How To Mark Instagram Direct Messages As Unread?

How To Mark Instagram Direct Messages As Unread

Hello, instaholics!
When you are a fanatic fan and user of IG (give me five!), you probably chat a lot via Instagram Direct. Gosh, at all times the inevitable happens! You want to read the message, but you don't want the sender know, that you've seen it. What to do? How to unread direct message on Instagram? The answer is here! Take a look!

How do I know if someone has seen my Instagram direct message? Check out the screenshots below. Can you spot the difference?

Check out the screenshots

Right, the user will see a little sign with the name of a profile name. It's the sign, that person has seen your message. Is it useful? Of course, it is! Especially, if you are a spy on SNs like me!

Activity Status on Instagram

Okay, you've got the message!

  1. First things first, you get a notification, even if an application is not opened. Be careful and DO NOT TAP ON IT!
  2. Open your IG app and tap to the menu of Instagram Direct. So all the dialogues will be brought to the memory.
  3. Now, here's the most important action: turn off the Internet!
  4. And only when the Internet is turned off, you can open the desired dialogue and read the message. But be attentive, it's not over!
  5. Now just log out of your IG acc WITHOUT INTERNET connection.
  6. Only after that you can close the IG app and turn on the Internet. The message will be unseen and unread to the sender!
How to Hide Your Activity Status

By the way, you can apply the same trick to your FB messages. Isn’t it cool? Yeah, I know!

If you are asking a question like how to mark a direct message as unread on Instagram, I suppose you are a professional Instagram user, right? And I know that we all love likes, followers and comments on our IG accs. Does anyone know the silver bullet to reach popularity for personal or commercial accs?


Hashtags have always been and will stay one of the most accepted and widespread ways of acc promo on Instagram? It's free and the effect of use goes far into. Plus the method is widely used both by commercial accounts and personal ones.


The best selection of hashtags consists of high-frequent and low-frequent tags. The first ones guarantee wide outreach, and the second ones narrow the number of views and make the visitors more relevant.

Here's the list of high-frequent hashtags:
#instagood #instamood #picoftheday #photooftheday #photo #instafamous #photography #bestoftheday #insta #instalove #instadaily #shoutout #follow #instagrammers #followme #love #iphoneography #androidography #artistic #contests #hipster #igaddict #memes #funny #amazing #famous #trending #toptags #friends #me #instapost #life #blackandwhite #artforshare #artworld

Low-frequent hashtags need to be targeted, so let's make an example list for instagram blogger:
#blogger #blogger_ch #bloggerstyle #blogger_at #bloggerin #bloggers #blogger_de #bloggerspain #bloggermom #bloggerfashion #bloggerlife #blogger_muc #blogger_lu #bloggerlook #bloggeroutfit #travelblog #travelbloggeres #travelblogging #travelbloggers #travelblogs #travelblogger #travelbloggerlife #travelbloger #fashionblog #fashionblogg #fashionblogger_at #fashionbloggers #fashionblogger_de #fashionblogs #fashionblogging #fashionblogger #fashionbloger

The list of tags is provided by free hashtag generator by Bigbangram service.

Instagram Direct

It's a solid and effective way of communicating with followers if you have a business on Instagram. You have your message, but you can't get to every follower in person. The outreach depends on the engagement rate. Usually, this metric of a business profile is not really high. So the best way for 100% outreach and CTR 86% (yeah, we've made research) is Instagram Direct Messenger (Auto DM).

Instagram Direct

Bigbangram offers 100 templates FOR FREE if you buy a 1-month subscription for just $24. Plus you get free help in setting up the tool and the ideas for sales scripts for your Instagram account.

Every day the tool can perform 400 messages plus it has filters for sending. You can direct messages to all new acc followers with a meet and greet, current followers with special offers, or a custom list of users with personal or special offers.

Instagram Bot for Advanced Users

If you need to gain popularity and a constant flow of likes and new real followers, take a look at the IG bot. The tool is used by personal accs for enriching live audience of the accs. The functions are auto like, auto follow, unfollow, comments, scheduled posting. The filters are hashtags owners, hashtags likes, location and custom list of users.

Hashtags Become Really, Really Crucial

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