Binary translator

Binary code translator specially developed to convert English text into a binary. This seemingly complex process is actually quick and not that difficult — our binary translate instrument converts text into binary equivalents in seconds. All you need to do is paste a text into an empty field, and the binary code converter transforms it immediately.

Feel free to use the translator from any device, browser, and at any time. The tool operates online and doesn't need any payments for conversion.

Binary translator

Some words about binary code

binary code translator

The thing is that a computer language is based on a binary code and all info here is stored in a binary code that includes 2 numbers — 0 and 1, the different combination of which allows to store data.

The binary code translator uses 2-steps binary translation:

  • each letter, number, and character conversion into its decimal code with the help of ASCII (“American Standard Code for Information Interchange”). For example, A is 65, and a is 97;
  • decimal to binary translation.

Look at the example: the number for “е” in ASCII is 101; translating 101 from ASCII to binary form, we'll get “1100101”, so as the result “e” is 1100101. The exact translation we may do vise versa: from binary to ASCII, translate binary to English with the binary translator to English., etc.

How to use the binary code converter

No complicated algorithms. Just go through these two steps and that's it!

Step 1. Insert English text to binary translator.
Step 2. Copy the result of binary translation to insert it into a necessary place.

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