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If you want to avoid IP-tracking or to use an Instagram bot for a promo campaign sade, you'd better read this article!
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What Is Proxy
and How It Will Help You
in Instagram Promotion

How Proxy Work and Help
The popular social network does not encourage too active mass liking or following, and also may not approve the management of two or more accounts by using only one IP address.

Recently, Bigbangram encountered a serious problem: some customers were complaining about the poor performance of some options such as automatic liking and following. We know how it can be discouraging, so offered you set up of your individual proxy server. Usually, similar services assign proxy at an additional charge, or simply support proxy from third-party providers which you should buy on your own. Things are different on our website: here you can request a proxy for free if you need it.

What is Proxy?

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In simple words, the proxy server acts like an intermediary between your PC and the internet. It can provide the user with the fastest connection with a web server or make your surfing anonymous. Also, some people use it for seeing blocked content and visiting restricted websites in their country or for their IP.

3 Reasons for Using Free Proxy for Instagram
and 3 Types of Servers

How proxy works
Let's assume that you don't need to speed up your work on the web and you are not interested in visiting restricted websites. In which case do you need a proxy? The point is that Instagram track all the IP-addresses you use while taking actions manually or using our Instagram follower bot. Your IP may arouse suspicion if you:

1. Manage several accounts at a time: for instance, your occupation is the SMM specialist and you are responsible for the promotion of 5 brands.

2. Create a number of collage accounts, where your audience will see the one full-page picture composed of 9 little squares. Usually, such profiles resemble landing pages: they are intended for selling only one product or service.

3. Promote a so-called catalogue profile, where each post contains a link to the subaccount that directs a prospect to the website.

You can try three kinds of proxies according to your needs. Each of them ensures you with the particular level of security.

1. Public proxy is a server accessible for all internet users. They can't help with an above-mentioned problem because a lot of people can use them at the same time. Also, their speed leaves much to be desired.

2. Semi-private proxies which can be bought by several people. This type is less risky, but there is still a great "chance" to be blocked.

3. A private proxy is the only one way to make your promotion using Instagram bot safe. This kind of server is individual and can be assigned only to one person.

We at Bigbangram offer you IPv4 type SOCKSv5 proxy which belongs to the private type. You may contact our support team and arrange for the free proxy setup.

Where To Buy Proxy?

If you are wondering where to buy your proxy as many as you want, pay attention to PROXYSELLER. The guys have the most reliable and cheap proxy on the market.
You can choose a proxy from 300 different subnets and more than 100 networks.
Also, you can ask for help 24/7 any day of the year.
Plus Proxyseller regularly makes many sales and gives presents to the clients. Buy items at Proxyseller, and you can use them in 5 minutes!

How to Use it Properly

Use one proxy for not more than three Instagram accounts. Moreover, try not to like posts manually while the auto-liking campaign is already launched in Bigbangram. Your account in our service is maintained by an individual proxy. The IP address of the server can be located, for instance, in California, when you live in New York and have an IP address located elsewhere. Such a discrepancy in geographical locations may cause concerns, so your profile will be prohibited to like photos (follow, comment, etc.) for a certain period.

Do You Want To Have Own Instagram Proxy?

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BigBangram provides a FREE proxy for Instagram to every user, but you can also BUY proxy at the affordable price!

How can you do that?

  1. Sign up/log in to your BigBangram dashboard;

  2. Click to the little sign to open the Settings menu;
3. Scroll down and choose the country you need;
4. Click to the button Buy and enjoy your own proxy!

If you have any questions, contact our support team for help via [email protected]. We are always glad to help you!

Try Other Bigbangram Services

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Free proxy setup is only an additional service we provide our customers with. You even don't need it without using other options for Instagram promotion offered by Bigbangram. The main features available at an affordable price:

All-in-one Instagram bot.

You can access all the basic functions of Bigbangram bot through dashboard without downloading any programs. Here you will find such options as an auto like, comment, follow and unfollow.

Instant Instagram likes and followers.

This is the fast way of promotion for those who don't want to spend even a month for gaining a needed number of followers. You can instantly buy likes or followers – they will be delivered to you within one day. Such a trick will serve as a psychological trigger for your new followers: people usually trust companies which have already gathered a big audience more.

Instagram auto direct message.

The direct messaging feature allows you sending bulk messages to custom lists of followers, whether all of them or users that belong to a particular group (for instance, people aged 25-30 or followers located in Canada).

Reminder: proxy server is not required for all kinds of Instagram promotion. In the most cases – when you manage one or two accounts – you don't need it. Don't worry; you shouldn't track the limits on your own: Bigbangram is a smart bot and always adheres to the Instagram's terms and conditions, so it will stop the operation automatically if necessary.
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