Facebook business manager

Facebook business manager

The best solution for your business is a Facebook business manager. If you don't know why yet, let's take it in order.

What is a Facebook business manager?

Facebook manager allows controlling of different assets and provides single access to asset information for the entire business team. In simple words, it is one place where all your advertising is gathered together with your staff and accounts. It is an excellent opportunity to oversee your business processes.

 best solution for your business

Facebook business manager roles

  1. A business manager is designed to control business processes on Facebook effectively.
  2. You can manage different accounts at the same time, create advertising accounts and provide access to your colleagues or partners who will help you run your business online from a page.
  3. With this approach, you have the opportunity to ensure the efficiency and success of your business.
  4. Payments will now be made without any problems: different payment sources and formats are affordable for you.
Facebook business manager roles

How to create a business manager account on Facebook?

A Facebook business manager setup is simple enough if you understand it well, and we may help you with it.

Here are some recommendations before the creation of a business manager account.

  1. It is desirable to start a Facebook page in advance while creating a business manager account. But if you don't have a Facebook page, it's okay because you can make it during a business manager account creation.

a business manager account on Facebook
  1. If you don't know much about starting a Facebook account, I suggest you begin registering now. There's nothing complicated about it: Facebook developers have made sure that any Facebook newcomer understands every account starting stage.
  2. If you have already registered on Facebook since kindergarten, and you have several pages, then define one of them as the main one when you create a Facebook business manager.

Let's take a look at the basics of the Facebook business manager settings

Account starting

To begin with, you need to click on https://business.facebook.com/ page. Here you can start to create a Facebook business manager account. Then, type your Facebook page email and password or a business manager Facebook login(well, if it already exists).

Now fill in all fields with information about your business: your personal and company name, business email address etc. Press the “Next” icon.

Filling in fields with detailed information. Here indicate your office address, phone number, website, and the cause of business manager account launching. Press the “Submit” icon. 

Insert an appropriate image on the main page, customize your profile and all advertising accounts as well as users, for which individual pages will be available, including ad ones. See below for more details.

Page addition

So, how to add a page to Facebook business manager? The task is a little bit more complicated, but just a little bit. 

Choose the “Accounts” icon on the instrument panel of your business manager page- pitch upon the “Add page” icon-press it and enter URL-address or a page name. Stick to this scheme and add as many pages as you need.

a page from Facebook business manager

If you press on the “Pages” icon in a “Business Settings” option, you have an opportunity to remove a page from Facebook business manager. Just press the “Remove” icon. 

Ad account inclusion

The next question is how to add an advertising account to your business manager. There is nothing complicated here, either. Again, use an instrument panel to pitch upon “Add ad account”. Now enter an ad account ID.

advertising account to your business manager

Ad account set up on business manager for Facebook

Pitch upon the “Add Ad account” on the instrument panel-select “Create account”-enter your account information-press on “Next”-tick on “My business” (it means that you use an ad for your business.)

People addition

Pitch upon the “People” line on the same instrument panel of a Facebook business page manager. Then press the “Add people” button-type the partners and employees' emails you want to include in a business manager-indicate a business role of a person-switch to the “Pages” icon-pitch upon the pages to which they will have access-return to the “Ad Accounts” icon and invite a person. Now, wait for the invitation to be accepted. 

account set up on business manager for Facebook

Instagram account inclusion

Now you can link all your accounts in one place. So, pitch upon the “Business settings”-then the “Instagram accounts”-then the “Add”and login an Instagram account.

Make your account safer

The most important thing in social networks is safety, so it is worth mentioning.

Pitch upon the “Business setting” icon on the instrument panel-pick out the “Security centre”-choose the “Required for everyone” icon. This function is designed to ensure high safety.

First Fb ad creation 

If you do not become aware of how to create an ad yet, here is a simple guide for you. 

Pick out the “Business Manager” icon on an instrument panel-then the “Ads Manager” line-pitch upon the “Create” icon.

First Fb ad creation

Your task now is to identify an appropriate audience, affordable budget and goals. Set up advertising so that it works, while choosing the parameters necessary for your business. Through advertising, you have a chance to make your business more efficient by increasing the number of sales.

How to delete a Facebook business manager account?

You also need to be aware of how to delete a business manager account. It may again come in handy. So, pitch upon the “Business Settings” icon-select the “Permanently Delete Business” icon in the “Business info” section. The deletion process will take 24 hours. It will not be possible to return the page after the deadline, just like the ads created in this account.

delete a Facebook business manager account

Now you know the basic settings for your business account. Your business will be more efficient, and with advertising sales will increase. Good luck!

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