TOP 5 Online Automation Services with Instagram Direct Message Option (Update September 2020)

Online Automation Services with Instagram Direct Message Option

What is the keystone of the brand success? Some people may say that it is an affordable price established according to the needs of the target audience; the other will name an active advertising as a must for each business that has the intent to scale. The possible options to choose are also a unique concept of the product, clear and consistent positioning, strong corporate culture, etc. All of them are obviously essential but are not the main tool to make your customers buy. The keystone of the brand success is brand-customer communication.

When it comes to online business, the best way to communicate with customers is to use web-based social media platforms. With their help, you can reach to almost anybody in person, just like you meet your prospects in reality and talk to them directly.

Choosing Instagram as a
Platform for Brand Promotion

The only issue you can face is the choice of the social media platform which best suits the purposes of your business. Let’s review several reasons to prefer Instagram over Facebook and other social media platforms (or, you can use multiple platforms if you want to be present on all the major websites).

A multitude of tools to promote brands in a visual way. Today words are not quite enough, so you can enhance your ads with visual content. Instagram is entirely based on it: here users communicate with each other mostly through photos and videos. Visual content do so well because that’s how our brain works!

Platform for Brand Promotion

A rapidly growing popularity among people worldwide. Over 400 million people use Instagram daily (that's more than 60% of the registered users) and spend here on average 25 minutes. It'd be weird not to take such an advantage.

The service offers a convenient direct messaging system. Using Instagram DM online, you can contact any registered users regardless of your “relationship” on the platform.

In fact, there are much more benefits of using Instagram for your brand promotion, but now we will talk about how to strengthen two-way communication via direct messages.

Automation Services to
Send Instagram Messages Online

“That’s all very well, but how will I reach all my followers or to specific users with little effort?”
– This is a fair question. It’s hard to send a message to all at once, especially since Instagram allows you to write only to 15 people at a time (besides, such an action requires a group creation which can be highly undesirable if you want to imitate the direct selling process.) Also, some SMM specialists and business owners complain about the lack of an option to send DMs using a personal computer.

The solution exists: there are some third party services on the web which allow you send bulk messages to your followers (and yes, they are PC-based) and actually make them buy. We have selected 5 different services to choose from. So let’s get down to business.

1. BigBangram

Bigbangram is an all-in-one Instagram automation service that includes a bunch of useful options for a business owner or SMM specialist. With its help, you can deal not only with direct messages, but also to set up an auto-liking, commenting, or following campaign. One could go further and take advantage of comment tracker, posting module, or even buy instant likes and followers. In case you don’t want to manage your account at all, you can leave it to experienced professionals working at Bigbangram.

The latest Bigbangram updates presented us with Instagram Direct Chat. Now you can communicate with all your friends or customers on your PC. It eases and fastens the working process if you make sales on Instagram.

Features of BigBangram:

● Unlimited bulk direct messaging – contact custom groups of users in one click (also includes an ability to send Instagram direct messages using PC);

● An ability to add images and emojis to the written text;

● A wide range of targeting filters;

● Automatic pauses to comply with Instagram limits;

Unlimited bulk direct messaging

● Online chat, e-mail & social media platforms support 24/7;

● A service is cloud-based, so you can access it via your browser from any device;

● More options related to Instagram automation (Instagram bot, comment tracker, SMM management, posting module).

Bigbangram is the best choice for you if you are searching for the service which covers the majority of the needs of any business account on Instagram. The company also provides newcomers with 3 days trial for 1$, so they can decide whether to use it in the future. The benefit of this service is the lowest price for Instagram DM online on the web.

70 / 100 Direct Messages in a day


Now You Can Use It Like Instagram Chat!

Immediate reply to all Instagram messaging from your dashboard

The work has never been so easy. All Instagram tools are available in one place.

Can you imagine how much time can you save if you use Instagram chat on pc?

Instagram Chat

2. Direct bulk sender

This is a narrowly focused service which specializes only in bulk direct messaging. It allows adding images and emojis to the text and is based on “per message” pricing policy. The website has a neat design and very simple user-friendly interface, so it is suitable for novice users who have just started to use Instagram. For those who don't know how to work with direct messages at all, DirectBulkSender prepared a step-by-step video guide.

