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Why do you need to know about
Instagram Question Sticker?

Best instagram question stickers
Instagram (IG) updates its features quick as a wink. And you must know how to use all features for your own benefit. So let's sort out together and discover the advantage in Instagram Question Sticker.
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What is the Question Sticker on Instagram Stories?

Question Sticker is an active widget, that you find on IG Stories.

You post a picture on IG Stories, swipe up to select the widget and you own 2 options:
  1. address any question for your followers;
  2. ask your fans for any issues they want to know.
All answers are sent as notifications to your phone. Additionally, you have an option to post your response to your IG Stories gallery. You can see profile names of users, who have responded to your Question, but the replies to your IG Stories will be anonymous.

How to use Instagram Question Sticker?

Open an IG app;
Click to a little icon at the top of the page;

Instagram Gallery of your phone
Take a photo or swipe up and upload a new one;

Great photo for insta story
Swipe up and choose the widget Questions

Choose effects from library
Type a new question to get responses or just leave the widget to get questions from the fans;
Ask any question from your followers
Send the pic to IG Stories! Success!
Question about bigbangram
If you need to see the answers, open your Story and swipe up;
Watch answers to your story
Get the results or the questions from your loving fans;
Share responses of you followers
And post your reaction to Stories!
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What is the point of using
Instagram Question Sticker?

Of course, you may ask me, is it really necessary to use the widget? Yes, it is!

Curiosity of Followers for
Organizing The Content

BigBangram is shocking good
T.e., you are an IG blogger or model, celebrity or an influencer. A personality, not a business or company acc. Your fans are eager to know everything they can about your life, beauty tricks, funny moments, travelling details etc! And you are excited to get high involvement of audience and building-up of your own large fanbase. Make a beauty issues marathon for your insta fans, or maybe you are ready to share your personal information. You can ask your fans to question you about everything they want, analyze the questions and assume, what type of content is the most attractive for your target audience!

Marketing Experiments for Product Improvement

Awkward dance with fail
And now let's consider you, my dear reader, as an owner of a commercial account. Why do you need to see the list of questions of your audience? It's a pot of gold for marketing experiments! Make question-time about your company service, or ask advice from your real customers if they know everything about your product. Tune into the needs of your customers and give them what they need!
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Why do you need to use Instagram Stories?
If you don't know, what is IG Stories, how to use it for your benefit, take a look at the blog post about it right here! It will definitely dot the i's and cross the t's.

Clean Feed
Every IG member gets tired of spam. But IG Stories give you the possibility to share lots of pics for your fans. Don't be an irritator, you will lose supporters! Take care of your people, love your fans, appreciate their time and provide it with a clean and informative feed. They will enjoy it, believe me.

Cat in the supermarket
Immediate Engagement
Let me remind you of one very important thing. The more interactions you have with your profile or content, the more outreach your content gets. And when you post polls or questions to IG Stories, it's a chance for every follower to get his or her shining moment. The involvement widens the outreach and boots the chances of organic traffic flow to your IG page.

Link Share
Do you know, that you can share links on IG? No, I'm not talking about useless long URLs in the captions! You can share links to websites, blog posts, product pages, everything you want! Just ask your fans to swipe up and they will be redirected to the necessary link!

Last Minute Purchase
Do you have the last item of a certain product? Or you just want to sell the product very fast? Make a discount, use a countdown and post to Stories! The users will be caught to a trigger "last minute call" and will make a quick-thought purchase!

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