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Wingdings Generator

A wingding translator is a simple font generator that allows you to turn your plain text into the most unusual of all fonts (well, it can only compete with Zalgo font).

Translate wingdings to English and English to wingdings in simple steps. See how it works and what β€œwingdings” mean.

What is β€œWingdings”?

Our wingdings font consists of special symbols called wingdings, which Microsoft first approved in the 1990s. Such characters have since been used in the digital world. They are also called “dingbat”, which were used earlier in print to make the text an aesthetic one. The original Wingdings has three versions, so they all were created by Microsoft too. But it would be a lot more complicated to use the characters in the digital world if it wasn't for the Unicode system.

Wingdings translator

The Unicode system

You couldn't copy and paste the wingding font into a website so quickly if it wasn't for the Unicode system. It is a standard system that contains tens of thousands of characters, a small part of which you see on your keyboard. The system has emojis, diacritic marks, and original wingdings, which is why we can copy and paste these signs into most websites. But be aware that your browser may not support some characters.

Copy and paste

Wingdings generator modifies your text to wingdings in seconds. The generation process is automatic. You only need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert the copied text you want to change into the wingdings converter and pick out the wingdings translation font.
  2. Copy the generated text and insert it into social network description, chats, comments, bio, etc.