Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram?

Visual content is of critical importance in modern business and marketing – it helps to attract and grip the attention of potential customers. Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing platform and is an ideal instrument of conducting visual promotion of your business. Your brand still is not on Instagram?
It’s high time to fix that and to attract your real Instagram followers! If you still have doubts, we will tell you, why your business should be on Instagram.

One look is worth a thousand words

We live in the period of dominating of visual content and this situation is unlikely to change in the nearest future. What are the reasons of dominating of visual information in the modern world? Let’s refer to a couple of widely-known facts about our brain:

● 90% of the information is received visually;

● 50% of the brain is engaged in processing the visual information;

● our brain processes visual information 60.000 times faster than textual one;

● 40% of people percept visual information better than text.

The internet users love with their eyes

Remember, how many times you got tired or bored with reading a huge post in social network and just scrolled it down? And how many times an interesting, creative picture had attracted your attention? Does it surprise you that 63% of the content in social networks are images? And this figure is going to grow faster and faster.
The reasons of stunning popularity of visuals are simple:

● they catch and hold our attention easily;
● they show complicated things in a simple, attractive way;
● they stimulate our brain by affecting the emotions.

The users love visual content and visual promotion is one of the most powerful means of Internet marketing. The increasing popularity of visual content among the internet-users is the reason of development new photo-sharing platforms, such as Instagram.

How can your business benefit of Instagram?

Having more than 500 million users and about 70 million of photos being shared daily, Instagram gained significant impact on every-day life of a modern internet-user.
Such impressive popularity can be easily explained: people like creating, sharing, viewing, commenting beautiful photographs, showing their friends the best moments of their lives, socializing in social networks. Instagram allows them to do it easily, quickly, with fun and gives them a lot of opportunities for self-expression.

Of course, such popularity was noticed by the specialists in Internet-marketing and common users, world-wide known brands and the beginners in business. Promoting your business on Instagram will allow you to create your own style, solid reputation and distinguish you among the competitors.

Promoting your business in this platform will empower you with the possibility of visual means of communication with your target audience, acquire customers among your old and new Instagram followers and to create a trustworthy brand that will be recognized, desired and bought.

You still have doubts whether your business needs promotion on Instagram?
Let’s have a look at a brief outline of the opportunities Instagram can offer to you!

1. People spend a lot of time in Instagram

Currently Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and the users often visit their Instagram profiles in order to look through the news feed, to leave comments, to share some post they found interesting or useful.
If you offer them interesting content, they will look through your news line; they will comment and share your posts. How can you miss the opportunity to promote your product in such a popular social network?

2. The possibility of creative presentation

We have already discussed the importance of visual content for a modern internet-user, haven’t we? Instagram is a platform specially designed for sharing original photo content, and presenting your product on Instagram will certainly help you design your own style and to make your brand special and distinctive from the other ones. Be sure, interesting and creative presentation will bring you a lot of new Instagram followers, each of whom is a potential customer of yours.

3. Keeping the audience engaged

Instagram is a social network and its users are focused on communication. Presenting your business on this platform will allow you to communicate with your target audience directly and get real Instagram followers by offering them original visual content. Having an active account with interesting photographs will help you keep your customers engaged and allow them communicate with each other. Tell the audience about your product, let them discuss it, ask the questions encouraging them to share their opinion. All this will strengthen the trust to your product and attract new and new potential customers.

4. Showing behind-the-scene life

People follow the Instagrams of the celebrities and favorite brands because they want to know more, to be closer to them. Your clients want to be engaged, they want to know everything. How are their favorite products created? What does your office look like? What about the people helping to create these products? What is the every-day life in your office? What are your sources of inspiration that allow you create such a cool product? Instagram will help you tell and display everything you want. And your followers will thank you by discussing, reposting, buying.

5. Possibilities for advertising

Instagram offers wide possibilities for advertising your product and attracting real Instagram followers. You may cooperate with popular bloggers or celebrities so that they posted the photo of your product. Wide audience of their followers will see it and will probably want to know more by viewing and following your profile.

6. Building the trust to your brand

Instagram photos are created by the users and reflect their real-life experience, usually positive one. If your potentially new Instagram followers see pretty photos of your products made and posted by their friends or by their favorite bloggers or celebrities, they are more likely to become interested. Having seen the active and living profile with beautiful photos, telling the news about the product and showing the behind-the-scene process of its creating, they are more likely to trust your brand and to make a purchase.

Simple Tips for Instagram beginners

You have decided to promote your business at Instagram? Congratulations with this right decision! If you do not know what you should begin with, we will give you some simple tips.

1. Create and follow the strategy

Maintaining a personal account and brand promoting on Instagram have completely different aims and, therefore, you should take different actions for achieving them. In the first case the main aims are socializing, self-expressing and having fun. Using of this platform for business aims at advertising and promoting the brand, attracting new clients. And in order to succeed, you should develop the strategy and to follow it realizing the result you want to achieve.

It is recommended to create a plan for the first ten posts and to follow it. Be sure, that bright and interesting pictures will be noticed and your new Instagram followers will be waiting for the eleventh post.

2. Use the content of high quality only

Looks rather obvious? Nevertheless, some of Instagram newbies make this mistake and do not pay much attention to the quality. Your potential followers want to have aesthetic pleasure of looking at the photographs. Give it to them, and they will be interested and grateful. If you do not have the possibility to hire a professional photograph, make sure that your equipment allows you to take the photos of high quality. Do not avoid using filters – it will help you find your own recognizable style. However, if you are selling some goods, please make sure that the filters do not cast a false color on them.

