How to Personalize the Digital Strategy via Instagram Direct?

Loeffler Randall is a profoundly personal brand specialized in footwear and accessories. All pieces are handcrafted by people using rare and most exquisite textiles and materials.
Handmade custom shoes, bags, and jewelry are sold through 250 luxury retailers across the globe.

Can you direct message on Instagram and boost the on-site purchases?
Yes, read up to the end and adopt techniques to your digital strategy.


Hand-made, Fashion & Accessories


Establishing personal connections with wedding and events clients and influencers, drive more traffic to the website section “Wedding & events” through Instagram, boosting brand awareness on Instagram, and stimulating sales.


Surely, Instagram direct message on Chrome couldn’t work effectively for mass messaging. That is why we explored content on the niche hashtags and set connections with influencers and future brides via Hot clients tool, created personalized Templates for auto-DMs, and auto-sent them via Direct module. LR beauty experts wrote the blog article uncovering the tips for brides and use-cases which should stimulate sales on the “Wedding & events” segment.


In one month of the promotion, we achieved the following results:
Average DM open rate – 88,5 %.
Average response rate – 75, 7%.
New collaborations with influencers – 5.
Clicks on the site from the IG page– 48% higher than the previous month.
On-site purchases – 53% higher than the previous month.


Loeffler Randall is one of the most beautiful businesses BigBangram have ever worked for. Look at the Instagram page general aesthetics and eye-catching shoe designs. Jessie Randall set up the brand almost 15 years ago, reflecting on her childhood passion for new leather ballet slippers. Jessie, an award-winning designer, works in pairs with her husband and CEO Brian Murphy, who is responsible for business development. Women across the world live in the Loeffler Randall footwear, feeling comfort and confidence the brand struggle for.

Brian and Jessie together decide on the digital strategy, and BigBangram tools fit their aims perfectly. Their purpose is to highlight expert craftsmanship, exclusive materials, and tell the brand’s story in texts, visuals, and Direct message Instagram.

Loeffler Randall is our family, and we strive to showcase a warm personal attitude to customers: in the office and shops, on the website, and Instagram. BigBangram is a sound service that helped us to address our Client in the most close-knit way, share a piece of our brand’s soul in every Direct message. Templates examples, hashtag search, and customized segmentation were the lead-driving parts of our digital strategy.

Brian Murphy
CEO at Loeffler Randall

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Jessie and Brian run the Instagram page on their own, no sided marketing specialists, content makers, and copywriters. The issue is they aimed to talk from their brand’s name, and they want to speak to their clients directly to assume their needs and tastes. But that was a time-sink.

“I make shoe designs all by myself – from a wool contractor choice to photoshoots for Instagram and catalogs. I consider Instagram is a part of our design and philosophy. But manually reaching clients on the Direct was time-consuming. Moreover, we aimed to boost the wedding and events segment, and I had no idea how to sort the followers base and address each in a warm and personal way.”Jessie Randall, creative director.

They needed a tool to segment accounts, manage targeted and automatic mailouts remaining personal, and increase sells on the Internet. Listen, what we did.


Well, LR is represented in resellers across the USA and in Europe, but the delivery is worldwide, so we didn’t focus on a specified location. We aimed to identify Instagram users, who are getting engaged to send a warming and personalized CTA leading to our webpage. The campaign included a dedicated and useful post on the blog, video content for Stories, and bridal photoshoot. We aim to increase this segment, but the strategy leveraged the overall Instagram presence as well.

How we boosted the wedding and events segment?

What we did via Hot Clients tool step-by-step:

We detected potential fiances using Hot clients hashtags and feed. Hot Client’s integral features let us set aside relevant hashtags, and we explored posts correlated to a future wedding. People posting recent proposal posts, seeking for wedding inspiration were our target audience.

We issued related blog posts on how to suit up for different wedding styles. LR’s shoes market themselves, and we didn’t want to ruin the brand’s image by an aggressive CTA leading directly to the catalog. The article empowered with guidance and shoes in use served as an inspiration and sales-driven content.

We commented on the relevant posts and sent DMs. Hot clients in-house message template lets spread the DMs across the globe to potential customers. We also left comments on correlated accounts, bridal inspiration posts. The wedding-related audience followed LR’s IG massively – we gained +3, 000 new organic followers.

We offered bonuses and discounts. A fashionable wedding always implies bridesmaids in a single style. We decided to solve the outfit issue for a bride and other women on the party offering -10%, -20%, -25% discount for the next two pairs of shoes or accessories. Learn how many women felt happier, thanks to Loeffler Randall and BigBangram’s collaboration in the end.

We organized the mailout to the users we explored by the niche hashtags. Additionally, we used the Direct module to set aside the customized mailing informing on our tips and special offer. This message was warm and personal – exactly what the brand needed.

That is an example of what we wrote in Direct messages:

Congratulations on finding your true love!
Loeffler Randall beauty expert wrote a blog post to share bridal closet tips with you.
Check it here and get your discount on a custom hand-made bridal shoes.

The set of Bridesmaid accessories is 50% off. Answer this message to get more details.

The feedback was enormous!

We adjusted a greeting message to every new follower in Direct. Loeffler Randall’s positioning required personal welcoming to a new community member. We set aside the automatic message to every person that pushes the “Follow” button.

????Hi, beauty, and welcome to LR family!

Get the prettiest hills at a -10% discount as a new customer.

????Remember that your new well-made shoes have souls as 60 pairs of hands touched them from sketch to finished product.

The effect we achieved in one month proved the tremendous growth from using BigBangram as a part of LR’s digital strategy.

  • Seven people out of ten responded to an automatic DMs we adjusted for followers groups.
  • Five people out of ten proceed the link to the website, which leads to extra traffic and sales on the Wedding & Events segment.
  • 5 Bridal agencies and stylists connected to LR in Direct messages seeking for collaborations, advertisement placement, and content creation.
  • The average growth of the segment Wedding & Events reached up to 53%.
  • In one month, more than 1 457 women ordered LR shoes, bags, jewelry for wedding and evening events.
  • LR received 76% more testimonials on Instagram DM comparing to the previous month.

The short-term strategy’s results were so impressive so that Jessie and Brian decided to integrate BigBangram tools to their next digital campaigns, takeovers, and giveaways. They quitted googling “Instagram direct message chrome” to connect with their customers desktop since the Direct module fitted their goals and budgets perfectly.

“We got a professional promotion showcasing much higher results that any marketing agency could offer. And at the incomparably lower price! Also, we preserved our authenticity, brand philosophy and could modify the campaign on our own – when you deal with a team of sided marketers, you may lose it all.”
Jessie Randall
Designer at Loeffler Randall


If your company is niche and authentic, use an automation tool when setting aside a digital campaign for your brand. It saves your time, leaving freedom, and preserving genuine company image. Tools are unlimited!

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