Short Guide How To Generate Instagram Story Leads

You probably know that every month a great number of businesses is joining Instagram to establish and support contacts with their existing and potential customers as this social media has become a surprisingly powerful platform for companies. But do you understand that you can utilize Instagram Stories to generate business leads?

In this article, my goal is to explain to you how to boost your sales, widen client base and ensure higher engagement (everything all together), or in other words how to create leads, via Instagram Stories!

If you do not know how to use such a tool as Instagram Stories and you are not sure what kind of content you can create with it, I strongly recommend you to start with a detailed guide.

Do Instagram story leads really work?

As it has been proved by a number of marketing studies, over 65% of companies using Instagram as a business platform admitted the efficiency of Instagram stories in 2018.

Nevertheless, to make your Stories work it won't be enough just to upload a dozen of pics and videos. No. Nobody will have enough patience to study them all.

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It's really that very case when it's much more sensible to do less but to do it better.

But what do I mean when I say this “better”?

You want to get profit from getting new views of your stories. Am I right?

In such a situation you shouldn't limit your interaction with customers to the framework of social media only.

If Instagram for you is just an acquisition channel and you have your main business outside this platform, add a link to your website or catalog.

Please remember: while Instagram stories is a good thing to attract the attention of your audience, you should also use it to redirect them to the platform where you can really capitalize their interest.

Let's build Instagram story leads: Step-by-step guide!

Before we proceed to the plan that I recommend you to follow when you build your strategy, let me highlight that my task in this very case is to help you understand how to generate leads (not just engagement as for businesses it's not the final goal) and we will focus specifically on this issue.

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To generate leads you need:

1. Understand the peculiarities of your target audience

It doesn't matter whether you have just established a company or it has been operating for ages already you should identify your target group.

Why do you need it? At least just to see whether your TA actively uses Instagram and whether you can expect a boost of your sales owing to Instagram activities.

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If you already have your customer base, check whether these people use Instagram.

In case you see that your TA doesn't use Instagram, you should find another platform to win leads.
But if everything is right about your choice, it's high time to move to our step 2.

2. Launch a campaign on your website

When you direct your Instagram story viewer to your website, a person should clearly realize what you want him or her to do. It means that your website should be prepared for new visitors.

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It is recommended to:

  • build a clear connection between what is promised in your Story and what is offered on your website.

This principle should work each time when you redirect your clients from one platform to another. If you are promising some bonuses in the Story, don't omit them on the landing page.Though it is not always possible it is always a good idea to make the same (or at least similar) design, it will help your visitor be absolutely sure that he is on the right page.

  • make comprehensive messages.

Your visitor should fully realize the value. You have a lot of tools and elements to ensure it: starting from a headline and ending up with a call-to-action. Don't forget about images and the form and a structure of your website page as well. Your task is to convince your visitor that your service/product has more benefits than any other. provide

  • relevant contact details.

Okay, you've managed to convince your guest that your offer is the best. Do not forget to leave relevant emails, phone numbers, and inquiry forms.

  • strictly follow all privacy and data protection requirements.

This rule is applicable not only to the situation with lead generation. It's always vital to take into consideration all GDPR in order not to face huge fines.

3. Find the appropriate type of Stories

Yes, finally we have reached the point when it's high time to discuss Instagram story leads closely. If your task is to make your stories generate business leads, you ought to opt for the right form for them.

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I have a few ideas for you that you can use.

  • Add active links. Offer your view to swipe up the screen and redirect him to your latest post or to the appropriate page of your website that will contain a clear call-for-action.
  • Establish win-win partnerships with a more weighty player. Let your partners take over your page in order to make it possible for them to share their vision of your product or service from a completely new perspective. It will be not only useful for your followers but also will attract new potential clients.
  • Build a link with your posts or other popular/relevant publications via hashtags. This took is close to the idea of adding active links. By the way, if you are confused with defining appropriate hashtags for your posts, our free BB Hashtag generator is always waiting for you.
  • Organize contests and giveaways. Do I need to explain why people like things like these? By the way, you can also invite your TA to share the information about your activities in their stories.

4. Analyze the results

All your efforts do not have any sense if you do not analyze their effectiveness, measure the results and make conclusions. But in this very context, calculating reposts or likes won't be enough, if you have an aim to create leads, you should calculate leads that have been generated.

Don't be afraid of experiments. Stay creative and try out different approaches!

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Such a strategy will help you realize what tools and strategies are able to bring you the largest amount of money.

But don't forget to estimate the result each time you test something new.

Good luck!

And in case you need us, near in mind, that we are always ready to offer you our professional recommendations as well as to lend you our helping hand!

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