Glitch Text

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Why do you need Glitch Text Generator?

You were probably surprised when you came across an unusual text on a social network. And now you are wondering how you can make such a text? Is it some kind of a particular translator? No, it's just a glitchy text generator. 

Here the central role is played by the Unicode system. The Unicode system is a common standard for letters, signs and symbols, less than half of which (and frequently used) you can see on your keyboard. This makes it easier for everyone to use the same system and to understand each other better. The essence of a glitch text is that individual characters of the Unicode system are merged and attached to the top and bottom of the letters. This is how the text is created.ย 

Many people may think it's some kind of glitch or break-in, but now you know that it's just a text, not an ordinary text, but very creative and often strange. Glitch text generator works as a text corrupter. So feel free to comment on funny videos on YouTube or leave comments under your friend's photo on Instagram.

Copy and paste

As you already know, you can convert your texts with the help of a glitch text generator by copying the glitched text and pasting it into a desired post or comment on any social platform. There are times when the form only supports certain characters, and then you will not be able to insert your glitched text because it contains other characters.

A zalgo text is equal to a glitch one

Glitch text is often called a zalgo one. The word “zalgo” takes its origin in the memes created by Dave Kelly. It means something terrible, scary and horrible. Sometimes a Zalgo called a person, who “Waits Behind the Wall”.

Now you know what glitch text is and how to create it. Make your posts, comments or notes more creative and varied with the help of a glitch text generator.