Facebook jail

Facebook jail

Nowadays, Facebook is regarded as one of the most trendy social networks that provide an opportunity for business improvements. It is a place where millions of people publish content every day to support their product and make multiple deals thanks to Facebook users interested in this product. It's not just a communication platform anymore, it's something more.

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What is Facebook jail?

A Facebook jail is a widely used phenomenon on a popular platform. The essence of such jail is that some personal account features or functions are blocked, or Facebook blocks even the profile itself due to the social network rules' violations.

Facebook can prohibit a certain number of hours or days the possibility of content publishing or even irrevocable profile deletion.

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Do you know exactly how to get out of Facebook jail?

It is the first question that many users ask. It is quite predictable, because lately Facebook rules have become stricter, and let's face it, only a few will read them all. The likelihood of going to Facebook prison is increasing today. Maybe, you even will become a Facebook jail repeat offender. Do not rush to include yourself in the list of Facebook prisoners. I will give you some advice for not getting to a “jail report Augusta ga Facebook.”

how to get out of Facebook jail
  1. Interval publication

One of the most important rules is to take your time and give at least a couple of minutes between the same publication posting in different groups or other pages. Otherwise, the platform will suspect spam, and you will be put in jail.

  1. Remember about originality

Forget about plagiarism because now we will only create unique texts full of original and up-to-date content. This concerns not only texts but also photographs. Keep in mind the copyright law and get to know a “story” of each photo or read any information about the site and license availability to take images for your Facebook posts.

 create unique texts
  1. Only real friends adding and tagging

Facebook values and embraces honesty; that is why more and more accounts are being blocked today.

So, unknown people tagging, for example, in a photo, will lead you to the Facebook prison.

Some profiles end up in a Facebook jail because of a mass sending of friend requests without knowing the people they are sending it. I advise you to add people you know and find your profile interesting because often people do not accept requests of people they do not know; they can send them to spam, where you can end up.

  1. Avoid a company name while creating your account

Mentioning a company name in a personal account instead of your real name may cause problems for your profile. Nobody forbids mentioning your company in your profile, but do this in the section “about yourself” or post the information about the company as publications on your page.

In case of your multiple businesses existence, you may create several business pages using your unique personal account.

  1. Avoid intentional spamming

There are always competitors who want to ruin everything for you in case of successful product promotion. Such people spam your posts willfully to make your account banned. Are you aware of how to dodge this case? If you notice such strange behavior from a particular account, just block that account. That's it; the problem is solved. The blocked profile will not see your publications that he can spam.

Avoid intentional spamming
  1. Control the interval and number of your messages sending, liking, and commenting

As you have already guessed, the mass sending of non-stop messages and continuous liking or commenting may end in Facebook jail. That's why it is necessary to pay attention to how many messages you send and what is the frequency between messages sent.

I advise you to shun the ad sending in personal messages as it may be considered as spam.

  1. Pay attention to your personal information

I think that honest information about yourself is a core thing to avoid a Facebook jail. It is essential to let people know your real personality and your field of activity or hobbies. Let people get to know you better and create a greater circle of trust. It will increase your trust and your chance of getting followers instead of spam.

How to tell if I am in Facebook jail

Wondering the question, how do you know if you are in Facebook jail, you should know the following thing. While logging in to your page there will be a message on your screen with such text as “your account is blocked.” It means that your account is at Facebook jail status. In other words, some of your actions on Facebook or the entire account will be inactive due to Facebook blocking.

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How long does Facebook jail last?

Let's say you found your page blocked, and your reaction is the following one: am I in Facebook jail, and how long is Facebook jail?

The so-called penalty can be “awarded” as a few hours, days, or even unrecoverable blocking. The penalty depends on what crime you have committed.

So, there are three options

your page blocked
  1. The page has been blocked and deleted without the possibility of further restoration

It means that you should get started on creating a new account and forget about the first one.

  1. The several functions of your page are forever locked

Functions such as liking or the possibility of ads posting or even your previous subscriptions may no longer be available to you.

  1. The several functions of your page are temporarily locked down

The same functions as in the previous stage may be suspended for a while and reinstated after a certain “period of imprisonment,” which may not exceed 21 days.

How to get out of Facebook jail early

You may restore only those functions that have been temporarily disabled ahead of schedule. You cannot restore an entirely blocked account and the functions that were forever locked.

So, to leave a Facebook jail ahead of schedule, you may submit an appeal to Facebook for review. After the case review, you will get a mail message about the results. There have been cases when getting out of prison in advance. In any case, you should try.

leave a Facebook jail ahead of schedule

Facebook jail memes

You can make something funny out of every sad situation. I present to you a list of the best, trendy, and funny Facebook jail memes.

  1. Fresh out of Facebook jail meme

One of the  most popular among the “fresh out of” Facebook jail memes

Facebook jail memes

Prison memes creation with scenes from the movies is a separate art form. I think when you get out of fb jail, you feel just like him.

Facebook jail memes
  1. I'm going to jail meme

This fb jail meme will cheer you up at such a difficult time. Look at this cute and funny child who will make you smile for sure.

 going to jail meme
  1. Straight outta Facebook jail meme

Straight outta Facebook jail meme

Now  Facebook jail images can be seen not only in the picture but also on clothing. Tell everyone that you are “straight outta Facebook jail”!

Facebook jail images
  1. Facebook jail tattoo meme

You may mark Facebook jail as an important event in your life:)

Facebook jail tattoo meme
  1. Facebook jail changes a man

Stay positive and do not break the rules, otherwise you can be the hero of this Facebook jail funny meme.

Facebook jail changes a man
  1. Facebook ban meme

Facebook ban meme
  1. Facebook jail gif meme 

Facebook jail gifs are the most exciting thing, where you can find the funniest moments for sure.

Facebook jail gif meme

And last but not least, I would like to say what would be best for you if you were informed of the latest information on Facebook's rules and were an obedient user of the popular network.

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