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Italic Font Generator

An Italics generator can turn your ordinary text into the most beautiful, attractive, and unusual. Generate text and insert it into comments, bio, captions, or posts to โ€œspice upโ€ your profile and chats. How does it work?

About the Unicode system

The generation of the plain text font into italics text and its use on other websites and networks is possible thanks to the Unicode system. Why? Because it is a standard symbol system that includes tens of thousands of characters, diacritics, and even emojis, the combination of which leads to creating the italics font. 

Your keyboard contains only the smallest part of this system's symbols; imagine how many more there are! It is why there are so many variations of fonts today, or rather character combinations that generate fonts.

How the italic converter may help you

The Italics text generator is free to use and doesn't require any installation or registration to generate regular text into an italic font. You may use the italics converter at any time but don't forget to connect to the Internet.

So, use italics letters to diversify Instagram bio, comments, messages, descriptions on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. 

An italic text looks more exciting and eye-catching than usual, which means the chance of attracting more readers or followers increases dramatically.

How to use the italic font generator

Change the standard text in two clicks:

  • insert copied text into the generator and choose the desired italics font variant;
  • copy and paste it into your social network or blog.