It’s time to talk about how to send messages on Instagram on computer!

send messages on Instagram on computer

If the topic “How to send messages on Instagram on computer” is in your interests, scroll the article through and discover the most comfortable modes DMs through your PC.

The web Instagram variant permits you to scroll the feed, watch short videos, and comment. Regrettably, you can't post your photos and send Instagram messages on computer. I understand that this functionality would be very helpful, therefore I made a brief article on breathing techniques to send DMs on a laptop.

3 variants of how to send messages on Instagram on computer

Once again, to be immediately clear. In the official network variant of the image-centric app, there is no chance to observe and communicate through Direct. If you need it for the influx of a great number of messages, then you can practice one of these techniques which I will discuss below.

Desktop IG variant

You can upload Instagram from the MS Shop and practice it for DM. I can honestly say, this program leaves something to be desirable. Check out the articles to be sure.

This is the formal application from IG devs, but it operates very badly on a PC and smartphones. Furthermore, your comp, notebook, or laptop should certainly have Windows 10. If you haven't changed to it, this mode won't do.

To write messages via Direct, you have to:

  1. Open the app on a PC, select the tab with the house and click on the airplane icon.
  2. A list of existing conversations opens. The user can continue communication in one of these conversations or start a new one.

Instagram via emulators

Emulators are specialized applications that simulate a smartphone and enable you to establish and apply a mobile app on a computer.

One of the most famous emulators is BlueStacks. With BlueStacks you can upload the Android variant of the application onto your computer. BlueStacks can be installed on Windows and Mac computers.

I think the variety of emulators isn't the comfortable and suitable alternative. And furthermore, you must have a rather modern pc, because emulators overburden the comp. If your device is on his last legs, it will hang even more.

If you're a Mac user, you can try an Instagram emulator called Flume. Please note that it isn't a smartphone emulator in general, but a copy of a mobile application for a computer. Guess you could say that it is the IG variant with almost complete (without Stories) functionality but on the computer. Visually, the “app” will be different, but you can do almost everything in the mobile app. If you have only one profile, you can use the program for free. All the functionality will be opened, except to post and work with multiple profiles.

The Instagram Bot

There is Bigbangram with a lot of useful functions and features, for example, comment tracking, schedule posts, hashtag generator, and direct messenger.

Crazy instagramers, SMM-managers, bloggers, entrepreneurs prefer a bot because it makes their lives easier.

instagram bot create new message

Let's study this article to know how to message on Instagram on computer!

  1. Above all, you need to check-in Bigbangram. The registration takes no more than six minutes!
  2. And after that, you gain access to the personal panel where you can find all instruments.
  3. Tap the “Direct Messages” button and realize these four steps:

Create the text of the message and attach the image. In this tab, you write a text with a product offer, a promotion, or a greeting, which will receive all individuals who follow your page. Thus, you increase not only interest in your account, but also increase loyalty and boost your audience. It's an ideal manner to demonstrate that you are open to dialogue and ready to pay attention to each follower.

The maximum number of characters is 500. You can make your message more attractive and add emoji, link, @username.

Set up a destination. This option allows you to send messages to newcomers, current users, and a special list of customers.

Filter your messages. You specify the desired target audience through these filters. You can specify the number of following, followers, posts, gender, last post age.

  • A maximum number of following. Send messages to a user with a certain number of followings. The logic is simple: an account with a huge number of followings is likely to be a bot. But our goal is to engage with real people, right?
  • A maximum number of followers. Send messages to a user with a certain number of followers. If a person has a lot of fans, his direct is full of messages. And he simply will not pay attention to your meeting or offer.
  • A minimum number of posts. Send messages to a user with a certain number of posts. If a user's page has only a few posts, it may mean that the user is inactive. Or not?
  • Last post age. Send messages to a user with fresh posts.

Activate your campaign! All you need to do is to blue tap the “Activate” button.

Final words

Instagram direct communication is an excellent tool for interacting with followers and engaging in commercial activities: selling goods or services, doing advertising, etc. It may be necessary for both ordinary users and SMM-specialists who are responsible for organizing and promoting the brand/product on social networks. An Instagram bot can easily decide the problem “How to DM on computer” without colossal nerves, energy, and time losses. Check in and satisfy!

Instagram direct communication
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