How To Check DM On Instagram? Use the Messenger For Cosmic Results

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Direct Instagram is a personal correspondence between users or a conversation of several participants. Note that you can send the same message only to 15 recipients at a time. So developers protect Instagram users from spam. You can use direct only in the mobile version of the social network. Or not? Find out alternative ways to check DM on Instagram on a desktop, tablet, or notebook.

What does Instagram Direct mean?

Instagram was just a platform where a person could upload their photos. Instagram has grown from the only photo-sharing application and become a full-fledged a social network in which you can:

  • share photos and videos
  • go live
  • receive likes
  • group posts by category using hashtags
  • comment
  • share opinion
  • comment
  • write private messages

Among all these functions, what does Instagram direct mean? This is another stage in the evolution of the social network. After all, the audience wants to not only show off photos but also to share personally with a limited number of people. Therefore, the appearance of direct has become a completely logical event. People actively use it. But it's not always convenient to write from a phone or tablet. It remains to wait for a new round of development – to open access to personal messages from a personal computer. And this is already a reality.

How to check DM on Instagram on a phone?

Sending a private message on Instagram can be different: through a smartphone, a personal computer, a tablet, and a notebook. Start with the nuts and bolt – how to check dm on Instagram on your smartphone?

Click the Direct icon on the screen. If you want to send a post to a friend, click on the icon under the post. Select one or several people from the list, add your message and click “Send”.

If you just need to send a message to the person you are followed, click on the arrow in the top right corner. From the list, select the desired nickname. By the way, to the right of the potential recipient will be the camera icon. Clicking on it, you can take an instant photo, correct it by filters and immediately send the recipient.

You can get into the Direct from the recipient's profile. But it is important to be followed to it, otherwise, instead of this button there will be an invitation “Follow”.

If you need to write to a person to whom you are not followed, click on the search bar and start typing his Instagram nickname. If everything is correct and the addressee doesn't have a closed account, you can write him a message. If the recipient approves the dialogue, you can continue. In addition to text messages, posts and visual content, you can send location, profile you like, and hashtags.

Instagram Direct for your business promotion

Many entrepreneurs saw an opportunity for sales growth in sending direct messages. After all, direct communication on Instagram is a chance to contact each person, even if you are don't follow him. This is the difference between the image-centric social network from other instant messengers (Telegram, Wechat) and similar sites.

Why is Instagram interesting to business? Because here you can make contact with a gigantic solvent audience. According to statistics for 2019, the number of Instagram users is growing and has about 1,1 billion active participants. To use Instagram, you need a phone with a good camera, so people who actively “live” on this platform will have an average income at the very least.

If you want to organize direct communication on Instagram, there are 2 possible ways:

  • Manually. It is a time-consuming process that requires your constant participation.
  • Automatically. You need special services. For instance, an emulator or an Instagram bot.

You can send up to 50 messages per day by making the newsletter to non-followers. If you are writing to followers, you won't exceed the limit of 150 messages. It is important not only to keep within the allotted number of messages but also to keep the interval between them. The longer you maintain a prolonged pause between the messages, the less the risk of the prevention or punishment. The optimum number of messages is one message in 10-20 minutes.

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Direct on Instagram is the ability to use this application more effectively. It makes sense if you are promoting your business. Stay close to your customers, write to them what they want to get from you, build relationships and sell more.

If you are lost in the mysterious world of mass sending and you are in doubt what you can write your customers, check our full-fledged guidance on templates to all cases. There you will find answers to questions concerning direct communication with your audience. Read the trilogy 20 Instagram Direct Message Templates for Auto DM tool30 Instagram Direct Message Templates for Your Business50 Instagram Direct Message Templates for Your Promotion and get a high-size dose of inspiration!

How to check DM on Instagram on a computer?

Bigbangram is one of the coolest instruments to automate all actions on Instagram. Our Instagram bot is a well-assembled service with rich functionality and an extremely pleasant interface. It combines a maximum of functions for account promotion on Instagram and additionally offers services that go beyond the standard set. There is a comment tracking, an updated posting module, hashtag generator, and direct messenger. Now let's look at all the nuances of using Direct Messaging module.

Bigbangram's smart and simple Instagram messenger has a bunch of possibilities.

To start with, you can send messages to all followers, newcomers of your page, and the specific list of customers. This flexible separation helps to organize work better.

Messages to all followers. It is the most convenient way to inform your fans about interesting events, promotions, novelties, and any other information related to your company.

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Messages to newcomers of your page. Light fire of your new followers and send them a greeting message or offer a seductive discount.

Messages to customers you want to keep in touch. If you figure out something more personalized, you can choose the custom list of participants for the most accurate targeting.

In addition to this, you can use the message editor. Add text, pictures, and emojis that make your message more emotional and beautiful. And furthermore, you can filter a targeting audience by gender, activity, etc and launch your first campaign by pushing the blue “Activate” button.

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To sum up, Bigbangram's Instagram direct messenger has an intellectual algorithm that takes into Instagram rules and never exceeds its limits.

Final words

I guess you understand that direct communication helps accelerate the pace of brand promotion, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales and creates a friendly image. If you haven't launched the Instagram direct messenger yet, the time has come. Thanks again for your attention, and good luck with your Instagram rocking!

How to make followers fall in love with your brand?

By constant interaction with them!

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