What’s a Loop Giveaway and How to Run It?

loop giveaway

Loop Giveaway is a pretty quick follower exchange. For today, it is one of the best ways to promote your profile and attract a huge target audience.

Bigbangram will explain the essence of it and tell how to hold a really productive loop giveaway.

In brief, several profiles gather together and agree on holding a common giveaway. Each of them publishes a post and calls to follow the next participant, whose name is indicated in the post.

loop giveaway

For example, 17 bloggers writing on related topics: fashion, shopping, travel, young moms get together. All of them chip in for a prize. At the same time, they publish a post and write a similar text, changing the details in it: a description of their prize and a link to the next organizer. You can mark the organizer both through @ and through the mark in the photo, and in both ways at once. Participants in the drawing must follow the links from the account to another account until they return to the profile from which they started. And this forms a “loop”.

Thus, for a certain sum of money, you get several dozens/hundreds of live followers. Obviously, after the promo, some of the participants unfollow the sponsors, but even if 5 thousand people stay with you, the investment can be considered successful. 

But if you have already developed a content plan and worked on the visual before the giveaway, the chance that new followers will stay with you after the end of the campaign will be much higher.

Whom is loop giveaway suitable for?

This promotion method is especially relevant for beginner bloggers, but also for brands and stores.

How to conduct a loop giveaway?

1. Decide on a topic that will unite all the organizers. The more general topic allows you to get into your target audience with a much higher probability.  It means that the effect of such a loop giveaway will be several times greater.

2. Find partners and collect a good prize pool. Participants will have to perform certain actions (follow, like, comment, go to profiles), so they need motivation in the form of expensive prizes.

It can be either an Apple gadget or a car or travel to exotic Islands. The size of a prize pool depends on how sophisticated the organizers are, the presence of competing shares, and the material capabilities of those who will pitch in.

The optimal number of participants can vary from three to nine. However, it can be more.

The optimal number of participants can vary from three to nine. However, it can be more.

3. Decide how you will promote your loop giveaway. Find a famous influencer or set up an ad campaign in addition to announcements on your pages.

If you decide to attract a celebrity or an influencer, study their profiles carefully. If a user abuses advertising, it is better to order a post from a less promoted candidate because the audience gets tired of constant contests and adverts, and its activity decreases.

Plus, don’t forget to add a special giveaway hashtag. It will help users find your post. Use a hashtag generator to find the related hashtags.

4. Divide partners into pairs to form a loop. For instance:

  • Organizer1 tags organizer2;
  • Organizer2 tags organizer3;
  • Organizer3 tags organizer1.

5. Create a contest post. This image will be hosted by all the organizers, so choose it carefully. Remember, quality is of prime importance.

create a contest post
create a contest post 2
create a contest post 3

6. Formulate the rules. It is important to check that each organizer correctly tags the next organizer, and the loop is not tangled.

7. Determine the exact date and exact time of publication of the post. If the organizers are in different cities, you need to check your timezones in order to publish the post at the same time. If the poster is published at different times, the loop will break on someone’s profile, and you’ll lose a certain number of participants.

8. Wait until the end of the promo campaign, determine the winners,  and enjoy the result. Announce the winner.

the announcement of winners of a loopgiveaway on Instagram

How to calculate the effectiveness of a promotion campaign?

Cost of participation in such a project is calculated using the formula: 

[prize value + total cost of advertising / number of participants]

Our practice shows that the minimum entry level for such a project is $300. The number of new followers may vary depending on the activity of followers of profiles-sponsors. 

In general, an increase of 10,000 new followers is considered normal.

Should you try loop giveaway?

Definitely, yes. Loop giveaway is one of the most effective promo campaigns as it brings more followers than standard giveaways. Why? It’s obvious — the prize is bigger, it’s more attractive.

the comparative chart of the growth of the number of followers after the standard giveaway and a loop giveaway.

But to make the participants of a loop giveaways more loyal, you need:

1. The perfect visual concept of your page that will catch users;

2. The right selected profiles for collaboration. You should have a common target audience. 

We hope the article will be useful to you. Please, comment below if you have questions or suggestions!


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