How to look at messages on Instagram?

how to look at messages

“How to look at messages on Instagram?” is a question that has long been on the agenda of all crazy Instagrammers. Many users want to fully enjoy Instagram on a computer, but unfortunately, developers are not ready to create a full-fledged web version. Today we consider how to look at messages through a phone (just in case there is any doubt) first, then a PC.

Chapter 1. How to look at messages on Instagram on your smartphone

You are able to communicate via IG Direct using a smartphone without any difficulties. But if you have problems with your Instagram inbox I prepared step-by-step instruction. Scroll the article through and pump your skill.

  1. Log in the IG application from your phone.
  2. Press the paper plane symbol in the upper right corner to move to an IG Private inbox.

Note! When you receive a fresh message, you can observe a number count arising on the blue paper plane symbol. This demonstrates the sum of fresh messages you've got since your last visit.

3. Look through the catalog of messages in your private electronic folder, which is represented from newest to oldest. Letters you haven't read are marked an azure spot nearby it.

Piece of advice! You can enter the Search block a clearly defined word, a small group of words, or an expression to hunt out a message from a concrete individual.

4. Click on the necessary message to unfold one or chat chain and apply the message block and icons at the bottom to write a text, pass a voice message, video or picture.

Piece of advice! You can share an instant image or video message without unfolding the text message merely by pushing the camera symbol to the right side.

5. Click on the arrowhead in the upper left corner to go out a private inbox and return to the newsfeed.

Chapter 2. How to look at messages on Instagram on the Web

IG develops not only a mobile application but also an official web resource. It was impossible before to view the publication. Today, users can use the photo-sharing platform to perform the most common tasks: view images, videos, and pal's stories, search for individuals, check out the “Recommended” section, to follow profiles, post content, like and write comments.

to follow profiles

However, the image-centric platform doesn't have all the features that visitors are accustomed to. It serves for emergency cases when there is no access to the smartphone. For instance, you can't get access to personal correspondence and upload a Story. Private Instagram messaging on a computer is possible, but you need to use different tricks.

If a person wants to correspond on a PC in a private chat, he can't do this on a personal computer due to the lack of the function itself. You are able to write messages on IG via a PC only when installing a minimalist desktop client from the Microsoft Store on a Windows operating system. The user can select one of the following options:

  1. For desktops and laptops with an operating system belonging to the 10 Windows line. In this case, the person is invited to install the program from the official store.
  2. For earlier versions of the operating system, you can use third-party programs that emulate Android. They provide an opportunity to open various apps created for smartphones.
  3. For everyone who wants to stimulate users and potential clients to come over to profiles, the ideal solution is an IG bot with a DMs service. How to look at DMs on Instagram online through Private Messenger you can read below.

Chapter 3. Bigbangram's Private Messenger

Instagram DM online will be useful to everyone who runs a business or promotes services or products on Instagram. Communication through Direct helps a brand or blogger to reach every follower and boost your sales by 30%. For launching your first Direct Message you should perform four simple actions:

1. Choose your audience. There are three options: welcome messages for newcomers, discount, promotion, FAO, and update messages for all followers, messages for customers are formed in a special list.

create new message

2. Write a text and fill one visual information. When you are lively communicating, facial expressions, gestures and intonation play an important role. In social networks, misunderstanding could arise between companies and customers: the tone seems to be too strict, the desire to help is not enough. Emoji “smooths” the situation and makes communication more lively and informal. Change your communication using emoji!

enter message text here

3. Narrow a target audience by filters. You can select only the specific classes of your customers: only women, only individuals aged 25-36 or only those who engaged with your page. The choice is yours!

custom filter

4. Start communicating. Tap the blue “Activate” button and observe how your brand promotion takes the next level. We have three reasons why it makes sense to act Auto Direct Messenger!

We have three reasons why it makes sense to act Auto Direct Messenger!

To start with, it saves your time. You don't need to manually type a message to each follower. Just activate the Direct Messenger and it will interact with your audience 24 hours per day.

You don't know how to build a successful communication with the consumer? We have collected the set of breakthrough templates that will help you to achieve cosmic results! Read 30 Instagram Direct Message Templates for Your Business and 50 Instagram Direct Message Templates for Your Promotion and get inspiration!

In addition to this, it saves your money! $24 is really, really the lowest price on the network.

To sum up, read about all the functions were described above and see for yourself!

Just, you have become a more advanced Insta user, so congratulations on that. Now you know the reply to the common question “How to look at DMs on Instagram on a computer”. Instagram developers simply didn't consider it necessary to create an adaptation for a PC. But it isn't a problem, because there is Bigbangram to help users to build on love communication through any device: your smartphone, desktop, tablet or laptop.

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