Top 4 Ways of Making Money on Instagram in 2020

Ways of Making Money on Instagram

Just imagine: Instagram has 400 millions of active daily users. 55% of young people in the USA (18-29 years old) have already joined the service since 2010. More than 50% of popular brands promote their goods on Instagram; this percentage is continuing to grow rapidly and will probably rise 70% by the end of 2017. Both bloggers and entrepreneurs use the platform for the purpose of maximizing their income. If you're still not among them, better start earning right now.

How to make money on Instagram without unbearable investments? There are 4 proven methods available to everyone with an active account. Let's dig a little deeper into details. In the application you can:

1. Become Popular Insta-Blogger

It is not necessary to be a world-famous actor or singer to become popular on Instagram. Many users gained a lot Instagram likes and followers due to interesting and high-quality content. You can dedicate your account to your hobby, daily routine, traveling, fashion, food – there is a variety of topics Instagram users are interested in.

Become Popular with pictures of food

Look at this girl's account:

popular Insta-blogger
Second example of good looking account

Cup of coffee with heartsShe combines different types of visual content: her own daily looks, food and occasional shots from her walks and trips. Each post receives 7-8 thousand likes on average.

However, it can be hard to beat the score of 171k followers. Advertisers notice not only super-popular accounts but also users with the audience of 10-20k. Even though the price for one ad will be lower, you can make real money on Instagram starting from this point.

Cup of coffee with hearts

Tips for Personal Account's Promotion:

– Choose the best images and post them on a daily basis (but not more than 2-3 posts per day);

– Use relevant hashtags;

– Do not neglect photo's description: many users read them and leave topical comments, especially if you asked them a question;

– Arrange a contest – it is one of the most efficient ways to boost follower's engagement;

– Shoot insta-stories when you don't post photos to sustain audience's interest.

2. Promote Your Own Services

Are you a photographer, freelancer, makeup artist, business coach or even plumber?
No matter what you do: here on Instagram, it is possible to push forward any service even faster than in Facebook.

For instance, this guy is advertising photography services and his personal website on Instagram through posting great content:

Pictures of different people
Instagram example of photographer account
Pictures of beautiful girls

Such people usually focus on promoting their own services instead of advertising third-party brands and personalities. They constantly interact with their audience and arrange contests.

Receive More Instagram likes and followers Doing This:

– Turn your account into a business one. It allows you to track the information about the followers' activity in detail;

– Place a chargeable ad by choosing the best publication and promoting it among your potential customers;

– Look for similar popular account and agree to cooperate.

3. Sell Goods in Instagram

It is almost the same thing as selling services, with only one difference. Your visual content should include the images of physical goods such as clothes, watch, cars or even home appliances.
The example of a great content for a shoe brand:

Nike training shoes
Man black shoes

Aesthetic photos of goods are the must-have for brand's account. In a modern digital era, many customers prefer seeking products on the web instead of visiting land-based sales outlets.

Coffee and boobs

What Should I Do to Boost Sales through Instagram?

– Use mass following technique: follow a lot of people (for instance, 2-3k) and it is highly likely that a certain percentage of them will follow you back. Try to follow your potential buyers instead of all random users;

– Invite models and famous people for taking photo with your product;

– Arrange contests and offer discounts.

4. Become SMM Manager

SMM (Social Media Marketing) specialist is a person who promotes brands and services in social media and gets paid for this job. Instagram offers a great variety of marketing tools for efficient analysis of target audience and creation of the marketing campaigns. Learn how they work and proceed to search for your first client.

Bigbangram front page

Why Do You Need Instagram Automation to
Make Even More Money?

Ever noticed that you spend so much time on Instagram promotion, but the result is still far from your expectations? Some people do that “like & follow” job for hours without any idea of how to do this process less time-consuming. The myth about Instagram bot as a dumb program that follows almost dead accounts with no engagement only adds fuel to the fire.

robot dog versus real dog

We clearly realize that at dawn of this industry Instagram automation was really something like that. Or even worse. However, now it is being replaced by smart bots worthy of being a so-called “virtual assistant” for an active Instagram user or a young growing brand. So how can it increase your sales?
Check out the real benefits of the automated promotion:

 More intense interaction with your followers boosts engagement. That's simple: you attract more attention — people have a greater interest in your products.

 You will not miss any question with the Comment Tracker feature. All your customers will receive responses and, therefore, will be satisfied with your customer service. Satisfied customers become returning customers who buy more.

 Send bulk direct messages. This option was recognized to be the most powerful selling tool in Instagram.

In fact, there are much more advantages of using our bot. We provide customers with the best Instagram automation services — read more information about them in the next Bigbangram's blog articles.

The multipurpose tool of proper brand or self-promotion is Instagram followers bot. Those services automate such actions as like, follow, unfollow and posting. Here you can set a number of accounts to follow, start auto liking by choosing the right tag or set scheduled posting at the most relevant time. Bigbangram provides you with all-in-one bot which includes an advanced kit of features. Try the service – activate 3 days trial and enjoy the increased activity on your profile.

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