6 Reasons To Immediately Create Your Brand’s Account On Instagram

Immediately Create Your Brand's Account

If you own a brand which still doesn't have a business profile on Instagram, you're losing an enormous group of potential clients. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – when we're talking about traffic and interaction rate mix, Instagram has absolutely no equal.

Regardless of your company's size or its occupation sector, Instagram can do a great job of building up its reputation. Still not quite sure whether Instagram account and all the hassles of marketing strategy are worth it? Well, we've got plenty of arguments for you to examine. So, where shall we begin?

6 Arguments Proving the Necessity of Instagram Account for Business Dealing

1. Stories and… stories!

Have you ever asked yourself, why between amateur Instagram profile with sincere shots and the professional account with beautiful, yet, frivolous photos users greatly prefer the first variant?

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This is the outstanding feature of humans' psychology – we unconsciously give precedence to emotions rather than plain information. People like laughs, tears, anger, drama, and they simply get bored without emotional outbursts. You can use this tip in your business Instagram account in order to build connection between your brand and clients. Thankfully, the platform has a perfect instrument for such a purpose, which is called Stories.

Emotional stories in Stories (double shot!) depict you as a living human being – not a corporate robot. They are also quite convenient when it comes to recording or publishing, as soon as the format implicates minimum editing and maximum action. Show behind-the-scenes of ordinary brand's working day, tell more about employees or about yourself – imagine chatting with the invisible good friends, and soon there won't be any need to fantasize.

Pro tip: Don't take liberties with your followers! Remember, that even the emotional content has to be somehow connected to your brand. At the same time, forcefully pushing your product in each post is a faux pas – this question requires tactfulness and a sense of proportion.

2. Instagram is made for marketing

It doesn't matter who your target audience is because Instagram has it. Moreover, according to the researches, posts with images or videos increase views by over a half. And – what a coincidence – Instagram has both images and videos available for publishing, not to mention stories, translations, and a powerful advertisement service. This blasting combo, simply put, allows to deliver your businesses' ads directly to the people most likely to find them interesting. And, using all the instruments Instagram offers to the business accounts, you will be able to control your marketing campaign by seeing the engagement different posts/photos generated.

People receive 75% of information about the outside world from the vision. Your brand's account is not just an info page – it's a face of your business, and people will judge you according to what they see. It is in your hands to create a great first (second, third, etc.) impression.

Pro tip: Follow the example of the famous Instagrammers and create your own profile's color scheme to boost your brand identity.

3. Your followers on Instagram might become your main audience

Recently Instagram has reached 1000 million active monthly users, which made it the third most popular social media platform in the world. Just google some famous brand and notice that its Instagram profile is in the top searches, which is the best proof of the information we share with you. If the correct promo campaign was carried out, you'll see the huge increase in the followers' number – and, of course, the increase in consumer demand.

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Many famous businesses confirm that almost 60% of all clients they serve come from their official Instagram account. The secret of such popularity is a wise publication manner. This includes sharing good quality pictures, add different types of captions, experiment with formats and, of course, use hashtags.

Hashtags, by the way, are very efficient when it comes to the attraction of the new followers. Using around 11 appropriate hashtags in your posts will more likely get your content within the users' sights. Just be sure you're not using the so-called “banned hashtags” which include seemingly harmless phrases like #dogsofinstagram or #happythanksgiving – many users complain about being “shadow blocked” by Instagram algorithms because of them.

Pro tip: Consider investing some funds into targeted advertisements if you need even more engagement.

4. Getting in touch with your fans creates a great brand reputation

We've already discussed that Instagram users like to see real people behind the far-famed brand names. However, the communication extends beyond publishing warm-hearted stories – it is also true with posts, captions, and, most importantly, commentaries.

Commentaries is the place where your followers share their impressions regarding your Instagram activity. If you want to receive appraisals of your new product, collaboration, idea, ask your followers for the verdict. They are your main fans and critiques, and many popular Instagrammers, YouTubers, and influencers align their content with what viewers actually wish to see.

To deal with all the commentaries you receive we'd recommend using the comment tracker feature BigBangram offers. It will inform you every time a new commentary will appear so that you'll be able to answer timely and keep up the conversation. Answering your followers is a great strategy, as far as you show your concern about people's opinions simultaneously inducing them to share their thoughts more actively.

Pro tip: More comments mean more engagement rate of your profile, so take this advice seriously.

5. Analyze your followers' preferences

Being a successful marketer means being aware of your audience: to monitor their interests, preferences, and thoughts considering your brand's image. To begin with, search for your brand's personal hashtag. People share their experience from using your products or services so it would be a valuable information about all the advantages and possible weaknesses your business have. Don't lose an opportunity to answer people's posts – it will give you the additional reputation points.

how much likes you get?

Pro tip: Instagram business profile features will also help you in determining the portrait of your regular fan. Check the demographic information of our subscribers to learn more!

6. Learn the tricks and the secrets of your competitors to benefit from them

Your direct competitors may become your greatest inspiration. To be a leader in the market for the services/products your brand provides, you have to keep abreast with the other businesses. Visit Instagram pages of your rivals to learn their manner of community interaction, as well as to find out what types of content they publish, what marketing strategies they use and whether those practices bring good results.

Pro tip: Don't adopt their ideas, but enhance and use the picked up experience as the basement for your own story.

These were the basic possibilities Instagram offers for your business, and if you still doubt whether or not to create your brand's account in there, here's a minute of statistics: among all the social media Instagram has the highest engagement rate, outdistancing Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Draw your own conclusions!

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