Direct Instagram Messages: the Promotional Tool that Makes 56.8% of Sales

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Even though Instagram has always been great for brand promotion, it gets even better with every update. Direct messages are the relatively new feature which allows you to get in touch with any user via private chat. Such option is widely used in many social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Instagram was lacking it from the date of its release in 2010 until 2013. Users could only tag the others or write public comments under their posts. Now you have an opportunity to share images, videos or simply write a text to the person you would like to contact.

When it comes to the brand promotion,Instagram DM resembles good old e-mail marketing. You specify your target audience and send out messages with the information you need to a particular group of existing or potential customers. Direct communication with them boosts engagement. Moreover, such a tool was recognized as the most efficient way to increase your income from sales – it makes 56.8% of it, compared to 17.9% of sales due to follows, 10.3% – to likes and 4.2% – to comments.

Bigbangram's Instagram Direct Messaging Online

Our team of experienced marketers and PR specialists represents the latest concept of the Instagram direct messenger.
Bigbangram offers an option which increases the income and improves the image of your company by sending bulk messages to your audience:

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There are 3 possible interactions while using DM:

● bulk messages to existing followers – make announcements to your current audience for a purpose of retaining loyal customers;

● bulk messages to new followers – greet newcomers of your profile by a welcome message;

● bulk messages to specific users – create a custom list of people (for instance, select the people of a particular age, gender or place of residence) and contact them individually.

Bigbangram bot takes into account service's rules and sometimes takes a break in order to avoid a warning or a ban on Instagram. That's why all actions seem very natural.

How to Activate?

The direct messaging activation is as easy as pie. You can choose this option and one of three strategies mentioned above right on your dashboard. Then, compose the message, add image or emojis if necessary, choose filters and launch your campaign.

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How to Engage Customers with DM:
Practical Tips

Let’s review some examples of efficient direct messaging in Instagram:

● Reward Your Top Followers

“Hi! You have just entered top-5 of our customers. Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it and offer you a 20% discount for the next purchase. Have a nice day!”

 How to Engage Customers with DM

● Ask for A Feedback

“Greets! What do you think about the product XXX? Your opinion is important to us, please, leave your little review under our today's post.”

● Run a Contest

“Hello! We arrange a little contest for our customers. Want to participate? Follow the steps below and get the prizes.”

● Break the News

“We offer a discount up to 70% off everything in our online store. Visit our website on XX.XX.XXXX and buy at amazing prices.”

● Inform about Changes

“Our showroom is working from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M starting from this Monday. We will happy to see you there.”

Apart from direct Instagram messages, you can try our other services such as Comment Tracking, Auto Liking and Following, SMM Management etc.

The Benefits of DM for
Brand and Self-Promotion

Why should you use Instagram direct messages for your business? This exceptional tool provides you with a higher feedback rate, because many followers of yours can simply miss several posts or stories with important information. Inbox is the place that will be likely checked sooner or later, that’s why DM is the best method to establish a communication between the brand and its customer. The main benefits you get from using this feature:

 The Benefits of DM for Brand and Self-Promotion

● more interest in your products and loyal attitude to your company;

sales boost: direct messaging is way more efficient than the other instruments in Instagram;

● precise targeting: include the users interested in a certain type of content into groups and send them relevant information they might need;

● growth of your audience: attraction of potential customers is available due to the opportunity to contact anyone signed up to Instagram;

● establishment of two-way communication: any customer may ask you a question in DM and receive an instant reply. It is quite more convenient than using e-mail or mobile phone.

Admit it, an informal engagement of people is working much better than cold calling or random distribution of your advertisements via e-mail.

How to Send Instagram
Direct Message from PC?

Unfortunately, there is no button in the web version of Instagram. However, the service is constantly upgrading its desktop version. For instance, insta-stories had only recently become accessible on PC, so it is possible that this feature will appear a bit later.

 How to Send Instagram Direct Message from PC

At the current moment, you may use third-party services and manage your direct messages with their help. Usually, they are used for automation of direct messages and sending huge amounts of them to the target audience.

Another option is an installation of the mobile Instagram app on your laptop. It is also possible after downloading the particular software. The most popular program is Bluestacks which emulates an Android device on your computer.

However, an all-in-one Instagram bot is thebest solution for a brand and small business promotion. It allows not only send direct messages from PC but also automate liking, following, commenting and other routine actions.

4 Main Features of Direct Instagram Messages

DM in Instagram work the same way as in the other social networks. You may chat with any user you are following. However, there are some unique features which may be different from messengers you get used to. Here you are able to:

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1. Create One Thread for More Than 15 People

Start a conversation by adding 2 or more accounts while sending a usual direct message and it will automatically be changed to a group chat. To access direct messages you need to press the button on the top of the application’s screen.

You can choose up to 15 people:

Create One Thread for More Than 15 People

2. Send Disappearing Photos and Videos

What are disappearing photos in Instagram? It is a kind of messages which contains some visual information and is no longer available after seeing. Some people allow replaying their posts once again. Activate this option by tapping “Camera” button in the top right corner.

Send Disappearing Photos and Videos

Make a photo or video and send to one person as an individual direct message or to a group of people. By launching this feature, Instagram ensures the safety of the personal data and eliminates the opportunity to use your photos sent in DM against a sender.

3. Contact Users You are not Following

Not every social network allows chatting with people you're not following or befriending. Users may restrict an access to their pages so you can't send them a direct message, while in Instagram it is possible. In this case, the message will appear in their inbox as a request. They can allow or dismiss it.

4. Share Existing Content with Your Followers

A great way to start a new conversation is to send an existing post to the user you would like to contact. You may share your own publication or any of those you come across. To do this, tap the icon located under the photo.

How to Answer Customers' Questions to Make Them Buy

Dmitry Y. Social Media Specialist

Even if you don’t communicate with your followers via Instagram DM online, they’ll definitely ask questions concerning your product by themselves. Congratulations! This means you have a chance to sell your product every time it’s happening. All you need is to answer questions properly and with a benefit for the brand.

Instagram DM online

Some examples:

Customer:“Your product X in a photo below looks amazing. What's the price?”
Brand:“Thank you for the appreciation. This product from a new collection costs $XX, but you are the first buyer of this model, so we offer you a 5% discount.”

Brand:“We are happy that you loved this. This product is our greatest innovation, so it costs $XX. Also, we have a special offer for a similar product of the previous year's production. Check it out.” (+ a link to the product with a discount.)

Brand:“Thank you, we made this according to the demands of our dear customers. This product costs $XX. See how it looks on a popular blogger A.A. Isn't she pretty?” (+ a link to a popular blogger's profile where she advertises this product.)

In the first case, you increase the likelihood of a purchase by offering a discount. The second example is suitable for expensive novelties. If a customer is truly interested in a particular product, he or she will probably buy it regardless of its high price. If not, you can make him/her acquire another one. The last answer is a native advertisement. There is no direct call-to-action, merely a suggestion to visit a blogger's profile. The prospect may read a positive review from an influential person and buy the product.

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