Make your restaurant your personal brand, make it a component of a modern and trendy person. Try to show that people are fans of your food. If you sell coffee, make thermomugs with your design and logo. If you sell pizza, make unique plates or pizza scissors. Ask your followers to send you pictures with your brand in their hands: at home or in the street. Remarkable merch can make your business international, attract a huge flow of tourists and make your restaurant cult-favorite.

make your business international

As can be seen from the above we propose 10 basic tips to promote your restaurant Instagram account:

Unique offer
Jungle telegraph
Quality content
Instagram Stories
Close-knit team
Homemade hashtag
Making process
My own one client
Global product

Hope, that our survey will result in the boost of followers and clients for your business!

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