How to Attract Brands: Tips and Tricks (How to Monetize Your lnstagram?)

how to monetize your lnstagram

Thanks to Instagram, in our everyday vocabulary came such term as an “influencer” – a person, who has the power to affect people's thoughts and opinions. Being an Instagram influencer means taking responsibility for the key values of your followers, represent their behavior model and life mentor.

In spite of general opinion, owning a popular Instagram account isn't simple. You don't have days off, creating beautiful shots and cool captions is a challenge by itself, but the greatest problem is – you get nothing for your labor. And this is when sponsoring arises.

Influencer & brand cooperation is a very common occurrence, as soon as both parties obtain benefits from such a duo. Yet, the competition for brands is strong – to stand out from the crowds of low-quality content makers you have to differ, and this task requires a complex approach.

Views, likes, followers

When Instagram sponsorship merely appeared, only huge profiles with millions of followers were invited to be brand's advertisers. Now the focus has shifted onto smaller accounts, which had found their unique niche with active, engaged audience. If you want to become spotted by brands, you can either use reliable promotion services, like the one BigBangram offers, or work by hand on these indexes:

Views, likes, followers connect people

● Interaction rate. Instagram's algorithms are changing in order to sift old popular accounts from the new ones, which caught public interest. Thus, the number of followers take a back seat to engagement rate, which is an overall coefficient of response for your profile. The more comments and likes you get under your posts, the higher rises the chance of being noticed by publicity and, therefore, by brand's representatives. Engagement rate is the most essential characteristic of your account's popularity.

● Followers' statistics. If you're familiar with the basics of marketing, you have to know what does target audience term mean. In case you forgot – these are the people who are more likely to buy your product. So, when some brand of women clothes is searching for an Instagrammer to cooperate, it'll give preference to the accounts, which work with that particular social category. Thus, the demographic data of your followers affects greatly your chances to get brands' attention.

● Stories. There's nothing more demonstrative than stories' views if you want to show the engagement of your followers to the brand. It's also quite important because story ads are becoming more and more common type of brand & influencer cooperation.

Account's content

Instagram is, first and foremost, a platform for visual pleasure sharing. Try to follow this tips to produce perfect content, which either your followers and potential partner brands would like.

● Photographic quality. You won't have an easy job hitting your first 1 million followers if you don't have a high-resolution camera. The audience doesn't tolerate poor quality shots, even if they're super creative and laborious. The same is fair for the photo edit – a well-made one not only has to improve a photo but also ensue a theme of your profile using the same style and color spectrum. If you adore the shot, but it doesn't match with the idea of your account, delete it – style is incredibly important for the awareness of your name.

Nature content is very popular

● Stability. Influencers, who are constantly changing their account's purpose, are risking to lose their followers' loyalty. When someone is subscribing to your feed, he wants to receive the same type of content you published earlier. That said, abrupt direction changing will lead only to the followers' number decrease. Moreover, not a single brand will dare to cooperate with such unreliable creator. The tip is to choose a couple of niches of your interest at the beginning and steadfastly evolve in that direction.

● Ideas. The thoughts you're sharing with the followers have to match with the ideas of the brand you want to cooperate with. If you're a vegan, and a restaurant asks you to promote their steaks, your compliance would be quite disrespectful towards your core audience. Never let the money make up your mind! Remember that you're an influencer and have a moral responsibility for your actions & outspoken words.

Be reliable

One of the most valuable resources you have as an influencer is your reputation. When working with brands, it's really important to provide them with confidence in your reliability. There are tons of other Instagram accounts, who may have fewer followers, but are ready to cooperate for smaller proceeds and with higher loyalty. Between you and such micro-influencer brand will choose your competitor unless you'll become a man of your words.

You risk much less than the brand, which decided to work with you, and this is important to keep in mind to not create possible conflict situations. Instagram cooperation requires no contract establishment, so you have to take the brand's words on trust – and it has to do the same.

Number of followers

Many currently famous Instagram bloggers started their career using promotion bots. It's a widely spread practice, but there are still some nuances, which you have to know in order to use this instrument correctly.

For example, we don't recommend asking free resources for help, which will simply use clickbots and make your traffic seem suspicious. Such a decision will lead to your profile's blocking without any chance to retrieve. Moreover, big followers' number is secondarily if you have low engagement rate. Therefore, there's nothing bad in using supportive services unless you use them in a wrong way.

Consider using BigBangram promotion bot in order to get fast results without any risks of losing your profile. Our methods of users' profiles boost were developed by the marketing and advertising professionals. We guarantee noticeable results and offer tons of other helpful services to make your blogging experience maximally comfortable and automatized where it's possible.

Become a professional

If you want to cooperate with serious companies, you have to act accordingly. There's no place for familiarity and jesting when you're talking to brand representatives – make sure you know the business ethics standard to communicate with influential people at ease. Keep in mind – you're not a robot, but a professional, who knows what he's doing and for what reasons.

Become a professional in your sphere

Get ready beforehand. If you're going to have an important conversation, prepare all the needed statistics (we were talking about it early), questions and partnership ideas to reach the top level of productivity during the discussion. You have to show the brand that you're interested in collaboration and ready to start anytime – any delays will disserve your reputation.

Instagram isn't the easiest place to reach popularity, but stay assertive and results wouldn't long in coming. Remember to enjoy your occupation! The key to success is liking your own labor – everything else will come in process of time.

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