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Font changer generator

Hey! Welcome to the text changer, where you can transform your plain text into an unusual and visually appealing one. Impress your followers, viewers or readers with an unusual and appealing text. The text font changer will help you diversify boring texts and add eye-catching visuals. 

Use the font changer online and generate for free. The process of changing the font (or rather characters) is due to the Unicode system.

Unicode system

The Unicode system is an international standard system that contains over 137,000 characters, a small number of which are displayed on your keyboard and in the text you are currently reading. Thanks to the standard system, everyone understands each other in this digital world.

In addition to the typical character sets that you all know, there are a huge number of symbols, as well as emojis and diacritical marks. So the font generator combines them to create different fonts (but it’s better to say the combination of characters but not the fonts).

How will the font editor help you?

You are free to:

  • create an unusual Instagram bio;
  • send text messages with an unusual font to your friends to any social media;
  • add a twist to your nickname on IG, Discord or other social network;
  • change font in your descriptions or YouTube video captions;
  • design cards, calendars or use an unusual font in your email etc.

How to use an online font changer

The generation process is rather simple. The font changer copy paste system includes 2 simple steps.

  1. Paste a text into the font change tool and pick out the desired font for your text. The tool modifies the text itself, no special action or knowledge is required.
  2. Copy the modified text and insert it into your blog, IG bio, Facebook comments, YouTube video descriptions etc.