Bigbangram Hot Clients Tool: Drive Your Instagram Sales Twice Faster

Bigbangram Hot Clients Tool

You can quickly turn your mediocre Instagram account into the most efficient sales channel with new Bigbangram feature – Hot Clients. What's this and how to use it to get really hot results? Read up to the end. There will be much to learn!

What does Hot Clients presuppose?

Hot Clients is a tool which enables the search for potential clients via hashtags and geolocations in real-time mode and a follow-up manual liking, messaging to them via Direct and commenting on their posts.

Views, likes, followers connect people

The messaging and commenting are quite peculiar in this case. You can send cooperation offers, invitations, discounts offers and so on. The type of messages and comments depends on your business niche and should accommodate your interests and objectives.

How does it work?

The first thing you need to do is to adjust the settings. On your Dashboard, click Hot Clients, then Settings.

1. Set up the hashtag search. Enter the hashtags your potential client are supposed to use in the captions under their posts.

Just start entering the hashtag and the system will give you option tip, the number of relevant posts will be depicted. You will find all the proper posts in the feed section.

2. Set up the location search. Enter the geotag of a place you want to target. It can be:

  • surrounding locations. Point out the nearest place and if a person publishes a photo from this place, you will immediately see that in the Feed.
  • locations of competitors. You can cheat the clients from your competitors by pointing out their locations.
  • any other location. You can choose any other geotag according to your Instagram sales and promotion strategies.

3. Create templates for comments and messages. It's better for your convenience if you create as many templates in advance as it's required. Later, you will find it convenient and faster to interact with your Hot clients.

4. Interact with the audience. In the Feed section, you see all the posts which correspond to the settings you've adjusted. You can immediately like the post, comment on it and send the DM to the user. That's here where the created in advance template comes into play. Choose any template, modify the message if needed and tap the Dialogue icon to send the message or comment.

How it increased Instagram sales: Example

The small bakery located in Stockholm started using Hot clients tool.

The first step was to configure the most precise targeting settings with the help of both location and hashtags. Stockholm was pointed out as the only location due to specifics of the business — baking should always be fresh, so the time matters.

Hashtags for targeting were picked up with the help of Bigbangram Free Hashtag Generator: #cake #food #foodporn #pastry #birthdaycake #yummy #snack #dessert #baking #pudding #foodie #desserts #chocolatecake #cookies.

The next step was to create 10-15 templates for messaging and commenting. Bigbangram ready-made templates came in handy.

Bigbangram ready-made templates

In a couple of seconds, they saw the Feed of the relevant posts of Instagram users. They liked each of them. Those hot clients who were found received the messaging with the invitation to the bakery and a free croissant for those who will refer to Instagram messaging.

the Feed of the relevant posts

The over-3-day's results:
80+ free croissants were given away, net sales were increased almost twice.
And that's thanks to solo Hot Clients tool!
Imagine how many clients will be driven on the recommendations!

What are the benefits?

What will you get using Hot Clients tool?

1. Increased number of followers + the engagement and loyalty upswing. Imagine, you like the posts and contact people immediately after they publish it! How pleasant and attention-catching it is! Probably, the reply and follows won't be long in coming. And if you correctly think through the strategy for mailout, it will be the best driver of your audience engagement and loyalty.

Do you want to know how to turn Instagram likes into sales? Read “Let Your Sales Increase! How To Use Instagram Direct: Detailed Guide!

2. Increased sales. You can make Instagram your main sales channel. Applying working sales scripts, you will sell twice faster.Would you like to reach a 86% CTR and 20% revenue growth?
Bigbangram gift you 50 Instagram Direct Message Templates for Free!
Get them!

3. Efficient time management. You don't have to waste your time searching for potential clients or hunting them on the streets. With Hot Clients tool, you will be provided with potential clients on a daily basis. If your product is really high-quality, make a “tasty” offer (additional benefits and bonuses, guarantees, limitations and calls-to-action) to the hot customer, and he/she is yours.


Client capture is a far cry from the easiest process. It is necessary to carefully think it over and work on a strategy for attracting customers, but at the same time not to forget about the important details that can affect the final decision of the client.

With this article, you've learned how to make sales on Instagram faster than you could ever imagine. To use this knowledge or not is your choice. If you have some questions left, please, do not hesitate to write to us about it. Our Customer Support Girls will explain all the nitty-gritty details!

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