3. Use hashtags

Looks rather obvious as well, however, this simple rule is also of critical importance. Hashtags will help your target audience to find your posts among the other Instagram content. You may also create a branded hashtag so that your old and new Instagram followers could easily find the particular posts. When you have plenty of original content, consider creating hashtags for certain projects.

4. Add interaction

Ask your followers about their opinions, e.g. offer them to create a name for a picture. It will help them to feel engaged and encourage to leaving new and new comments under your posts. If you sell handmade items, some of the comments may inspire you on creating names for your new products. If so – you may tag the author of this comment and thank him for the idea. Be sure, it will be really pleasant. You may also leave comments under the photographs of your followers. However, do not come on too strong!

5. Provide contact information

Your potential customers need to know, how to contact you for buying your products. Take into account that some of your potential customers may not use some particular means of communication. Providing many means to contact you helps your potential customers to reach you easily and increases the trust for the profile among the new Instagram followers.

6. Like Posts of Your Target Audience and Related Accounts

On the first stage of your promotion on Instagram, it is important to get noticed. You should use all available methods. The simplest of them is to like posts of other users. Question: “Should I like all the users I see on Instagram or there is some criteria to choose them?” Actually, you need to choose only specific users that belong to your target audience. Let’s pitch you a few ideas. You can search needed accounts using:

● related hashtags — keywords that describe your product or service;
● your follower’s list — such actions towards followers might attract more attention and even make them buy;
● “explore” tab — here you will find similar accounts to yours, which are also suitable for mass-liking and commenting. People will see your name and comment on a page of your rival and can jump from this brand to yours!

We all know how complicated mass-liking can be, especially if you thoroughly select users for the interaction. Bigbangram liking bot is a multi-purpose solution for fast Instagram growth. All you need is to adjust proper parameters — our smart program will do all the boring tasks for you.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers In 2018

Yeah, we can’t deny that the social media is the world’s biggest platform where peoples and group of peoples interact each other. People share their ideas, memories, videos, content, and thoughts on this platform then people review these ideas. With the amazing increase in the popularity of social media platforms, the most of entrepreneurs and marketers also decide to enhance their e-business with the help of these social media platform. There are a lot of social media platforms where people interact each other with their contents and ideas like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In these platforms, we know that Instagram is the one of the biggest platforms where different communities make interaction. This is why most of the e-marketers got interaction with Instagram for enhancement in their business.

Instagram’s latest rules or algorithm update features make you feel confused and depleted. You must be noticed that your Instagram’s account is not getting the same importance or followings as you expected. How to increase your followers? Damn, this is the question that always keeps arising in your mind while using Instagram. Many people try to save their time and want to buy real Instagram Followers cheap But With Some Amazing hacks gain followers on Instagram. Some Tips are share Following.

1-Always Focus on Quality Contents:
The first thing must have the first priority, this first thing is that is your content. Because it is said that your contents are king. It may seem like a clear answer but don’t forget it! Make sure that you are planning your content properly and be sure or confident what you are going to share.

2-At Least! Post Once a Day:
With the new timeline-based algorithm of Instagram, posting regularly on your account can help you to stay on the top of the timeline and therefore, you can get more attention. At least, Post once a day can help you to stay aware and by this, you can grow followings.

3-Must Use Effective Hashtags:
If you are using Instagram you must know that you can tag a photo maximum 30 Hashtags, So it is very important to use it all. The Question is that which Hashtag suits your photo? The answer is that the types of followers you want to attract more. A simple way of researching for your Hashtag to your photo, find out the tags by searching and then discover which type of photo you want to tag, You can also edit the tag if it is necessary.

4-Warning! Be Aware of Banned Hashtags:
if you notice your Hashtag is not working properly? Or you notice that you are tagging and no one seems to notice your photo? Then it’s bad it’s really bad, because it’s mean that you are using banned Hashtags for tagging your photo. Unfortunately, On Instagram there is no way to check which tag has been banned, so you just need to check or search your tags before tagging. If your search shows your tag empty it’s mean that tag was blacklisted.

5-Use the accurate filter:
The study shows that! Adding warmer temperature, higher exposure and higher contrast in your photos can help you to increase the chance of views and comments. Filtered photos are 21% more liked to be viewed and 45% are more likely to be commented.

6-Don’t Even Post Photos:
Always keep changing your feeds and have some entertainment with Instagram Boomerangs and videos. Videos are one of the most powerful tools while sharing more private content.

7-Create Your Own Theme or brand:
When some peoples or group of peoples visit your account and rapidly scroll down, so you want them instantly discriminate your style and feel fall in love with it. It’s important to stay throughout all your posts, whether your style minimum busy or bold.

8-You Need to Focus on others in Your Niche:
If you are in vegan cake accounts, then you must need to make sure that what other vegan accounts are buzzing! Search your Hashtags to get better understand your niche and try to find out the accounts which ones have top photos.

9-Kill it with the first Caption:
You might be super focused on getting good filters or photos, But don’t forget about the final most creative aspect it is caption! Usually posting something entertaining, clever or something wittier can help you get peoples interacting and leave a comment.

10-Update or Repost the content again:
Must sure that you always keep noticing your account and always do well with your audience and don’t be shy about reposting your content if you feel the current one is not appropriate. This work on content become the most relatable when they need to go through a fastidious life experience i.e. home innovation, wedding or pregnancy.

The most important thing
to start brand promoting

We hope that having read this article, you learnt some useful information and will use it for advertising your business on Instagram. But what is the most crucial thing without which it will be impossible to create a recognizable brand? The most important thing is to start! Remember that the most long and difficult journeys begin with a single step, and do not afraid to do it.
Good luck and may the real Instagram followersbe with you!