3 Ways to Use Story “Poll” Option on Instagram to Increase Profits

Use Story Poll Option on Instagram

Most people enjoy polls. An online poll raises curiosity: a person wishes to know which kind of the responses was provided by the rest of participants. He/she wants to see whether his/her opinion coincides with the other people's view.

Maybe that was one of the reasons why Instagram decided to include a “Poll” option in stories. This feature lets your followers feel more involved in your business: now they can influence your brand by sharing their opinion through polls.

Why Are Polls the Best Method
to Hear the Users' Views?

Of course, we always had comments to share it with each other, but polls are quite different. They resemble local elections in your Instagram profile showing the overriding interests of the majority, not only individual interests of particular people. That is what turns them into an amazing marketing tool.

Polls the Best Method

Everybody who watches you stories can participate in your poll. You can receive feedback not only from your most dedicated customers but from anyone who is interested in your business or suddenly stumbled across your page. The user clicks on the button, finds out the results and highly likely wants to know more about the poll's creator (your company). Profit, you've just got a new prospect!

However, they are several ways to use online polls even more effectively. With their help, you can boost follower engagement, receive additional feedback (comments and direct messages) increase your website traffic, and, finally, make them buy.

1. Compare

As you know, you can specify only two options in the Instagram poll. The absence of the opportunity to include more options seems to be pitiful, but we can gain out of this.

Comparing two items, you leave no compromise. Your followers should quickly guess “this or that” and respond unambiguously to your question. Many brands use comparison polls to assess creative decisions. Another use of them is to analyze which products or product lines appeal to your customers more.

Compare expensive watches

How can it improve your business experience?

● You “consult” with your customers about your further product. It will increase sales because a higher percent of your audience will be satisfied with the results of your efforts.

● It's quite easy to figure out which brand's product line is the best and which is the weakest one. This allows you to adjust further outputs of one or another item.

● You can even compare your current drafts with existing analogs introduced by your rivals. Thus, you can decide whether it's worth to elaborate on this product.

Any company may compare: it doesn't depend on the niche you operate in. Consequently, comparison polls make you look like a brand which truly cares about its loyal customers and their demands.

2. Challenge

There are a lot of ways to challenge your customers in a creative way. Many companies run contests using captions in their regular posts. We will do it otherwise and hold them through story polls.

Girls having fun with herself and broke the bed

Contest's plan: 5 steps:

1. Announce a contest via stories:

a. specify requirements needed to participate (ask them to tag your profile in their post or take a photo with your production or logo);
b. define the award for a winner (it can be a discount, an item of a particular product as a present, free entrance to the brand-related event, etc);

2. Choose 10 (5, 8, 12 — it doesn't matter) participants with best-provided content.

3. Repost their content in your future stories.

4. Ask your followers to choose the winner using “Poll” option.

5. Reward the winner after 24 hours.

This plan is just to pitch you an idea, you can change it however you want. In fact, you probably should add your own creative twist or apply your distinctive features. Get ready to deal with the mammoth influx of the direct messages: your audience will be interested in your contest even more than you expect.

3. Educate

This method best suits companies that have something useful to say. However, any brand can tell something interesting to their customers.
For instance, an apparel online shop may delve deeper into a story of the creation of their first collection or teach customers how to take care of clothes. A small bakery can disclose some secrets of their popular recipes, etc.

To do this, you can record an educational video or use short captions that include some interesting facts about your brand, industry or production.
But how to use the “Poll” option to make your informational posts more relevant to your readers?

Quick how-to with current trend

Some tips on the creation of educational polls:

● Providing an interesting fact, ask your readers whether they knew it before via poll;

● Ask your followers to pick topics by themselves. Offer two ideas in your story and let them choose which one is more in their favor.

● Put up a little quiz, so they can guess the right answer before you’ll reveal it.

Dmitry Y. Social Media Specialist

As you can see, “Poll” option on Instagram can be used not just for fun, but in a variety of ways. However, you may be still wondering which kinds of content are the most suitable to post together with polls.

What to Post in a Story with the “Poll” Option

Even though you can post anything you want, there are some kinds of content which will reinforce the marketing effectiveness of your story:

1. On-the-spot videos/photos which demonstrate viewers the unvarnished creative process.

Let you followers witness how their favorite products are being created. Such transparency adds +1 selling point to your company.

Girl is the swimming suit

2. Several stories in a row constituting a solid presentation.

This way, you can present a new product, new collection or simply collect a series of facts that represent your brand.

Liked our tips? Stop waiting: let's give it a try on practice. If the story “Poll” option yields good results, share it with your counterparts, so they could also take an advantage of that.

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