20 Instagram Direct Message Templates for Auto DM tool (Part 3)

Instagram direct message templates

Why do you need to use Instagram Direct?

#1 Using IG Direct you have a chance to reach every follower of your personal or commercial IG acc.
#2 You have the possibility to send messages to certain users.
#3 The CTR of IG Direct has an average number of 86%

Just use these advantages and apply the tool to your personal or commercial IG acc.

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We are glad to share with you 20 additional practically applicable templates for IG Direct! We have already made 80 Instagram Direct Message Templates for you. Today we've decided to divide them according to the “visual” professions on IG.

I want to remind you, that Auto DM by Bigbangram can send messages via Instagram Direct to new followers, current followers and a special list of followers. So the usage of the tool expands your marketing and sales possibilities.

Instagram Direct for Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers can use IG Direct for multiple aims. You can easily make a mailout for collaboration to a list of travel agencies. Also, you have an opportunity to offer SFS to bloggers. One of the great ideas is to make a mailout for local restaurants, hotels, and every interesting place while you are planning your next trip. Just imagine, how many collaborations or placement of the advertisement you miss, because you don't get enough time for messaging every firm, person or advertiser! Here are the examples for your further use.

travel bloggers can use instagram direct
  • Hello! My name is Adriana and I'm a fanatic travel blogger with a 100 000 of fans! I have a great target audience that fits perfectly with your business goals and I will be glad to collaborate with your company! Tell me what you think. Looking forward to your reply!
  • Hi! I'm Adriana, and I'm a great fan of your profile. Let's do SFS, what do you think? We all love new followers, right? I look forward to your respons
  • Greetings! I will be honored to collaborate with your company! I'm a travel blogger with 150 000 of followers all over the world. I'm planning my trip to Rome and I will be glad to recommend to my followers your cute coffee shop. What do you think?
  • Hi, it's Adriana, the best travel blogger in Italy! I'm planning my next trip to London right now. Would you like to collaborate with me and get 50 000 of potential clients? Let me know, what you think about it.

Unique message:

{Ciao!|Aloha!|Hey!|Hello!} Thank you for your {following|likes|support}. I need to {know|get} your opinion! What {country|city} should I {go|visit} next? Let me know and leave {a|your} comment under the last {photo|post|picture}? Thank you!

This message may not bring you a new offer, but every interaction with your gallery rises your engagement rate. So you get a wider media outreach of your acc.

Instagram Direct for Photographers

I believe, that IG app is a heaven for photographers. But how can you monetize your art? It's easier than you think. You can make mailout to models for collabs, send messages to your current followers with the news about your new blog post, make a random mailout with a discount offer for season-related photoshoots or even make a list of photographic studios or galleries with an offer for a collaborative workshop. Here are the examples:

bigbangram is heaven for photographers
  • Greetings, my friend! I appreciate your support and thank you for your likes and following. That's why I want to thank you and offer you a personal discount of 30% for the summer-mood photoshoot. But try to make your decision quick, I have a limited number of photoshoot reservations. Thanks again!
  • Hi! I've posted a new blog post on my website. Do you want to know how to get collaboration for photoshoots in Barcelona, check the link in the BIO!
  • Hello! My name is Oscar, and I'm a professional photographer. I have 25 000 followers, I think it's a great target audience for you too. Do you want to make any mutually beneficial collaboration? Looking forward to your response.
  • Hello! I'm a professional photographer, that has a fanbase of 150 000 followers. What would you say to my offer of a collaborative workshop? Looking forward to your reply!

Unique message:

{Hello!|Hey!|Hi!} I want to know your mind. What {style|kind} of photography you {like|love} the most? Leave your {answer|opinion} under the last {pic|photo|picture|publication}!! I just need your help to choose what to {investigate|learn|experiment} in my life of photographer!
Do you want to know, how to make your messages agile and unique?

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Instagram Direct for Fitness Instructors

Fitness Instructors have a great number of potential clients on IG. So the possibilities of usage Auto DM tool are insanely unlimited. You can gain trust by sharing news of your new skills and certificates. You can offer a free consultation and make a person your client. Or even make a mailout with your personal photo before/after, if you have your own personal story. It's always great to remember people to keep in shape and be ready for summer vacation. I tell you, the possibilities for direct messaging are unlimited.

Eat a lot with bigbangram

  • Hi! My name is Ilaria. I'm an enthusiastic health provider to your everyday life. I'm happy to share with you my joy! Now I am a yoga instructor too! Join me in my new fitness crush!
  • Hello! Glad to share the news! I got a new certificate in Praga Summer Fitness camp and now I can give professional pilates classes in Neapol! Do you want to learn more about my trip and classes, check the link in the BIO! Hope, we will enjoy together the art of the perfect body!
  • The summer is coming! Are you ready for lucrative pictures in the bikini? I want to provide a special discount of 25% for any fitness program only for my Instagram followers. Take your chance and get your ideal body!
  • Hello, my friend! I want to thank you for joining my IG and offer you a free consultation about the personal fitness program. What do you think?

Unique message:

{Hi!|Hello!|Greetings!}, my name is Christine and I want to share my story with you{|my dear friend}! Look at these {pics|pictures}. I could reach the perfect {shape|body} in 2 years and I {believe|know}, that everybody can have her or his ideal body! Do you want my help?

Instagram Direct for Models

Of course, IG is of the best platforms for fame and money for models. Every girl can make a few clicks in the Auto DM tool and get offers from photographers or agencies. It's better to spend time on hard work than looking for new job proposals. If you have a dream to be a great model, start promoting right now. Here are a few examples of messages.

girl click in Auto DM tool and get offers
  • Hello! My name is Gia and I'm a model, that is opened for collaborations! Check out my latest photoshoots right on my website. Just click a link in the BIO!
  • Hello, new friend! Thank you for joining my Instagram! Hope you will have a great time with me and share my love for modeling. Thanks for following!
  • Hi! I'm Manila and I love modeling so much! I would love to cooperate with your agency. Can you tell me, what girls are you looking for?
  • Greetings! My name is Sonique and I will be glad to work with you! You are a very talented makeup artist, and I think our collaboration may bring us, new followers! Tell me what do you think about it?

Unique message:

{Hello!|Hi!} I {like|love} your {profile|pictures} {|a lot}! What would you say if we make SFS publications every {week|two weeks}? I think it will be great to exchange active {followers|fans}! Tell me what do you think?

Have great promotions!
Love you,

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