5 Most Significant Instagram Benefits for Businesses

Each of our readers spends about 5 years of his/her life plunged into the social media platforms. Try to remember, what do you usually do when staying in a queue or waiting for a meal in a cafe? Exactly – you pull out your phone and start reading news, scrolling the feed on Twitter/Facebook, chatting with friends or simply taking photos. You may not notice, but our smartphones have a huge influence on our lives – from our decision what to eat for dinner up to our self-esteem and demeanor.

Of course, big brands couldn't but notice this pattern, and, of course, they saw a potential for the appliance of that feature. And when Instagram – quite a popular social platform by that time – allowed businesses to buy the place for their ads on the Instagram users' feed, the result wasn't long in coming.

Today, when Instagram became a third most popular social network in the world, many brands try to integrate into the structure of Instagram, understand its operational principles, and algorithms of work. Large companies even open entire departments to promote their name, goods or services on this platform! However, sooner or later they realize that there's no big mysterious secret of having a popular Instagram account and that the success of any business depends on the chosen approach to the task – the so-called marketing strategy.

Bigbangram collected some of the most effective strategies for your Instagram brand's profile popularization, and ready to share them with you! And, in case you want to gain followers in more effective & fast way, we'd recommend getting acquainted with the services BigBangram offers, like our auto Direct Messages service. With its help, you'll be able to promote your brand or product directly to the customer with the higher chance of being spotted and answered.

Why You Need Your Brand's Instagram Profile

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1. Instagram page as a connection channel between the customers and your business

About 1000 million people visit Instagram every day. We dare you to find at least one person from your target audience who doesn't have an Instagram account, and we're quite sure you'll fail. This is by itself quite a reason to start using this social network, yet, here comes even more of them.

Instagram following function is very beneficial for brands. When someone pays attention to your products/services by surfing your site, there's a high possibility it will be closed if a person won't find something interesting from your assortment.

On the contrary, when having an Instagram profile, only one click is enough for a visitor to start following your updates. This way you can get an impressive number of potential clients instead of bypassing visitors. Instagram allows you to catch and hold people's attention and creates a communication channel, thanks to which you can monitor the activities of your fans to create the customer-focused service and convince followers to buy specifically your product of all others.

Not to mention that by following you people will receive constant reminders about your brand and its special offers, new products/services, cooperations with the other brands, which will be the best incitement to become your client or to continue buying stuff from you.

2. Numerous possibilities of Instagram content application

It is necessary to actively renovate your social media profiles to increase attendance from web search engines and to receive good feedback from people who liked your content. It's quite a challenge for two accounts, but three or more?..

More social networks mean more work and more resources (time, finances), not even mentioning the fact that the content on Twitter, for example, can't be the same as on Facebook, thus, can't be duplicated.

And here comes Instagram. Unlike any other network, you can easily use the content you share on Instagram for any other object, like your marketing strategy. High-quality pictures, meaningful captions would suit perfectly for your brand's site or advertisements for any social media possible.

The moral of the story is – don't complicate your work, just shift the focus.

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3. Benefits from having an engaged audience

A recent statistic has shown that Instagram has the highest engagement rate among all the other social networks. This basically means that the same content, published both on Instagram and Facebook (which, by the way, has the second place in the engagement rate top) will lead to the different amount of response from the potential clients.

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Instagram, without exaggeration, turns your common shared content into real-like advertisement. The platform can be used for the promotion of your brand even without additional payments for the ads placement. Simply use the recommendations from BigBangram's blog to create the popular business account manually, or use our services like auto follower bot to become noticed by people without any efforts.

Summarizing the talk, as soon as you create your Instagram page it starts working for you, bringing the new customers and returning the experienced once. All by itself!

4. Engagement between customer and buyer

The communication between you and the customers shouldn't be passive, and Instagram has everything you need to build communication with the fans.

Users often post their photos with your product adding their own experience of its usage. Such feedback is extremely important both for you and the person who shared it, and here are the reasons why.

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First of all, satisfied customers are very likely to become your regular buyers. Instagram has all the instruments to make you a successful enterpriser, but the final outcome depends only on your attitude and how people see it. Thus, your whole activity on this social media platform has to be focused on the increase in your brand's awareness.

Secondly, by commenting on the review posts you show your concern about users experience, which gradually creates a positive image of your company. Respect and show your interest in how people see your brand so that customers will feel their significance. Remember, that only they determine the prosperity of your business.

A full-fledged communication will be obtained if you start using photos of your followers in your profile. Paying attention to UGC (user-generated content) will act as a promotion, complementing or setting the marketing strategy for your business.

5. Instagram as a platform for testing

Another convenient advantage of using Instagram is the ability to see the statistics, which show the reaction of the audience to your updates.

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Whether you share photos from the photoshoot with the new brand's model, or want to see the concerning of a new product you're planning to manufacture, Instagram will help you to identify your followers' emotions. Moreover, you can do the same to understand which photos will be more effective on the official brand's site or in the ads. Likes, comments and views statistics are incredibly important, as soon as your audience is your main fan and critique simultaneously.

With the help of Instagram, you won't have to blindly risk with everything anymore. Use Instagram as a platform for pretests and don't be worried about the future promotional campaigns anymore!

BigBangram is ready to give you a hand with any idea you have in mind. Managing an Instagram account isn't a simple task, and the most challenging thing, from our experience, is to publish posts according to the content plan. With BigBangram, you don't have to do posts in profile every 4 hours regardless of what is your occupation at the moment! Try our scheduled posting bot, which will free your day from the need of thinking up captions and choosing a filter to emphasize the color palette.

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