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Working method of promotion on Instagram!
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Real Case Of Beauty School
Promotion On Instagram 2019

how to become an influencer on instagram
Do you want to promote your IG account organically as soon as possible? We know how to do this! Our Bigbangram Agency has increased the popularity of Beauty School on Instagram in 1 month by 78% from the initial result of self-promotion! Read the article and learn all the tools and methods!

How to promote your Instagram in 2019?

How does the Agency really work?

We decided to lift the veil of secrecy and on a real example of promotion to show how quickly, effectively and harmoniously the team of real professionals works!

This example will tell you how to promote the business profile of the beauty school on Instagram. We will list a phased plan of our actions for promoting of the account, as well as the methods and techniques which we have used. They are simple but require a competent approach. As the main method, the team has used such tool as commenting, which has the following benefits:

  • Increasing the popularity of the account by leaving comments to users;
  • Increasing the number of unique users per page;
  • Increasing the loyalty to the account and promoted services;
  • Increasing the number of service order

So, it is better to pay once for high-quality promotion than to overpay many times for individual methods of promotion.
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Chapter 1: Beginning
The beauty school had a good reputation and many satisfied clients. However, the difficult economic situation and a high degree of competition affected the work of the school too. Sales of courses and services have decreased significantly, and the noticeable popularity of the account (at that time in the arsenal of followers was about 15K profiles) did not bring the expected results.
how to become an influencer on instagram
That was the starting point in the decision of school leaders in favor of Instagram promotion.

After searching the Internet for all kinds of promotion options, our customers decided to place an order VIP 3, which included a full package of services of our Agency for 1 month of promotion.

Spoiler: it was the right decision that it has brought in big revenue!

So, from this time our work with the account of beauty school has begun.

First of all, our team conducted a full analysis of the Instagram profile of the customer, taking into account all the indicators:
  • The average number of likes per post;
  • Number of followers;
  • The average views of Instagram stories;
  • Number of direct messages per month;
  • The average number of comments per post;
  • The average number of training orders per month;
  • The average number of unique visitors per month.
Based on these data, a promotion strategy was developed, which looked as follows
  • increasing the ER;
  • increasing of orders for the courses;
  • positive perception of the school;
  • increasing the number of collaborations with other accounts;
  • general awareness of the account.

An important element of promotion was to determine the target audience for which the entire promotion campaign would be designed. We have developed several directions of the target audience for which in the future we have selected the necessary promotion tools.

The first is to determine the age of the audience:
  1. From 15 to 20 years. In this category were teenagers and schoolgirls. They are interested in the first stage of makeup science and unusual solutions in makeup.
  2. From 20 to 30 years. Students and young mothers fall into this category. They already know a little about the rules of makeup, but want to improve their knowledge in this matter. It is important for them to learn new makeup techniques.
  3. From 30 to 35 years. For this category, only the fastest and most effective methods were important.
how to become an influencer on instagram
The second - definition of locations. Since this is a state school of beauty, it was decided to conduct a campaign designed specifically for the residents of Melbourne.
how to become an influencer on instagram
The third is to determine the gender of the audience. Since this is a school of makeup, this item is not a problem, because it is a profile for girls.

Based on these data, the team formed an individual set of hashtags. This set was included hashtags of beauty topics: #makeup, #howtomakeup, #beautyschool, #beautygirls, #beautifulmakeup, etc. Also, all the necessary parameters were set to start the promotion campaign, namely the number of likes, following and comments, viewing Instagram stories of accounts that correspond to the specified parameters of the TA, which we determined earlier.
how to become an influencer on instagram
Chapter 2: Movement
Based on chosen strategy, the team included the additional tools for promotion. The Agency made the main bet on the promotion of this account using such a method as commenting.


With this method, about 500 new followers were attracted in just a week! A serious number, we suppose! The team of girls who were engaged in the promotion of this account, namely Mia and Iolanta, left comments under the publications on behalf of the account only to the target audience.

This allowed attracting more attention to the account and to the services of the beauty school. Thanks to this, potential followers did not need to search for information themselves, cause they were sent it in the public domain.

Besides, other users who could read the comments on a particular account could also be interested in the services of beauty school.

Girls divided followers into several categories:
  • potential buyers;
  • advertisers;
  • models;
  • photographers;
  • modeling agencies;
  • other beauty schools;
  • just followers.

For each of the categories, a series of comments were developed, which were aimed at attracting their attention to the beauty school account.

All comments were logically thought and structured, and there were no questions that this was an auto commenting. The girls worked on creating, editing and publishing each comment manually!