Direct Bulk Sender

Features of DirectBulkSender:

●bulk messaging to chosen lists of users;

●an ability to add images to the written text;

●management of multiple accounts;

●proxy support;

●e-mail support 24/7;

●a detailed video guide on how to start;

●mobile-friendly dashboard.

In general, DirectBulkSender is a simple service which can be accessed from any device. We recommend this one to people who don't need Instagram bot's features (auto liking, following, unfollowing, and many more) and want to automate only direct messages. The obvious disadvantage is that the number of messages is limited and depends on a chosen package.


3. Inflact

Inflact is like your old friend: stable and tried-and-true. It has a basic set of modules that allows you to organize solid content and marketing strategies. One of the most interesting key elements is a private VPN for every client. It allows having the same access point. Such trick deceives Instagram and prevents the account from any stop, block, or other problems.

Inflact DM online

Inflact Modules:

Instagram Direct Messenger
Long-awaited Instagram Chat on PC
Mailing Client: new and current followers filter
Ready-made templates for mailing
15 flexible sales scripts.

Full Promotion Package
The only tool on the Internet that works without stops!
Autolike, Autofollow, Unfollow, Comments, Watching Stories, Likes to feed, and comments.
Advanced filters: Gender, Language, Indicators number.
Hashtag, Location, and Username promotion.

Upgraded Post Planner
Planned posting to Gallery, and Stories
Edit, Publish Now and Drafts functions
Posting Videos and Carousels

You get non-stop flows of followers and likes, make your sales boost with high-convertible modules, free your time, and save your money.

4. Ig:DM

IG:DM is not even an automation service, it is just the simplest tool for those who prefer manual direct messaging but want to contact followers using their personal computer instead of mobile phone. The upside of the program is its striking simplicity: you log in and immediately start a conversation with the chosen user. Here you may add images and see them in chat just like in an original Instagram client.

IG:DM i wouldn't consider

Features of IG:DM:

●unlimited manual direct messaging using a desktop client (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux);

●an ability to add images and emojis to the written text;

●user's list who don't follow you back;

●an ability to quote the message.

Even though you can't use this client as a full-fledged Instagram marketing assistant, it can be a great option for businesses that have a very limited audience (for instance, some kinds of B2B companies which work only with a few partners) and can handle their message flow manually. If it is not enough, you can always choose another service from our list and pay for the extended functionality.

Price: free (this service may be unsafe, you may lose your account)

5. Instalex

Instalex is the third option from our review which can be called an all-in-one Instagram bot. Its main feature is Instagram promotion combined with a simple posting module, while direct messaging and comment tracker are available as additional tools for an extra fee. It has quite agile targeting settings and offers 5 kinds of promotion campaigns called Competitor's Followers, Hash-Tag Owners, Hash-Tag Lovers, Location and Targets. As for direct messaging, there are also a plenty of settings which provide opportunities for customization.

Instalex is not so good


●unlimited bulk direct messaging – contact custom groups of users in one click (also includes an ability to send Instagram direct messages using PC);

●agile filters — gender, post age, minimum photos, max & min followers, etc.;

●an ability to add images and emojis to the written text;

●templates for messages and newsletters;

●tracking of messaging history;

●user help desk.

Advanced targeting settings make this a win-win for business owners of narrowly-focused businesses which require a very precise targeting.

Who is the Winner?

Well, we can't say that we have a complete leader who ends up at the 1st place with the breakaway from others.

The best choice is Bigbangram — does its job with dignity. Bigbangram is focused more on the holistic approach to promotion and includes the best variety of services, found its middle ground, and fully complies with the current demands of the market.
Inflact is all about stability and has a lot of additional modules that can be mixed with direct messaging. Plan and post special offers and set up mass messaging to Instagram Direct to activate the audience. The combinations for your success on Insta is unlimited.

Clearly, you can keep in mind two other services —DirectBulkSender and IG:DM. They are the simple solutions suitable for people who don't look for all-in-one Instagram bot and are ready to settle for basic features of DM service.

Who is the Winner?

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