Instagram DM Sales: Case Story!

Instagram DM Sales

How we implemented sales scripts and increased Instagram sales 3.5 times of a clothing brand?

There are thousands of clothes brands represented on Instagram. So we can observe a huge dramatic competition between them. The success of this or that brand depends on the strategy it chooses. The communication via DMs should be an integral part of this strategy. The brands that work it out in a wrong way lose.

What do sales have to do with Auto DMs?

Auto DM is a service for automatic mailout on Instagram. It is designed for business purposes. With it, you can set the proper targeting and, applying the great scripts, establish close communication with the followers-potential customers. Thus, you streamline and boost sales, increase the loyalty of your consumers and make your business successful.

No special skills are required to start using such services. You just need to create the templates and launch the service. The stumbling block here is the creation of really effective messages.

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What did we face?

A brand of stylish clothing brands run by Helen contacted Bigbangram agency. It sells products around Europe. When we started work on the project, the brand's account was already used as one of the sales channels, quite unsuccessfully. The marketers conducted profile qualitatively, focusing on visual content.

Ways of Making Money on Instagram

However, there was a problem:

  • low sales rate;
  • poor communication with followers:

– no customer feedback;
– no replies to messages sent.

What strategy did we apply to the Instagram Case?

We offered the following strategy:

Step #1 – the work out of new perfected welcome message script

The previous script was “Thank you for following us. Follow the news. xoxo“. Why was it bad?

  • No involvement. The offer does not motivate to ask a question or answer.
  • There is no specifics, benefits and features – hundreds of stores write like this.
  • It's vital for a message to be brief, informative and pleasant to receive. Emoji will add the friendliness to the message.

We offered to conduct A/B test. We recommended to worked out two new welcoming messages and then test which of them will bring more responses.

1. Hello! My name is Helen, I am a designer and owner of the XXX store. I am so thankful that you follow me:)

I see that you are interested in fashion, so I want to make you a nice gift, but I don't know what exactly you would like.
The daily style recommendations
Coupon with a 15% discount for any pair of shoes

What's your choice?

2. Hello! It's great that you find me today, I have a great offer for you – free shipping and a 15% discount coupon! Is there something that you would like to buy? 🙂

The result we received:
The result was better when the client sent the first script – 94% of read messages. Helen got the responses to 73% of them. The rate of closed purchases after the first welcoming message – 45%.

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Step #2 – being in constant contact with all followers

  • To stay in touch with the followers, we suggested Helen to send one reminding message per 2 weeks. Offering something special, of course.

Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I'll hold a contest in a week. You should participate – the prize pool is a free T-shirt from new collection:)

  • It's vital to use the opportunity to promote your business through the DMs. So we offered to ask followers to make a post with their brand on and to tag the account. That should increase the awareness and the level of credibility to the brand.

That's what Helen sent:

Hey, beauty! Let's pull of a deal! You publish a photo with my clothes and I gift you a 10% discount for the next purchase. Ok?
P.S. Don't forget to tag my account!

The results we received:
Helen created new message templates every two weeks. Thanks to them, she managed to increase the account popularity and users' activity there. According to our analytical data – the rate of their engagement increased by 6,7 times. Thus, she managed to enhance brand awareness which led to the popularity growth and constant flow of new followers and buyers. The general quantity of closed purchases was boosted by 41%.

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Step #3 – scripts for objection work out

All customer objections are their doubts about whether to buy goods from you or from competitors. Therefore, objections must always be processed. We suggested Helen send questions both to all followers and to the ones that made their purchases and ask for feedback.

Helen created a custom list with followers who made purchases and created a template for them:

Hi there! I would be very thankful to you if you share your opinion on my clothes with me! Please, write what you liked and what not:) And I promise not to stop developing!

For all followers mailout the following message was suggested:

Hello! Please, help me improve myself, tell me what you would like to see in my new collection? Maybe a new military-style jacket or high low skirt?

The results we received:
Thanks to that mailout, Helen managed to understand what her followers really need, what they like and dislike about the quality of her goods and delivery. Having got such precious information, she managed to perfect the business management aspects and the peculiarities of the collection.

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Step #4 – work on the replies speed

The researches show that one of the main points which helps potential buyers to make their minds – to buy or not. As you know, most of the purchases are impulsive. So if you don't give an answer or request within an hour, you can lose your customer. How is it related to Bigbangram?

With our Auto Direct Messages, Helen was managing her Direct inbox right from her computer. That's more convenient and saves time. Thus, she managed to reply to all the incoming messages within 2-10 minutes, which consequently lead to faster sales.

The results we received:
Due to the timely replies, Helen managed to close most of the deals within a couple of minutes.

The results we received

What are the results?

Our client purchased 1 month of auto Direct Messenger for $24 and managed to increase:

Sales – 3.5 times

Before – around 80 sales per month;
After a month of Bigbangram team-up – around 280 closed deals per month.


Before– around $8 400 monthly income;
After – $29 400 monthly income.

Engagement – 6,7 times

Before – 4,46%;
After – 29,047%.

The speed of sale handling

Before – 1 – 24 hours;
After – 5 minutes – 1 hour.

Brand awareness

Before – low-speed audience growth;
After – the stable growth of profile visitors and followers.

The precise understanding of customers' needs

Before – no clear picture;
After – the chemistry between followers and the brand owner.

How to start selling on Instagram as effective?

How to start selling clothes on Instagram with the same results or even better? The answer is obvious – with Bigbangram Direct Messenger! Selling on Instagram has never been easier!

We offer:

  • smart targeting filters and flexible distribution options;
  • possibility to make your message unique adding photos and emoji;
  • advanced algorithms which guarantee safe promo campaign.
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