There was not a single similar comment that would later cause many questions. Here is an example of a comment that was successful and brought the user to the category of customers of the school:

"Very beautiful photo! You look like a real model! You probably very often participate in various photoshoots or act as a model for master classes on makeup!"

Comments were launched to ordinary users, to increase the audience.

"In honor of the birthday of our Beauty Studio, we give a 25 percent discount on all services! Say "Happy birthday" at the reception and get a discount! Beauty Studio that fulfills your dreams!"

We also successfully used the hashtag generator, which was offered a 50% discount on all individual courses on the techniques of makeup trend this season to the interested user.

"Good day! Your appearance is incredible! We know how to correctly emphasize all the correct features of your face! We can share these secrets with you on individual makeup courses! For you, we have a 50% discount! Don't waste time, be even more beautiful!"

We used the search function for specific locations, from which we have identified 2 areas:
  • the location next to the Beauty Studio and offer discounts in some thread work hours:

"Happy hours in our beauty Studio! Sign up for courses from 12 to 16 and get a 10% discount! Now becomes beautiful possible with a unique discount!"

  • search for local photographers and offer collabs:

"Your works are admirable. You masterfully convey the features of each face! We would like to cooperate with you! Our girls create real masterpieces! You, like no other, can arrange this beauty in a stunning wrapper in the form of photos!"

We have searched the users according to tags #makeupartist, #makeupcreator and offer them cooperation with beauty school.

"Do you like makeup? Would you like to know about all the subtleties and nuances of its application? Our beauty school will help you with this like no other! Only we have all the most trendy makeup techniques! Sign up for a course and become a goddess of makeup."

Thus, this tool worked in 2 directions at the same time and brought the following results: the number of followers increased by 5K per month using this tool.

The most working comments turned out to be offers of cooperation with models, as well as a hashtag search for all interested users. This success was explained by the fact that people we have found the most interested in beauty Studio offers users.

For the first month of the campaign, the number of collaborate models have grown 3 times, and it became 45, requests for shooting in the school - 26, and new school students who received training in the school - 243!

Post planner

The second tool was scheduled posting. Thanks to this tool, the client can plan the publication, to add to them all the necessary information, such as stickers, emojis, photos, links, and locations. And then, set the required time of their publication.

With this tool, we have saved 28 hours per week on creating publications for our clients. And the total views of posts has increased by 3 times!

DM online

Also, we have successfully implemented a tool such as direct messaging, which had huge progress in promoting this account. We created message templates that were sent to the target audience: each new follower, all existing followers, customer user list.

Using this tool, for a week, we've send about 150 such messages to new followers and have got 76 requests to direct to register for courses using this discount!

Also, we've send messages to existing followers, to notify about the best offers, promotions, and news. The result of this distribution has led to an increase in direct messages 3 times!

The third option which we've used was to send messages to the created list of followers. These were other beauty schools, photographers, make-up artists, who were sent messages with the purpose of cooperation. This increased the number of messages 4 times, which led to a large number of requests for cooperation.
Chapter 3: Results!
What did we get after one month of promotion? The result was the same as it was predicted by experts!
  • The average number of likes per post - 1K;
  • Number of followers - 29,6K;
  • The average views of Instagram stories - 5K;
  • Number of direct messages per month - 467;
  • The average number of comments per post - 100;
  • The average number of training orders per month - 344;
  • The average number of unique visitors per month - 7K.
The progress is still ongoing since the owner of the account has decided to continue our cooperation and achieve even more serious results!
Chapter 4: Conclusion
What did we get besides real numbers of using commenting?

In practice, we have realized that for the development of such account commenting is really working method for promotion of IG account! In our case we have had the following results:

  • Increased awareness of our makeup school.
Thanks to the right promotion tool, such as commenting, we were able to tell people about this account.

  • Increased the number of potential customers.
Commenting allowed to leave only the most successful and selling comments about the success of the school and the gratitude of satisfied students. Thus attracted more interested people to the school.

  • Increased in sales rates of courses.
Using commenting as a foundational tool of promotional campaign, the overall sales ability of the school courses has increased 2 times!
As a result of promotion on Instagram, commenting allowed achieving the goal of a promotional campaign in the shortest possible time and by the hands of real specialists of Agency!

Also, such methods as DM online and Scheduled Posting have brought their results too and were able to simplify the work with Instagram for the client three times!
Do you want the same results?
We know how to make it possible!
Increase your chances of success with us!
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