Zalgo Text

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Why do you need Zalgo Text Generator?

Zalgo text generator may convert your plain text into a zalgo text, which is not only creative but also a bit odd. The process of modification has been done in such a way that zalgo font distortion can be changed using the “Craziness line“.

What is a Zalgo Text?

A zalgo text consists of standard letters and a large number of diacritics on different sides of the letter. These diacritics include all Unicode diacritics that are used in other languages such as French, Spanish and even in English loan words. Diacritics usage in a zalgo text is the way you get an odd, unusual text that you can post on a website or any social network.

The main feature of zalgo text is the creation of absurdity and confusion as if someone mixed up the letters, and there is a mistake that leads to distortion and blurring of the text.

Zalgo Text Generator origin

The origin of this text is closely linked to the Unicode system(a system of all text characters that you and I see on any electronic device). The point is that the Unicode had to develop some kind of sign system of many languages to indicate them in the letter/in our gadgets. This system is now called the system of diacritics, that are added to the characters. The system does not limit the number of diacritics for one character, and it was one of the main reasons for creating a zalgo text. Here the number of diacritics in a word is unlimited, that makes the illusion of absurdity and strangeness.

Zalgo Text Generator

What does “zalgo” mean?

The word “Zalgo” was first used in a comic series “Nancy and Archie” in 2004. Dave Kelly came up with this word for the purpose to mean something terrible, something coming up with unpleasant consequences or use “Zalgo” as a synonym for chaos. It has even turned into a meme, that describes some terrible condition and an undesirable outcome. It is also called a creature that is indescribable horror or someone who “waits behind your back” and longs for your death. In general, a word smells like blood, and the blame is on the comics. Zalgo is an embodiment of a dark world where there is only room for horror and fear.

zalgo font

Zalgo text is often referred to as the text of a glitch. But the point is not that you change the text in a zalgo text converter and the final variant is a glitch or something like that, the core meaning is a “hack”, but of course, the developers of a zalgo font generator did not mean “hacking” by the name of “zalgo” at all.

How does it work?

You just insert a plain text, and a zalgo text translator changes it to a zalgo text. Then you copy it and paste into any website in which you can post texts or comment on a scary post on any social network.

Generally, use it in situations where you need to show all the horror and strangeness.