6 Instagram Facts That Will Change Your Business

instagram facts

You probably hear many nice things about how cool and useful Instagram is, but who will trust the words without some sufficient proofs represented by statistics? So, here are some numbers to endorse our delight about the potentials of Instagram as a business promotion platform. By the end of the article, you're expected to join our ranks!

Fact 1. Every 18th person on Earth has an Instagram account

By the 1st January 2018 our global population, according to the approximate calculations, has to hit 7,444 billiard people. On the other side, according to the latest statistics, about 400 million people in total use Instagram around the globe. Simple math – and we see that every 18th person on Earth is an Instagram user.

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This number shows that Instagram is called one of the biggest social networks not without reason. And although the leader of the top is Facebook with around 2,5 billion users (every 5th person of our planet), Instagram, thanks to numerous reasons, is much more suitable for business dealing than any other social media service currently existing.

Fact 2. Instagram has a higher engagement rate than Facebook and Twitter

From numerous information sources, you might have already heard this statement, but the question is – what is the breakaway between those social networks? And, what is more important – how does this fact influences my business?

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According to the calculations, Instagram users are around 58 times more engaged in your brand's profile activity than Facebook users, and about 120 times more than your followers on Twitter. On the top of that, it's important to remember that Twitter and Facebook take the second and the first place correspondingly in the top of the most popular social media in the world, while Instagram is only on the seventh place.

What's the reason for such sufficient difference? BigBangram has no exhaustive explanation of this phenomenon, only some guesses. The main theory we have is that Instagram puts an emphasis on the visual side of the world cognition, which is why the platform doesn't disperse site's functionality with additional functions (music, video player, communities, lots of text). Thanks to such singletasking the network is really simple to use with no need to go into excessive details.

The engagement rate shows the number of likes, comments, replies the average post gets on different platforms. High Instagram engagement rate means that when you publish some content on your business account, it will collect more attention than if you'll share the picture/text on Twitter or Facebook. While on Instagram around 2,62% of users will reply/like the post, for Twitter and Facebook that percentage would be 0,02% and 0,045% accordingly.

An Instagram profile is extremely essential to conduct the successful promo campaign not only thanks to the feature we've discussed, but also because of a ton of instruments for better comprehension of your target audience. By the way, about audience…

Fact 3. Instagram users are mainly people under 35

Well, Instagram is a network for the young people: around 90% of all platform users are younger than 35. This information is important in case you know your target audience. By knowing who is going to see your posts, you decide whether or not to use this particular network or go search for the more suitable one.

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There's no surprise that knowing this fact many “old-school” brands decided to use Instagram to attract a young audience. Maybe you should consider this variant too?

Fact 4. The competition on Instagram is HARSH

To show up from more than 70 million photos and videos published daily on the platform you have to impress and be remarkable. Though from the previous facts it may seem like on Instagram you can raise millions of followers in a snap, that's a misunderstanding. Instagram newbies can stay unknown for years even if trying hard to stand out.

This is the reason why BigBangram is very popular among so many users. Auto Direct Message service, for example, allows creating an alive communication channel between you and your subscribers without a need to type all the messages manually. This may become a start of the warm and trust relations between you and your audience, not to mention that this is an extremely effective way to increase your followers' number.

Using services you can get a sufficient part from 2,5 billion daily likes and 90 million daily comments without any risks to be blocked! Such “starting platform” will be useful at the beginning of your trip to the Instagram fame.

Fact 5. Hashtags are essential

Hashtags are your small helpers in a laborious trip to the popular Instagram profile. The algorithms of the Instagram are made in a way to push higher popular accounts/posts, leaving far behind less lucky creators.

Become a professional with hashtags

To get out from this endless circle of unpopularity you have to attract new viewers using the hashtags – lots of Instagrammers search for the new content to subscribe for according to their interests, and, therefore, key requests.

More than 80% of all Instagram posts have at least one hashtag in captions. At the same time, specialists recommend at least 9 and at most 12 hashtags, because this range statistically brings more engagement for your content.

Hashtags you use has to suit the content you share, and, at the same time, be popular enough to bring people's attention. For the purpose of getting the most searchable and relative hashtags, we'd recommend trying hashtag generator. It's extremely simple in use – and equally convenient.

Fact 6. Posting schedule is a key to success

A half of the overall Instagram users check their accounts daily at least once, while around 30% of users do that multiple times per day. To keep your followers' pace you have to adjust your posting graphic according to their daily regimen.

Post Stories and Videos with schedule bot

First of all, you have to analyze when your subscribers have time to check their feed. This data stems from the demographic information about your followers – their age, sex, home country etc. For example, if your target audience is wealthy women from 25 to 35 years old, it's unlikely they'll open their Instagram accounts in the middle of the working day.

Posting schedule is quite practical for your work too. First of all, you can use a special delayed posting bot to create content beforehand, and then simply order the bot when to publish it. Secondly, with scheduled posting, your followers start to learn when to expect your posts so the attendance of your profile will be at the highest point when it would be really needed.

All in all
Instagram is a perfect platform for advertising by all odds. We hope you don't question “Why I need a brand's Instagram profile?” anymore, but “How should I start it?”. This means our job was done properly!

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