How To Use Sales Scripts for Instagram Direct?

Sales Scripts for Instagram Direct

Sales scripts is a well-orchestrated script of communication with a client. It helps to hold a dialogue, answer tricky questions, face the arguments and do everything to close the deal with a sale.

Perhaps, you will ask me, why do I ever need a sales script? Here are the main advantages:

  • a well-shaped script pushes up sales;
  • well thought out script cuts the time for training of new staff.

The classic scheme of a sales script is the following:

Introduction — Needs assessment — Product presentation — Dealing with objections — Close

How can I use sales script for Instagram?

I advise you to work with it via Auto DM Instagram tool by Bigbangram. It's really easy and handy to use. It can send 80 – 100 messages per day to all followers, new followers or a custom list of followers. Great Instagram DM auto features, right? On IG, we have certain indicators of the follower's interest: likes, comments or even views of IG Stories. How can you handle it? Easy! Open a web-version of your Instagram acc and make separate lists of profile names who likes, comments or views stories of your commercial account. How can you use it to push up sales? Or how to set up Auto DM on Instagram? It's even easier!

Auto DM Instagram tool by Bigbangram

1. Go to and sign up or log in.

2. At the dashboard find the tab “Direct”

find in dashboard the tab
we know the tool and its capability

3. Click to the button “New message”

4. And put the destination to the “Custom user list”

Okay, now we know the tool and its capability. But what can we write to the followers?

How to use sales scripts on Instagram?


Fashion brand of hand-made clothes.

Warming up and setting up a positive tone.
Hello, my friend. I've noticed, that you like your Instagram page. I would like to thank you for the support you give! In gratitude I would like to offer you my personal consultation and 10% discount for the new collection items! Would you like to know something about the product? I will tell you everything!

how to use sales script in instagram

Kind reminder and creation of “limited offer”
Hello, my friend! I hasten to let you know, that items of our new collection are coming out of stock. If you want to use your discount for a new collection, I advise making a pre-order. Would you like me to help you?

Approvement and creation of “feeling special”.
Great choice! Have you known, that we make this sweater from Norwegian wool. When you wear it, its touch creates a warm, cozy and soft feeling. Also, I see that you hesitate about the color, I can tell you, that we have this item in a deep green color. It greatly shows off the hazel eyes. Would you like to try it? We can send both variants with a courier and you will choose the best size and color! What do you say?

And I've just talked to the owner, so if you try both sweaters on and understand, that you want to buy them both, we give 50% discount for the second item. What do you think?

Final control with a closing positive tone.
Thank you for your choice and support! We've sent your order and it will arrive soon! Hope, you will like the tenderness of the sweater and sedate but bright colors. I'm personally sure, that you will look great in these sweaters! Please, let me know your impressions! Have a great day!

auto dms in instagram for you


Nutritional specialist.

Greeting and creation of “feeling special”.
Greetings! I appreciate your activity and thank you for your comments! So I would like to provide a personal consultation about the nutrition to you. Do you want to feel fresh in the morning and full of energy in the evening? Let me know and I will be glad to help!

“Limited and lucrative offer”
Hey! I forgot to mention, that if you want to get your nutrition to the order until the end of the month, I will do the nutrition scheme for the first week absolutely for free. Plus, if you would like to take a course, you will get the discount for 1 week too! I advise you to hurry up, because I can take only 5 people for free nutrition schemes. What do you think?

Needs assessment
Thank you for your reply! Please, answer the following questions:
What is your weight and height?
How do you feel in the morning?
How do you feel in the evening?
Do you become tired quickly during the day?
How many times a day do you eat?
What have you eaten today?
When was the last time you had a blood test? If you have the results no less than 3 months, I would like to look at them.
Let's make you feel better right now. Are you with me?

I know that you feel the changes! Are you ready to start a full nutrition course with a 1 week as a gift? We can't stop right now!

Final control with a closing positive tone.
Thank you for your choice of the better life! I know that you will be impressed by the results of the full nutrition course. Give me your feedback, I will be glad to know your opinion.
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New followers

Travel agency

Greeting and creation of “lucrative offer”.
Hello and welcome to our IG account! I will be glad to consult you on the best vacation last minute deals. Or if you like planning a vacation for the months ahead, I know the best places to go at a bargain price. What do you think? Would you like to take a look at the best offers?

schedule planning and auto dm

Lucrative offer
To your notice, we have the best prices for flights, so you can save a bomb with us. Do you want just to take a look at the best price offers?

Needs assessment
Thank you for your reply! To give you the best offer, will you answer the following questions:
What date would you like to travel?
What number of people are traveling?
What countries would you like to travel?
What is the comfortable budget for the vacation?
What do you like about vacation time?
What do you hate about vacation time?

I want to notice, if you make a pre-order of your vacation till the end of the week, I can offer you the lowest price for the flight. What do you say?

Final control with a closing positive tone.
Thank you for your choice! Please, send us amazing photos from your trip! Have a nice vacation!

The presented scripts contain psychological triggers, but they do not deal with objections, because every business has its own system of objections=additional offer. Listen to your customer and never let him go without presenting additional lucrative offers.

Social Networks like and followers

It's a pauseless process: do not forget to test, correct and improve your sales scripts. Remember, that the ideal sales script doesn't exist. Every new phrase makes the conversion better or worse. Work at the script, and it will pay you back with the sales growth.

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Additional advice to a sales script for Instagram Direct:

1. Try to finish the message with a simple question. If a person ignores your messages, you should never question him ‘What have you decided?', ‘Are you ready to buy?' etc. Try to give additional information about the product, a simple question give the alternative offer and finish it with a light question:

warm hug from bigbangram team

I send you an additional list of the most appropriate hotels according to your previous comments. Plus I have found the hotels near the most popular sights of Paris at the same price. Would you like to have a look?

2. Reread the message before you send it. People can forgive you misprints unless they change the idea of the text. Be accurate to prevent long explanations.

3. Take a close look at the emotions. Pay attention to the choice of words, emoji, exclamation marks or other showings of emotions. You need to understand, what matters for the discourse. It's a tool for further manipulation. Notice the emotions and rule the conversation. For example, if you see, that the person is surprised to the fast delivery terms, than put a focus on it. Use emotional reactions like a bargaining chip and rule the mood of clients. Everybody knows, that people tend to buy emotions, so use this knowledge in your communication with a client.

4. If you have the possibility to hype the message with the photos, screenshots, video etc., use it. Enliven the conversation and create emotions and trust.

5. Try to give an immediate response. Focus on the discourser and do not give him the opportunity to get distracted and forget about his desire to buy. Your messages have the maximum influence if you keep the conversation fresh and emotional. But you should never forget to reread the message before you send it.

Hope you will use this information wisely.
I give you a warm hug,

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