How to Sell Goods and Services in Instagram

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Did you know that it is possible to sell goods and services in Instagram no worse than on Amazon or even on your own website? In the early years of the application, the users could only share the visual content and interact with each other using likes and comments, but the recent versions of Instagram include a variety of tools which might help you on your business. Let's talk about 4 significant changes which made it a perfect platform for building strong brand-customer relationships.

1. Direct Messages – a Cornerstone of Great Instagram Sales

Instagram direct messages (further referred also to as DM) are a feature that gives any user an opportunity to contact anyone in the social network. You may talk even to the users you are not following by sending them a request. Although they can dismiss it, your message will be likely read if your prospect is an active Instagram user.

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Instagram Direct Messages

First, we need to figure out why you need Instagram DM online for selling purposes. Some say that potential customers will buy the product anyway if they really need it. If it were that simple, we would all be out of a job. Even at times when there was no Internet, every brand hired salespersons who were putting the customers in a buying mood before they made their final decision.

Why does it important to talk with a customer personally? The prospect may not know about your actual advantages that make you different from others, the crucial benefits he/she will get from your product and probably not consider your company as a credible one if it has recently entered the market. A salesperson provides this information as well as applies some psychological triggers to make people eventually buy.

Here on the web, we don't need to hire a salesperson that will bring a customer into all the details. A brand can speak for itself through personal e-mails, phone calls and, of course, direct messages in Instagram.

According to our research, DM makes 56.8% of sales – it is more than all the other promotional tools such as comments, likes and advertising are taken together. Why this tool is so great? Because:

not anyone scrolls their feed to the end, but almost everyone checks their DM. It means that your followers may miss some important information you posted in the profile, but they'll never miss it in their inbox;

likes, comments and even follows often remain undetected. Moreover, a direct message with an interesting offer is more eloquent than a trivial comment without any useful info;

paid ads motivate your prospect to visit your page, but probably would not make him or her buy something right now. However, DM might.

“It's a thankless job to do nothing but sending messages to every user who belongs to my target audience” – you may say. Of course, it is. That's why we created our Instagram bot 2018 which is the perfect assistant for tasks like that. Automate the process of direct messaging using our new feature.

How to Start Working with Bigbangram's DM?

You can easily access the direct messages tab from your dashboard:

Dashboard of Bigbangram's DM

After that, you should choose the list of users to which you are going to send a message. For instance, this list may include all followers of your account, new followers or specific customers matching the particular parameters.

The next step is a creation of the message. Usually, it represents text and some visual content if required. For instance, a greeting for a new follower may look like:

Thanks for your sincere interest in our brand. We have just launched a special offer for the new customers: 15% off on all products. You can use your personal promo-code ***** until XX.XX.XXXX.”

Doesn't it sound like a non-intrusive call to action? Hell yes! Let's say, you sell backpacks, like the brand below.

Not everyone from a target audience of yours (usually it is expressive youth, keen travelers, representatives of specific professions that require carrying equipment – photographers, repairmen, couriers, musical producers and so on) have an urgent need to buy a new backpack. However, the profitable discount of 15% makes them pause and reflect. A limited time plays an important role too: the prospect will probably think “if I buy a backpack today, I will save some money” and will take action soon.

Instagram profile of backpacks

It also makes sense to attach an attractive image to your text message. In this case, it may be a picture of several backpacks from the brand's latest collection.

On the final stage, you choose filters (country, gender, age, etc) if you decided to send bulk messages to a specific list of followers. Otherwise, you need only to click the button “activate” and launch a campaign.

Get this: even though an Instagram direct message is unavailable on PC, Bingbangram's bot allows sending them via our website. It's very convenient, because the majority of SMM specialists prefer using PC over a mobile phone when it comes to the brand promotion.

2. Gaining the Customer's Trust through Action, not Words

How to prove your reliability to the target audience and get real Instagram followers? It sounds easy if you launch an Instagram account of a well-established brand. When you are a small and new there is a lot to take a crack at.

According to statistics, people trust more those companies which have already gathered a huge audience, although their name may remain unknown. The campaign which involves slow but steady promotion is quite effective but takes a lot of time and efforts. It may be a not suitable way if your plan requires rapid growth of your business and increase of sales.

What action is to be taken in such a case? You can buy instant likes and followers through Bingbangram's dashboard. People used to perceive the brands with an intense activity in the profile as credible. “If people leave so many comments and like the company's publications a lot, probably their products or services are worth buying” – the way of thinking which is involved here.

How to buy followers on Instagram?
On this tab, you can order a needed number of subscribers from 1000 to 50000. The likes and followers will be delivered to your account instantly. Purchase them using the form at the page by clicking the link above.

How to buy followers on Instagram?

3. Hashtags Become Really, Really Crucial

A lot of Instagram users neglect hashtags and consider them senseless. Also, they usually don't mention the location where the photo has been taken. Location and hashtags are very important: it is one of the ways how your prospect may find you while searching for a brand who sells the product he or she needs.

Hashtags of everything

Nowadays tags become more valuable because of the emergence of the top publications on each hashtag. The more likes, comments and views you get on your posts, the better is your chance to get in the top. As the result, more people will see your photo and highly likely will be interested in buying your goods and services.

Recently it became available to follow not only people but also hashtags. People who follow particular tags always see the best publications posted by them. That is why the idea to buy likes through our auto followers Instagram app seems even more appealing in 2018.

4. Let's Save Time: the Automation of Brand Promotion

Instead of performing all the possible actions manually, you can set up the automatic promotion based on specific parameters. Our all-in-one Instagram bot is able to like, follow, comment, send direct messages and track your followers' activity rate.
This new opportunity makes the promotion effortless, so you may focus on selling products to your prospects, while the program is following the leads. Moreover, Bigbangram may be used as Instagram unfollow bot to eliminate those who are not interested in your brand at all.

7 Bonus Tips
for Boosting Your Sales:

Dmitry Y. Social Media Specialist

We have already discussed the most efficient promotional tools and factors which may affect your sales. Let's move to the practical tips on how actually make people buy.

1. Post only high-quality pictures. Great visual content reinforces company's image and explains the brand's conception without any further ado.

2. Bind Instagram to all the services where you already sell your products. For instance, it can be your website or such platforms as

3. Optimize your Instagram traffic by using services like, which allow linking your profile to multiple destinations.

4. Provide more details about your products or even show them in action by recording a short video.

5. Repost publications made by your real customers: they will work like visual reviews.

6. Add an interactive description to each post. It may contain some useful information, announcement or questions to your followers. In other words, it is something that makes them give a feedback.

7. Involve some popular bloggers and celebrities that fit within your brand in an advertising campaign.

We are sure that your sales will increase after you start using some of these tips. In turn, combining them with Bingbangram's features, you can make your promotion twice more effective. Still worrying about prices?
Visit this page and ascertain they are quite affordable.

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